In the vast landscape of investment opportunities, penny stocks have emerged as an alluring option for those seeking high-risk, high-reward ventures. These low-priced stocks, particularly those under $1, offer the potential for exponential gains alongside the inherent risk of significant losses. Today we dive into the world of penny stocks under $1. We’ll explore their unique attributes, the reasons behind their popularity, and the careful balance of risks and rewards.

Understanding Penny Stocks

Penny stocks represent shares of smaller, often lesser-known companies that trade at relatively low prices per share, typically under $5. Due to their size and limited liquidity, penny stocks can experience dramatic price fluctuations. That can make them high-risk, high-reward prospects.

Why Investors Trade Penny Stocks

There are several motivating factors that drive investors toward penny stocks:

  1. Potential for significant returns: The low share prices of cheap stocks mean that even a minor increase in price can lead to substantial gains. For example, a stock priced at $0.50 per share could double in value with just a 50-cent increase, resulting in a 100% return on investment.
  2. Affordability: As penny stocks trade at lower prices, they provide an affordable entry point for novice investors or those with limited capital.
  3. Portfolio diversification: Adding low-priced stocks to one’s investment portfolio can help spread risk across various assets and market segments.

Exploring Penny Stocks Under $1

Penny stocks under $1 represent a specific subset of low-priced stock. They may pique the interest of investors looking for undiscovered gems. These stocks often belong to emerging companies or those operating in niche markets. While the prospect of identifying the next big success story can be enticing, it is crucial to approach these investments with caution, conducting thorough research and due diligence to mitigate risks.

penny stocks to buy under $1 this week

Investing in penny stocks, especially those under $1, comes with its own set of hurdles. Important risks to weigh include:

  1. Low liquidity: These stocks frequently exhibit limited trading volumes, which can make it problematic for investors to enter or exit trades at desirable prices.
  2. Susceptibility to manipulation: Due to their lower liquidity and limited market exposure, stocks under $5 are prone to price manipulation by dishonest traders. This can result in considerable losses for investors who are not vigilant.
  3. Inexperience and limited resources: Companies behind penny stocks often have constrained financial resources or an untested track record. This makes assessing their long-term prospects a challenging endeavor.

Despite these challenges, the possible rewards connected with carefully selected and well-researched penny stocks under $1 can be substantial. For investors who possess a high-risk tolerance and are committed to meticulous research, delving into low-priced stocks may provide a thrilling and potentially profitable investment experience.

In this article, we continue the list of penny stocks we started in this week’s update Penny Stocks To Buy? 7 Under $1 To Watch This Week. We look at what’s going on with this next handful of cheap stocks and if there are any near-term potential catalysts to look for.

Penny Stocks To Watch Under $1

National Cinemedia Inc. (NCMI)

Earlier today, we discussed analyst sentiment and how it can play a role when determining penny stocks to buy. National Cinemedia is another one of the names gaining attention in the stock market today as a result of new ratings.

4 Penny Stocks To Buy According To Analysts, Targets Up To 1,560%

Days after it was reported that AMC Entertainment Holdings held a 9.1% stake in NCMI stock, analysts at Wedbush announced that it is maintaining an Outperform on the stock. The downside, however, is that it slashed its price target to $0.70. While this is still higher than recent levels by a substantial amount, it’s still much lower than the previous $3.50 target the firm had.

Regardless, momentum has continued picking up in the stock market today. It’s worth noting that the media company announced a voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. National is planning to restructure as a leaner business after exiting bankruptcy. However, the latest AMC-related development has kept NCMI stock in focus for now.

Genprex Inc. (GNPX)

Shares of Genprex have been surging over the last few weeks. That momentum was amplified over the last two trading sessions, as you’ll see with the above-average levels of trading volumes Tuesday and Wednesday. The gene therapy company continues releasing new updates that have prompted the latest uptick.

This week, Genprex announced that independent research showed a gene deliver by its REQORSA, TUSC2, could function as a novel tumor suppressor for glioblastoma. Rodney Varner, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Genprex, said, “We are encouraged by the increasing number of research institutions and independent researchers producing positive data on TUSC2, which provide additional support for REQORSA® and its therapeutic potential against cancers.”

Genprex released another key update on Wednesday, discussing preclinical data for the NPRL2 gene presented by research collaborators. Also known as the TUSC4 gene, the studies used the company’s ONCOPREX delivery system in non-small cell lung cancer, in mouse models. The data was presented at the American Association of Cancer Research meeting.

Bright Minds Biosciences Inc. (DRUG)

Coming off of fresh 52-week lows on Wednesday was Bright Minds Biosciences. Like Genprex, it also reported news that sparked a surge of optimism in the stock market today. The company announced that International Searching Authority reviewed an international patent applications for its phenethylamine compounds.

It issued a Written Opinion showing that Bright Minds’ core compounds of interest are “novel and inventive.” What that suggests, according to the company, is that it has developed patentable phenethylamine compounds.

3 Hot Penny Stocks To Watch In The Stock Market Today

“This is an important first step in protecting our compounds of interest in jurisdictions around the world, as we continue to pursue innovation in the treatment of multiple brain-related disorders,” stated Ian McDonald, CEO of Bright Minds.

List Of Penny Stocks Under $1

  1. National Cinemedia Inc. (NASDAQ: NCMI)
  2. Genprex Inc. (NASDAQ: GNPX)
  3. Bright Minds Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: DRUG)
  4. NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: NRBO)
  5. Oncternal Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ONCT)
  6. Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: INO)
  7. Heliogen Inc. (NYSE: HLGN)
  8. Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI)
  9. mCloud Tech Corp. (NASDAQ: MCLD)
  10. VBL Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VBLT)

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