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Are Any Of These Penny Stocks On Your Watch List This Week?

When it comes to penny stocks, it may be hard to plan ahead. But then you can’t forget that a few sectors are well-known for giving a preview of what’s to come. In this regard, I’d like to look at a few biotech penny stocks this week. Why biotech? For starters, this arena typically offers potential to see dramatic swings especially when it comes names to put on a penny stocks watch list.

Let’s get one thing straight, these cheap stocks are high risk. Then when you mix in a speculative industry like biotech, that risk factor climbs; but so can the reward factor. With this in mind, the coming week could be a big one for the industry. The main reason is that there are a few big conferences going on.

For example, there are a few hundred companies presenting at the Biotech Showcase and we can’t forget one of the biggest conferences in the healthcare space as a whole: JP Morgan’s Healthcare Conference.

biotech penny stocks to buy

One of the biggest highlights of these conferences is that companies take time to go over, in detail, treatment pipelines as well as updates on previously announced developments. For this reason, biotech conferences can become catalysts by themselves, without taking into account anything else happening in the sector.

Case in point, biotech is coming off of a red hot 2019. That momentum could see a nice boost if there are favorable responses from these upcoming conferences. Needless to say, there are plenty of penny stocks to watch this week. This is just a short list of penny stocks that will be in attendance at a few of these bigger biotech conferences in the coming week. The big question at the end of the day will be whether or not they are penny stocks to buy or avoid. That choice will be up to you.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Applied DNA Sciences

penny stocks to watch  Applied DNA Sciences Inc (APDN)

First, on this list of penny stocks, Applied DNA Sciences (APDN – Free Report) hasn’t been a stranger to big breakouts in the past. Earlier last November we saw shares spike to highs of nearly $20.

This came after the company announced that it was successful using a “DNA tag” to mark leather. It gave them the ability to trade the leather through the supply chain for a more reliable proof of origin.

However, after this update, APDN stock pulled back to levels between $3.50 and $4. Over the last week, the market for this stock has been relatively quiet. But considering that it is a low float penny stock, it will be interesting to see if any further updates are given that reference the November update.

The company’s formal presentation comes on January 14th at 3 PM PST at the Biotech Showcase. The company will also be meeting with investors at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference from the 13th through the 15th.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Marinus Pharmaceuticals

penny stocks to trade Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc (MRNS)

Shares of Marinus Pharmaceuticals (MRNS – Free Report) have been flying high since lat November. The initial move came after the company presented at the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting. This included results from its dose-finding Phase 2 study of its ganaxolone treatment for refractory status epilepticus. Thanks to positive results, MRNS stock jumped from around $1.13 to highs of $2.61.

As of January 10, the stock closed the week at $2.12 and this week Marinus presents at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. It will happen on January 16 at 11 AM PST so there are a few days between now and then.

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But considering it showed favorable results the last time it presented, it may be of note this month. H.C. Wainwright recently reiterated its Buy rating on the stock and raised its price target from $5 to $6. Oppenheimer also has Marinus at an Outperform rating with a $6 price target.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Cytodyn Inc.

list of penny stocks to buy CytoDyn (CYDY)

Another familiar face on this list of penny stocks, Cytodyn Inc. (CYDY – Free Report) has become more frequently discussed over the last few weeks. In late December we first profiled the penny stock as it traded around $0.40. Since then, CYDY stock has managed to rally to highs of $1.18. At the time, Cytodyn had just signed a definitive agreement with Vyera Pharmaceuticals to commercialize its leronlimab therapy in the U.S. to treat H.I.V.

This week, on January 13 the company presents at the Biotech Showcase in San Francisco at 10:30 AM PST. It will update attendees on the company’s clinical programs as well as offer insight into the vision for Cytodyn in 2020.

One of the big focuses will be on what the company’s CEO Nader Pourhassan discusses with regard to the first BLA submission of leronlimab and its potential as a cancer therapy. H.C. Wainwright currently has a Buy rating on the stock with a price target of $1.50

Penny Stocks To Watch: Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals

penny stocks to trade Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals (CYCC)

Another one of the top penny stocks we’ ve discussed in the past has been Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals (CYCC – Free Report). Furthermore, last week we highlighted it as one of the companies that may be on watch this coming week due to biotech conferences we discussed earlier. The company presents at the upcoming Biotech Showcase at 9:30 AM PST on the 13th. Its President and CEO, Spiro Rombotis will give an overview of the company and update attendees on corporate progress.

One of the biggest developments over the last month or so has come from the company’s CYC065to treat patients with certain types of myeloid leukemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In December the company reported favorable data on the company’s Phase 1 study of CYC065 combined with venetoclax.

“The CYC065-venetoclax combination was well tolerated and no dose-limiting toxicities have been reported. No tumor lysis syndrome was observed. Three of nine patients with R/R AML/MDS enrolled in CYC065-03 at doses from 64 to 150mg/m2 achieved decreases in leukemia blast cells in their peripheral blood as reported by investigators.”

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Sellas Life Sciences

penny stocks to buy Sellas Life Sciences (SLS)

A big winner back in early November, Sellas Life Sciences (SLS – Free Report) comes back on the list of penny stocks to watch next week after hitting 52-week lows last Thursday. Since then, the penny stock has managed to see a slight turnaround.

To put that “turnaround” in perspective, however, I’m talking about the stock closing the week at $3.66 compared to its 52-week low of $3.50. So, as there may be much to be desired, it’s interesting to see what happens with Sellas in the coming week.

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The company’s CEO, Angelos Stergiou presents at the Biotech Showcase on the 13th at 9:30 AM PST. On the agenda is a presentation that goes over the company’s clinical and regulatory development progress for its galinpepimut-S and nelipepimut-S product candidates. The company’s also expected to outline its milestones for this year.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Genprex Inc.

penny stocks to buy Genprex Inc. (GNPX)

Genprex Inc. (GNPX – Free Report) has been relatively lackluster since last November. We briefly discussed the company but unfortunately, it couldn’t hold up to the hype. It had a great day on November 19 but dropped like a rock. In fact, from its November 19 high of $1.09, shares dropped to 52-week lows of $0.23 within a few wakes following the jump.

However, since then, GNPX stock has managed to recover slightly. Last week the penny stock closed the week at $0.38 and has managed to reach highs of $0.44 already in 2020. The company presents at the Biotech Showcase tomorrow (1-13) but no further details on specific topics have been reported.

However, the company filed an 8-K late last week citing a new corporate presentation for investors to take into consideration. It “may be presented at meetings with investors, analysts, and others, in whole or in part and possibly with modifications, from time to time on or after January 9, 2020.” You can view that on under the GNPX summary, here.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Clearside Biomedical

penny stocks to buy Clearside Biomedical (CLSD)

Another one of the top penny stocks to watch on has been Clearside Biomedical (CLSD – Free Report). We began reporting on this company back on September 4 when shares traded around $0.70. It had hit new 52-week lows just a few days prior. Since then, we’ve continued to watch this penny stock rally as high as $3.95. Last week CLSD stock finished the Friday session at $2.20. It also traded lower after the close, reaching lows of $2.05.

However, it should be noted that the coming week will see the company present at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. Its presentation happens on January 16th at 11:30 AM PST so there are a few days of lead time until then.

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In late-Dember, we saw the company announce that it plans to resubmit its drug delivery technology, Xipere, application to the FDA in Q2 of this year. “In recent meeting correspondence, the FDA agreed that it would be acceptable for the company to submit such data in lieu of the requested clinical use assessment,” the firm said in a press release. Will this be a topic of discussion this week?

Penny Stocks To Watch: ContraFect Corp

penny stocks to buy ContraFect Corp (CFRX)

A newer company mentioned this month, ContraFect Corp (CFRX – Free Report) has been on the move since early December. At the time, shares traded around $0.31 and have since managed to reach highs of $1.15 this past week. A few things are going on with this penny stock right now.

For starters, Pfizer took a $3 million stake in the company a few weeks ago. That has paid off handsomely as shares have broken out to the extent that they have. Second, ContraFect presents this week at the Biotech Showcase.

Its CEO, Roger Pomerantz will discuss updates on its recently initiated Phase 3 DISRUPT study of exebacase in patients with Staph aureus bacteremia. The presentation happens early in the week (1-13 at 2:30PM PST) but won’t begin until after the market closes on Monday afternoon. So it could be a factor to keep in mind as the week begins.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Genetic Technologies

best penny stocks Genetic Technologies (GENE)

One of the best penny stocks to watch last week was Genetic Technologies (GENE – Free Report). The penny stock began the week trading around $2 and promptly shot to highs of $5.36 on Friday.

Another low float penny stock to watch, Genetic reported that its breast cancer test, GeneType for Breast Cancer, is on the path of a commercial release in the U.S. this quarter. The company also expects full launch by the second quarter as well.

This news acted as a big catalyst for the penny stock. The company is listed as one of the presenters at the Biotech Showcase this week. According to the EDB Group’s website, Genetic Technologies presents on January 14 at 2:20 PM PST. It also reported in its January 7th update, “The Company plans to present its latest technology and world leading tests at the 2020 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference…and will be actively looking to establish distribution channels to support its market entry strategy into the US market.”

Penny Stocks To Watch: AzurRx BioPharma

list of penny stocks AzurRx BioPharma (AZRX)

Another big winner among penny stocks over the last few months has been AzurRx BioPharma (AZRX – Free Report). We first began reporting on this company in late October just after hitting 52-week lows. At the time, AZRX stock traded around $0.76. Since then, we’ve watched as shares rallied as high as $1.94 last week. Along the way, AzurRx has appointed new leadership, entered into multi-million dollar equity purchase agreements and reported positive reviews of its pipeline treatments, mainly its MS1819. This is AzurRx’s cystic fibrosis treatment.

This coming week, the company makes its conference appearance. At the Biotech Showcase on January 13th, the company will present interim Phase 2 clinical data on MS1819-SD in combination with standard PERT for cystic fibrosis. The study focuses on safety, tolerability, and the effectiveness of increased doses of the treatment.

Keep in mind that, though phase data can become a catalyst for price movement, this can work in both directions. Will AzurRx present positive data this week? The information will be given at 3 PM PST so the public won’t likely know much concrete info until well-after the close on Monday; something to keep in mind.

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