3 Penny Stocks to Watch Today

As we come to the end of another week in June, penny stocks continue to heat up. This is marked by higher than average volume, and large intraday gains with certain penny stocks. As Covid cases decline around the world and vaccine rates hit all-time highs, investors are excited about the coming months. If cases can continue to hit all-time lows, we could see reopening occur even faster than planned. 

Despite the new Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, things are looking up in most parts of the world. And as states in the Northeast begin scaling back Covid daily case counts, many Americans feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Because of this, positivity in the stock market could resume. Before this, many investors felt uncertain about the future. This resulted in a great deal of volatility in the stock market, with most days ending either in the red or sideways. 

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Investing in penny stocks in 2021 is all about considering what’s going on in the world. And while there are other factors than Covid, it has remained the most important marker of where the stock market is moving in the past year and a half. Moving into the Summer, hopefully, we can begin to see higher volumes and more forward momentum. But for now, making a watchlist and checking it twice, is the best we as penny stocks investors can do. Considering this, here are three penny stocks to watch for your morning watchlist. 

3 Penny Stocks to Watch Right Now

  1. Ault Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: DPW
  2. Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: PIRS
  3. ReTo Eco-Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: RETO)

Ault Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: DPW)

Ault Global Holdings Inc. is an industrial penny stock that sells power system solutions products. These products are used in aerospace, medical, military, and industrial-telecommunication industries. Ault is involved in the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of these products.

It offers a variety of customer power system solutions, high-grade flexibility series power supply products, and value-added services for equipment manufacturers. Because of its broad scope, Ault can capture demand across many different markets. And, the market that it works in, tends to provide large contracts such as those from the military and aerospace industry. 

On June 9th, Ault’s subsidiary Coolisys Technology Corp. entered into a partnership with ChargeLab Inc. This partnership will support the launch of scalable electric vehicle smart charging solutions. This is a big deal as the adoption of electric vehicles globally is on the rise. And, with President Joe Biden pushing renewables more than ever, we could see EVs continue to rise in popularity.

“ChargeLab has proven experience in the development of custom member-facing applications and providing pre-launch manufacturing support to ensure compatibility with existing platforms at launch for top tier EVSE manufacturers.”

The President and CEO of Ault Global Mr. Kohn

Only a month ago, shares of DPW stock were sitting in the $2.30 range. However, after gaining more than 20% in that time frame, DPW stock now sits at around $3 per share. With some solid bullish momentum, DPW is operating in several unique and potentially fruitful areas of the market. And while full adoption of electric vehicles could be some time away, in the meantime, Ault Global could be worth keeping an eye on.


Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: PIRS)

Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc. has performed quite well over the past few weeks. For some context, PIRS is a biotech penny stock that develops and discovers anticalin protein-based drugs. These anticalin proteins are low molecular-weight therapeutic proteins derived from lipocalins. Lipocalins are naturally occurring low-molecular weight human proteins found in blood plasma and other bodily fluids.

Its lead candidate is PRS-060/AZD1402, is a drug in Phase II clinical trials targeting IL-4Ra for the treatment of asthma. While asthma does affect a large portion of the public, there are few viable treatments for the ailment. Because of this, Pieris sees a large market opportunity here. And considering the pandemic and the resulting focus on respiratory illnesses, Pieris could begin to see more momentum.

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At the end of May, the company announced a respiratory and ophthalmology collaboration with Roche’s subsidiary, Genentech that could be valued at more than $1.4 billion. When this was announced its trading volume spiked to a record 205.7 million shares. The collaboration and licensing agreement is for the discovery, development, and commercialization of respiratory and ophthalmology therapies. 

In the past month since the announcement, shares of PIRS have shot up by a staggering 98% or so. This is a sizable gain in only a short period, leading investors to paying attention to PIRS stock. While partnerships in the biotech industry can be common, ones of this size do not happen every day. For this reason, Pieris could be headed on an interesting path if all goes according to plan here. Considering this, will PIRS stock make your watchlist?


ReTo Eco-Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: RETO)

ReTo Eco-Solutions Inc. is an industrial supplier of goods based in China. This company’s products are bricks, pavers, tiles, and aggregates. It participates in the manufacturing and distribution of these products and other construction materials. These products are in use for flood control, water absorption, and water retention.

Its products can be in use for everything from roads, and bridges to construction, cities, gardens, and more. As the pandemic comes to an end, many countries have begun to resume massive infrastructure projects. This includes China, where case numbers have continued to hit record lows. Because ReTo manufactures these products vertically, it can fully take advantage of this.

On June 2nd ReTo won an equipment supply contract worth about RMB 1.25 million with Honghe Litu Technology Co. Ltd. for sewage and garbage treatment in Yinma Township, Honghe County, Yunnan Province.

“The Contract affirms the Company’s advanced technology, quality products and high reputation in the industry. As a one-stop provider of technology solutions for the improvement of ecological environment in China, the Company is always actively participating in rural construction to provide local residents with practical and feasible environmental improvement solutions.” 

The CEO of ReTo, Mr. Li Hengfang

While this contract alone is not a major financial win for the company, it does show the adoption of its products and their utility. Contracts like these can as Mr. Hengfang states, affirm its role in the industry as a leader in the production of these goods.

RETO stock is up about 15% on June 9th, just a few days after this announcement was made. Before the announcement, RETO stock was at about $1.12 a share on average. Now RETO stock is at more than $1.35 per share on average. With this in mind, will you add this company to your list of penny stocks to watch?


Penny Stocks Continue to See Bullish Momentum 

As we move further into the Summer, investors are excited for what the next few months could hold. A lot depends on what happens with Covid and the case numbers reported. However, if we can continue on this downward trend, things may lookup.

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For this reason, paying attention to the news will always be an investor’s best friend. And, with major bullish sentiment in the market right now, penny stocks continue to be a prime choice for many traders. 

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