4 Penny Stocks to Buy [Or Sell] in Summer 2021

Trading penny stocks is all about having a strategy. A large part of this strategy is knowing what type of investor you are. Are you looking for short term penny stocks to buy? Or, are you more interested in finding long term value? 

These questions alone can help to greatly narrow down your watchlist. And with thousands of penny stocks out there, having a concise list will be a major benefit. The next thing to consider is all of the information regarding a specific company. This can be broken down into two categories: speculation and fundamentals. 

On one hand, speculation is all the outside factors that can make a penny stock move. This could be anything from current events and industry wide trends, to company-specific news and even rumors. Because penny stocks are all under $5, they typically have high volume. This results in extremely swift price moves, and thus, a high degree of speculation. Most investors believe that speculation is one of the largest impacting factors on a penny stocks price. 

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On the other hand we have fundamentals. This is the financial and factual information about a company. Typically this is all laid out in a company’s quarterly balance sheet. However, updates on a financial situation can be given out at other times as well. Interestingly enough, fundamentals can lead to speculation.

Both of these categories are very important, and its pertinent to understand how each will affect a stocks price. Considering all of this, let’s take a look at four penny stocks you don’t want to miss in Summer 2021. 

4 Penny Stocks to Watch in Summer 2021

  1. Jaguar Health Inc. (NASDAQ: JAGX)
  2. Sonim Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SONM)
  3. Color Star Technology Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW)
  4. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CCO)

1. Jaguar Health Inc. (NASDAQ: JAGX)

The first company on this list is the biotech penny stock, Jaguar Health Inc. This company focuses on developing prescription medication for humans and animals. Its products are geared toward GI distress and chronic debilitating diarrhea.

Its subsidiary Napo Pharmaceuticals Inc. is developing and commercializing plant based human gastrointestinal pharmaceuticals. The company’s flagship product is known as Mytesi, which is a tablet for the relief of noninfectious diarrhea in adults with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy.

There are a few recent updates that are causing JAGX stock price to go up. On May 20th Jaguar and Napo provided key findings from a cancer-related diarrhea abstract that was submitted to the American Society of Clinical Oncology for a poster presentation. On June 1st the company announced initial funding of $10.8 million into Dragon SPAC.

“We’re thrilled to provide the initial funding of US$10.8 million into Dragon SPAC using funds from the recent registered direct offering – which closed on May 3, 2021 – by Jaguar to certain North American institutional investors into Jaguar.”

The founder, president and CEO of Jaguar, Lisa Conte

With all of this recent information to note, will you add JAGX to your list of penny stocks to watch?


2. Sonim Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SONM)

Sonim Technologies Inc. is a tech penny stock that is performing well right now. This company sells ruggedized mobile phones and accessories for those working in the field. Its mobile phones such as the Sonim XP8, XP5s, and XP3 are all based on the Android platform, and are made to be almost indestructasble. These phones can attach to public and private wireless networks and utilize a range of industrial grade accessories. Additionally, Sonim provides scanner and communications products as well.

Back in May the SONM announced a partnership with Business Mobility Partners, which is an authorized distributor of ‘T-Mobile For Business’ products and services. The goal with this is to deliver products to markets such as transportation, healthcare, logistics, construction, and more. The President of BMP said, “We are honored to create the first of its kind joint partnership between Sonim and BMP that will deliver top-of-the-line ruggedized devices to T-Mobile business and government customers.” 

This partnership could be a major benefit to both Sonim and the customers that will end up using these products. Since this information was released, SONM stock has increased in price. In the past five days alone, shares of SONM have pushed up by as much as 33%. On June 9th, this puts its share price at around $0.66 as of EOD. Considering this, will Sonim Technologies make your watchlist in June?


3. Color Star Technology Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW)

If you are a frequent reader of pennystocks.com, then you likely have heard of Color Star Technology Co. Ltd. If you are not familiar, let’s get you up to speed. Color Star is an entertainment penny stock that provides online and offline music education services. These services are are in use in both the United States and China. Its Color World cultural entertainment platform provides celebrity concert videos, celebrity lectures, and other unique content offerings. 

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Currently Color Star currently has a strategic partnership with Yinmiao Culture Development Co. Ltd. to collaborate in the area of festival coordination and piano competition. On June 9th the company released a new update. Color Star announced that it will be added to the Russell Microcap Index at the end of the 2021 Russell indexes’ annual reconstitution. This will go into effect on June 25th, based on a preliminary list of additions made public on June 4th.

“Inclusion in the Russell Microcap Index® is an important achievement for Color Star. It is a testament to the significant progress we’ve made as a company. We believe that the membership in the Russel Microcap Index will provide our shares with further visibility within the financial community and greater liquidity.”

Co-CEO of Color Star Basil Wilson

Following this announcement, shares of CSCW are up substantially. Considering this, is CSCW worth adding to your penny stocks watchlist?


4. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. (NYSE: CCO)

Another communications penny stock that has been performing well is Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. Clear Channel sells advertising space throughout the United States. Generally, it owns and operates these advertising displays as well. If you have driven past a billboard on the freeway, look a little bit closer and you may see Clear Channel’s name and logo in small print under the billboard. This is indicative of just how large CCOs reach is.

Clear Channel Outdoor recently launched a billboard campaign in collaboration with Operation HOPE to support the ‘1MBB’ initiative. 1MBB is an initiative to build one million black businesses by giving tools and guidance to new business owners and current business owners. 

The Vice President of Public Affairs at Clear Channel Outdoor-Los Angeles, Layne Lawson said, “We recognize the importance of spreading the message on critical initiatives like the one Operation HOPE is spearheading and we are honored to provide the resources needed to do just this.” 

In other news the company just participated in the Cowen Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference on June 3rd. On May 17th the company announced the pricing of an offering of $1.05 billion aggregate principal amount of 7.500% senior notes due 2029.

The goal with these funds is to redeem its subsidiary, Clear Channel Worldwide Holdings Inc’s outstanding $961,525,000 senior notes due 2024. This should help to push better numbers on its next balance sheet. With all of this info to note, is CCO on your list of penny stocks to watch this month?


Which Penny Stocks Are You Watching Right Now?

As we move closer into the second half of 2021, penny stocks are heating up. We see this via the large volume in the stock market right now alongside the big daily gains with certain penny stocks.

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While finding the best penny stocks to buy can be challenging, making a watchlist and researching the companies within it, will always help in the long run. Considering the excitement surrounding the post-pandemic economy, many investors are hopeful about the future. With all of this in mind, which penny stocks are you watching right now?

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