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Short List of Penny Stocks That Brokeout Big Over Coronavirus Concerns

Say what you will about penny stocks but during times like these, people wish they followed micro-caps. Over the better part of the last few months, PennyStocks.com has covered countless stocks. But for some penny stocks, we aren’t just mentioning them once and then forgetting about them. These are the ones that consistently show momentum and progress. For that reason, we make sure to cover them a bit more closely.

Why mention this right now? Well, consider this getting the house in order and going over a few things that have our readers seeing companies before and while breakouts take place. In some cases, the moves have been unlike anything I’m sure many of you have ever seen. We aren’t talking a few percentage points, but hundreds and even thousands of real moves from penny stocks that trade millions of dollars per day.

Are we stock pickers? No, nor are we advisors or financial representatives of any kind. We simply make sure to focus on interesting penny stocks and hope that you get a little value out of it. If anything, we hope that it gives you a starting point to do your own research. Now, let’s get to the details. The name of the game has been coronavirus stocks.

Coronavirus Penny Stocks

While that’s the flavor of the month right now, many of the companies you’ll see have other pipeline treatments that could help these companies build far beyond however long this coronavirus scare lasts. We’ve lived through SARS, MERS, Ebola, Zika, etc. And while these viruses come and go from the news cycle, so too does the FOMO behind the mad rush to buy the stocks.

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So, keep this in mind when looking at certain penny stocks because if/when there is a vaccine sooner or later, you’ll want to refocus your attention on something other than a coronavirus treatment in my opinion. This being said, let’s get a rundown of some of the coronavirus penny stocks we’ve mentioned, when they were discussed more consistently, and where they’re at today.

iBio, Inc. (IBIO) – 400%

This was one of the biotech penny stocks we mentioned here and there but started to mention it more frequently starting in December. It was when iBio, Inc. (IBIO – Free Report) announced its membership in a “public-private Manufacturing USA initiative”. At the time (December 3, 2019) IBIO stock was trading around $0.20.

As of February 27, the stock has reached $1 just after the market closed. Not a bad 400% move for a small-cap biotech penny stock? Recently, the company reported that along with CC-Pharming initiated a joint development of a coronavirus vaccine. But aside from that, the company has other projects at work.

penny stocks to buy sell iBio Inc. (IBIO)

Allied Healthcare Products (AHPI) – 618%

While Allied Healthcare Products (AHPI – Free Report) had a great run last month, we started to follow it more closely this month. February 11 is when we first started following the stock at around $2.50. If you’ve watched since then, you already know how big of a monster it has become. The top blew off the penny stock on February 27 when coronavirus fears were at a fever pitch. Since the 11th and over the weeks to follow we watched as AHPI stock went on this epic 618% rally.

In the case of Allied Healthcare, it was very much a sympathy play in my opinion. It manufactures respiratory products. Based on coronavirus impacting the respiratory system it wasn’t the farthest-reaching story to follow.

However, the company hasn’t put out any news to justify such a move. But, FOMO helped spark a massive run. Meanwhile, you had a low float environment to consider, which is likely why it went parabolic on Thursday. Needless to say, our readers were able to see this penny stock well in advance of even its move up to $4 let alone $17.95.

penny stocks to buy sell Allied Healthcare Products (AHPI)

Vaxart Inc. (VXRT) – 243%

Another one of the coronavirus penny stocks we’ve covered since January is Vaxart Inc. (VXRT – Free Report). At the time it traded around $0.99 and has since jumped to highs of $3.40. It was definitely a big move. But it wasn’t based on speculation alone. The company actually has active trials going on, which were initially were for H1 influenza.

The obvious synergies between the flu and coronavirus are evident and a potential catalyst behind the original spark. However, as we’ve discussed over the last few weeks, things have evolved a bit. Vaxart took that technology and applied it to a potential vaccine for coronavirus.

Even if coronavirus goes away tomorrow, Vaxart still has a viable product candidate in a flu vaccine. While there hasn’t been news since the end of January, it doesn’t seem odd that shares have managed to catch momentum as they have. That’s simply due to the fact that there’s actually material, relevant, and recent information out there for the public to consume.

penny stocks to buy sell Vaxart (VXRT)

Ritter Pharmaceuticals Inc. (RTTR) – 115%

Next, Ritter Pharmaceuticals (RTTR – Free Report) started the year off around $0.17 when wee began covering it again. One of the interesting things here is that the company was seeing volume amid corporate uncertainty. In fact, Ritter actually brought on a firm as a strategic advisor to explore different options. Needless to say, they found something in a company called Qualigen.

The two signed definitive agreements to merge Ritter with Qualigen and Ritter will change its name once complete. Since Qualigen is a company focused on treating infectious diseases, it makes sense to see the early momentum from January to translate the way it has. Since January, RTTR stock has climbed as high as $0.3659 on Feb. 27. It should also be noted that there have been two big pushes since the beginning of the year and our readers got to see them both, pre- and post-related to coronavirus FOMO.

penny stocks to buy sell Ritter Pharmaceuticals (RTTR)

Alpha Pro Tech Ltd. (APT) – 535%

This is one of the coronavirus penny stocks we didn’t cover as much. But that’s simply due to the fact that Alpha Pro Tech (APT – Free Report) took off running almost immediately following our first article. This is another case of sympathy and FOMO. You know what the company does? It sells face masks for, among other things, medical needs; that’s it.

This is how APT stock is related to the coronavirus. But obviously it struck a chord with some people after our January 24th update. What’s more is that according to a PR this week, APT has now booked approximately $14.1 million in orders for the company’s N-95 face mask since January 27, 2020. Since the 24th APT stock has rallied from around $5.30 to highs of $33.61 during after-hours trading on February 27.  

penny stocks to buy sell Alpha Pro Tech (APT)

AIM ImmunoTech Inc. (AIM) – 145%

This is one of the penny stocks to watch for a while now. However, since the surge of interest in coronavirus has picked up, AIM ImmunoTech Inc. (AIM – Free Report) has turned even more heads. At the time we started following the stock, shares traded around $0.80 (Jan. 21). At the time it was just as AIM reported a slew of insider buying. It also had just updated on its immune-oncology clinical trials. On a broad level, the company works to develop treatments for viral and immune-based disorders.

Obviously, the new virus is something that would go into that category. But then in February, we saw how the company really targeted the virus directly. Aside from discussing it on Cheddar and Fox Business, it filed 3 provisional patent applications for Ampligen for use against the virus. Furthermore, AIM reported that it joined with ChinaGoAbroad to allow entry of its experimental drug into the People’s Republic of China. The goal is to use it as an early onset therapeutic against COVID-19.

AIM Immunotech Penny stocks to buy sell (AIM)

NanoViricides (NNVC) – 442%

NanoViricides (NNVC – Free Report) is another penny stock similar to APT where we didn’t have too long of a chance to actually cover the company due to the price leaving penny stock territory. Initially, when I saw our article published on January 21st, it was a bit disheartening because it was after the market close. On that day, shares of NNVC jumped from $3.54 to $13.45 so you can understand the frustration there. However, we did mention it in passing in October but I’m not sure if that was an actually viable topic considering we didn’t have consistency at the time.

Needless to say, this time around, we were on the ball. On January 22 shares opened at $3.97 and that “frustration” immediately went away. Since then, the stock has not only gone on an initial run to highs of $19.20 but after coming back down to earth, it’s gone on another jaunt to highs of $12.90 on February 27.

How’s NanoViricides related to coronavirus? In the company’s pipeline, NanoViricides has an experimental flue drug called FluCide™. It’s used for hospitalized patients. Specifically, it’s been designed to treat influenza viruses “including pandemic viruses, highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses capable of causing severe human epidemics.

penny stocks to buy sell NanoViricides (NNVC)

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