Reddit Penny Stocks To Watch Before April

Penny stocks are red hot right now, and many have thanked Reddit for that. The social media discussion platform has left its mark on the stock market this year. Originally in January, the outlet was credited as the source of the massive retail buying in names like GameStop, Express, Koss, and many others. With that comes a focus on the heartbeat of retail trading trends. However, Reddit isn’t the only place that mom and pop traders are finding new ideas.

Everything from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram and TikTok, the masses of retail traders are looking toward social media to tap into the latest trends. I don’t think I need to emphasize the massive risks involved in listening to someone on social media. The veil of anonymity for users to hide behind screen names without identifying their qualifications leaves much to be desired.

However, at the end of the day, listening to someone’s “picks” is no replacement for old-fashioned educations. Learning how to day trade is worth far more than trying to find the next hyped-up stock. It’s also valuable when that “online guru” you’ve followed mysteriously goes missing.

Are Reddit Penny Stocks Worth It?

Some traders found that to be the case with the latest controversy involving certain Twitter accounts. Aside from this, there is something to be said about the rumor mill acting as a potential momentum source. Take it with a grain of salt and always do additional research. But with this in mind, there are a few Reddit penny stocks gaining ground early this week.

NFT Penny Stocks Rage On: Liquid Media Group Ltd.

One of the increasingly popular trends when it comes to these Reddit penny stocks is NFTs. This stands for Non-Fungible Tokens and has taken the market by storm. Now, there’s plenty of ambiguity to go along with this new trend in digital media. It would seem that speculation has played a much larger role than what’s out there as concrete information as it stands today. Needless to say, digital entertainment company Liquid Media Group has found itself wrapped up in this niche recently.

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The sentiment surrounding NFTs as a catalyst for YVR’s move stemmed from its deal with Atari. The two companies signed a distribution deal where Liquid Media’s SlipStream video-on-demand platform would be available on Atari’s new VCS gaming console. Furthermore, it was this Atari tie-in that brought about NFT speculation, and I’ll explain why.

Atari teamed up with Bondly for Gaming NFTs. According to reports, the NFTs will form the “backbone” of Atari’s Metaverse. Here’s where we see the speculation that YVR “could be” one of the NFT penny stocks to watch. This, coupled with the overall bullish sentiment in tech, has helped give YVR a boost this week.

reddit penny stocks Liquid Media Group Ltd YVR stock chart

OTC Penny Stocks Came Out To Play Too: Ozop Energy Solutions Inc.

Ozop Energy Solutions has become one of the more actively followed penny stocks on Reddit that isn’t listed on a major exchange. The OTC-listed energy company gained the spotlight thanks to advancements in green energy solutions.

Late last month, the company formed a strategic alliance with Grid & Energy Masterplanning. This alliance aims for Grid & Energy Masterplanning to help Ozop by providing its customers with additional services. These include project financing, engineering support, and construction management. Grid & Energy has 34 energy solution provider affiliates in 18 states ranging in energy efficiency to battery storage and EV charging.

Following this, Ozop gained site control for a 25-year lease on a property to build its first lithium-ion battery storage and power facility. This week, the company announced a new corporate advisor for corporate communications protocols and governance. Given the recent excitement surrounding green and renewable energy, including the electric vehicle ecosystem, OZSC has recently become one of Reddit’s actively discussed names.

reddit penny stocks Ozop Energy Solutions Inc. OZSC stock chart

Tech Penny Stocks Continue Climbing

Clearly, the tech trend in the stock market today has triggered a sweeping move across the industry. With that has come a trickledown trend for penny stocks.

Document Security Systems Inc.

Document Security Systems Inc. operates a range of technologies, including blockchain-based security, marketing, healthcare, and real estate. The company works off of what is known as a distribution sharing system.

A few weeks ago, DSS announced a $30 million convertible promissory note. Chairman Chan Heng Fai stated that “this investment will help to accelerate Sharing Services sales and growth, as well as international expansion. I believe Sharing Services is now extremely well capitalized to be a dominant player in the global marketplace over the next two years.” 

The company aims to increase the channels it has to sell through. With these funds, it should be able to do just that. The company also aims to capitalize on several new markets for itself. This includes China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and more.

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With things like blockchain and bitcoin stocks triggering excitement on Reddit, it’s no wonder why speculation could have played a role with DSS stock. While there haven’t been many new updates this month, this has been one of the stocks mentioned on some of the subreddits more frequently, in tandem with the excitement the market has seen in things like digital business.

reddit penny stocks Document Security Systems Inc. DSS stock chart

Humbl Inc. 

Humbl is another interesting tech company and one that is different from the others mentioned above. It offers a Web 3 platform that allows for the connection of consumers and merchants in the digital setting. It does this through its divisions, including Humbl Mobile, Humbl Marketplace, and Humbl Financial. Its mobile applications allow for a seamless payment transaction between customers and online merchants. And with the pandemic still in full swing, online shopping has become more popular than ever.

Also, with billions in stimulus given out to the public, more people could engage in e-commerce in the coming months. Humbl is a company that is consistently working to innovate its products. It has begun to move into new and burgeoning markets, including NFTs, hospitality, real estate, blockchain tokenization, and more. 

A week ago, the company announced the purchase of roughly $7.5 million in common shares from Aurea Group Ventures. This partnership will give Humbl the country rights to Chile for its services. Brian Foote, the CEO of Humbl, states that “we are deeply honored to be represented in Latin America region by such an educated, ethical, and visionary set of partners as the team at Aurea Group. While Humbl will not be selling the exclusive Humbl distribution rights to all 195 global countries, we are keenly aware of the rapid scale we can achieve in certain regions, through distribution partners.”

Once again, sentiment surrounding things like digital transactions and NFTs could have also played a role this week. Will this be on your list of Reddit penny stocks in light of the latest momentum?

reddit penny stocks Humbl Inc. TSNPD stock chart

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