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Building a penny stocks watch list is easier than you think. You don’t necessarily need to know a company’s financial history or its management’s business acumen. When trading penny stocks, the usual action taken is trading them. Even though there could be some long-term investing prospects, the daily volatility lends itself to short-term opportunities. In this sense, the vast majority of traders hunt for catalysts.

Are fundamentals important? Of course, but if your goal is to capitalize on short-term moves, then technical details and data take a leading role. In this case, one of the most immediately accessible pieces of data that tend to act as catalysts is company news. A corporate press release will give a blanket overview of recent developments and can even lift the veil on prospects.

Whether you’re talking about biotech penny stocks, cannabis stocks, technology penny stocks, or something else, a quick and easy way to find what’s moving is by seeing which companies have released updates. This article looks at a few cheap stocks to watch after recent updates. Will they become the best penny stocks to buy, or will the news-fueled excitement quickly fade? That’s for you to decide, but if you’re hunting for penny stocks with news, here are some of the most active today.

penny stocks with news this week

Penny Stocks To Watch With News Today

Biophytis (BPTS)

Shares of Biophytis surged on Thursday morning following its latest update. The company has placed a focus on developing drugs to slow degenerative processes related to aging. Earlier this month, the company initiated the regulatory process for early access authorization in France for its treatment of severe Covid, Sarconeos (BIO101). According to the company, a pre-submission meeting with the French National Authority for Health is scheduled for March. The application for early access authorization “should be submitted shortly after” with the aim of gaining authorization by next quarter.

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BPTS Stock News

What about the stock market this week? BPTS stock continues turning heads as it releases more Covid-related news. Biophytis announced signing a Master Service Agreement with Intsel Chimos. Intsel will become the Pharmaceutical Operator/Exploitant in France for BIO101 if the early access program application is approved.

CEO Stanislas Veillet explained, “We are mobilizing all our resources so that Sarconeos (BIO101) can be used to treat hospitalized patients from the second half of 2023 in France, but also in other countries such as Brazil, where we have initiated an early access program.”

BioRestorative Therapeutics Inc. (BRTX)

Another one of the biotechnology penny stocks to watch with news is BioRestorative. It has been a very quiet, thinly traded stock this year. However, the most recent update has sent a shockwave across the market.

BioRestorative develops cell-based therapies for treating disc/spine diseases and metabolic disorders. Earlier this month, the company received a notice of allowance from the European Patent Office for its patent related to its ThermoStem Program—the claims granted by the patent cover implantable scaffolds derived from specific human stem cells.

Troika Media Group (TRKA)

Troika Media is a company that has been in discussion frequently over the last few months. As we’ve discussed, one of the underlying catalysts is Troika’s situation with Blue Torch Finance.

There are currently “good faith” negotiations between the companies to amend the deal and mitigate events of default. Last month, an updated filing showed the company entered into an Amended and Restated Limited Waiver of default events.

What To Watch With TRKA Stock

In particular, “The A&R Limited Waiver will expire on the earliest of (x) the occurrence of an Event of Default under the Financing Agreement that is not a Specified Event of Default, (y) a failure by the Company to comply with certain sale and refinancing milestones set forth in a side letter agreed by the Company and the Lenders and (z) June 20, 2023, subject to potential extension of up to 60 days.”

While TRKA stock didn’t have any formal updates, something that traders are looking at besides the filings is the short interest. According to data from Fintel and TD Ameritrade, that figure is around 40%.

BRTX Stock News

This week’s BRTX stock news continues to focus on patents. This time it received a notice of allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office. Like the European allowance, this patent is related to ThermoStem and is the third patent granted under the specific family of IP.

“This is the second notice of allowance we have received regarding our ThermoStem® program within 2023. This notice of allowance is very meaningful as it provides the Company with further protection and strengthens our technology as we develop and expand into the clinic. Additionally, it enhances our ability to engage with the strategic community on collaborative and partnering opportunities,” said Lance Alstodt, the company’s CEO.

Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SNOA)

The healthcare company Sonoma Pharmaceuticals saw its stock price attempt a turn-around after nearly a month-long sell-off in the stock market. SNOA stock has dropped since Sonoma announced receiving a Distribution and Pricing Agreement for its Microcyn Rx products by the Defense Logistics Agency via its partner EMC Pharma. Microcyn Rx products include wound care, prescription dermatology products, and prescription eye care. However, lackluster earnings added more pressure than the stock could handle, and shares have slipped ever since.

SNOA Stock News

This week SNOA stock saw an early pop in trading after the company announced that, along with MicroSafe Group, new EPA claims and Green Seal Certification for the Nanocyn hospital-grade disinfectant product.

“The MicroSafe Group is excited to have received the new claims from the EPA confirming its effectiveness against a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi,” said Safa Qadumi, CEO of the MicroSafe Group. “The additional EPA approved claims coupled with the Green Seal Certification makes Nanocyn a reliable and eco-friendly option for those who prioritize both product performance and environmental responsibility.”

Diversified Healthcare Trust (DHC)

We’ve discussed Diversified Healthcare Trust recently as more healthcare stocks come back in favor. It has seen its share price rise over the last few weeks. The company is a real estate investment trust (REIT) focusing on healthcare properties in the US. One of the notable things about REITs is that they declare dividends for their investors. When it comes to penny stocks, dividends aren’t the norm. But, in this case, DHC stock carries one. The last dividend issued by Diversified earlier this year was $0.01 per share. That might not seem like a large sum, but it can make a difference when you’re talking about a stock already trading for pennies.

The company scored big in February after one of its investment businesses, AlerisLife Inc. (NASDAQ: ALR), was acquired by ABP Acquisition for $43.8 million. Diversified owned 31.9% of AlerisLife. But news this week has kicked things up a notch.

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DHC Stock News

This week the company reported earnings. Q4 FFO came in at $0.03 compared to a loss of $0.07 the year prior. Sales also beat analyst expectations. CEO Jennifer Francis further explained, “Fourth quarter results reflected strong year-over-year improvement in our SHOP segment. Occupancy increased 380 basis points and average monthly rates increased nearly 9% from the prior year, resulting in a 14.2% increase in revenues. These factors contributed to fourth quarter normalized FFO of $0.03 per share…In February, we announced an amendment to our credit facility. The amendment provides covenant relief as we invest capital in our properties and work with our operators to continue improving our SHOP segment performance.”

List Of Penny Stocks [News Edition]

Here’s the complete list of penny stocks mentioned in this article:

  1. Biophytis (NASDAQ: BPTS)
  2. Troika Media Group (NASDAQ: TRKA)
  3. BioRestorative Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: BRTX)
  4. Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNOA)
  5. Diversified Healthcare Trust (NASDAQ: DHC)

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