Are These The Best Biotech Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now?

As we turn the page on 2020, there are quite a lot of penny stocks in focus. One of the interesting things for investors to consider is that there are several industries that have seen bullish sentiment in the past few months. This includes biotech, marijuana, electric vehicles, renewable energy, and others. When looking at this list, the first thing to consider is which industry may benefit in the coming year? The answer to this question comes as we consider the factors that may be in play in 2021. This includes the election of President Joe Biden. 

As Biden takes office, several industries may get a correlative boost. This includes marijuana, as Biden and running mate Kamala Harris, have both shown positive sentiment toward cannabis. In addition, Biden has stated that he wants to bring the U.S. toward renewable energy within the next decade or so. This means that alternative energy and electric vehicle penny stocks have both come into focus once again. Additionally, we have to consider the effects of COVID on the stock market. 

While the pandemic has meant the demise of several industries, it also could lead to the reprise of even more. For this reason, biotech has become a strong focus for many traders. Heading into the new year, we’ll take a look at some of the trending biotech penny stocks to watch. Again this is a watch list so the question of whether or not these are the best penny stocks to buy now or avoid is up to you in the end.

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This having been said, let’s dive into this list of top biotech penny stocks…

Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch in the New Year 

  1. Matinas BioPharma Holdings Inc. (MTNB Stock Report
  2. Palatin Technologies Inc. (PTN Stock Report
  3. Midatech Pharma PLC-ADR (MTP Stock Report
  4. Guardion Health Sciences Inc. (GHSI Stock Report
  5. Immutep Ltd (IMMP Stock Report)

Biotech Penny Stocks to Buy [or avoid] #1: Matinas BioPharma Holdings Inc. 

Matinas BioPharma Holdings Inc. is one of the bigger gainers of the day on Tuesday, December 29th. By EOD, shares of MTNB stock shot up by around 26% to $1.11 per share. For some context, MTNB is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Currently, it has several unique products in its pipeline including its lead candidate, MAT9001. This is a prescription drug that could be utilized in the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia.

In addition to this, the company is developing several new drugs utilizing its lipid nanocrystal or LNC drug delivery method. This method can make certain medicines more available in the body with lower rates of toxicity. While no news sparked the rally with MTNB stock on Tuesday, the company is correlated with any and all covid-related happenings. 

Earlier in the month, the company stated that it is working with the NIH to discover whether or not Remdesivir can have higher efficacy if it utilizes Matinas’ LNC platform. Jerome Jabour, CEO of Matinas, stated that :we believe that our LNC technology may be applied to remdesivir to allow for the potential for oral administration of this important drug in the fight against Covid-19.”

Now, whether or not this trial shows positive results remains to be seen. But in the interim, Matinas BioPharma still has a lot going for it. Will it be on your list of penny stocks to buy in the new year?


Biotech Penny Stocks to Buy [or avoid] #2: Palatin Technologies Inc.

Palatin Technologies Inc. is another biopharmaceutical company producing new and groundbreaking medicines. The company states that its medicines target specific diseases that have unmet needs from the medical community. Palatin states that its medicines utilize the melanocortin peptide receptor systems in the body in order to treat certain ocular diseases.

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On December 15th, Palatin announced that it received positive results from the Phase 2 study of its drug PL9643. This drug is in use in the treatment of dry eye disease or DED. Carl Spana, CEO of Palatin stated that “this was our first study evaluating a melanocortin agonist in an ocular disease and we are pleased that the key goals of this study were met, which was providing significant clinical evidence of efficacy, safety, and tolerability in a meaningful patient population.” 

Of course, this is only one step toward getting this drug approved, but it is a step in the right direction. Palatin states that it should be able to embark on a Phase 3 trial in the U.S. by the middle of next year. In the past month, shares of PTN stock have shot up by over 75%. Since October, that number jumps to over 105%. This sizable gain is a reflection of the commitment to finding new drugs that Palatin has in place. In addition, its role in the biopharmaceutical market ties it to other companies that have shown gains in the past few months.


Biotech Penny Stocks to Buy [or avoid] #3: Midatech Pharma PLC-ADR

Midatech Pharma PLC-ADR is another biotech company that is working to provide new technologies to the medical field. As opposed to more traditional biotech businesses, Midatech Pharma is working on novel ways to deliver drugs to the body. This includes upping bio-availability of drugs as well as the safety and efficacy of those substances. Midatech states that it has several proprietary drug devilry technologies that could benefit a large range of patients. As of the end of 2020, Midatech states that it has three platforms for drug delivery in its pipeline. The first of these is known as Q-Sphera. This is a platform that utilizes micro-tech to enable long term medicine releases in the body. 

Next on the list is the MidaSolve platform. This technology utilizes nano-tech to administer otherwise insoluble drugs as liquids. In addition, it can be administered directly into tumors without the need to travel through the rest of the body. Lastly, the company has its MidaCore platform. This is another nano-tech platform that can also target specific areas of delivery for medication in the body.

With these, MidaTech states that it has more than 120 granted patents with more than 70 patent applications currently in the works. As a breakthrough biotech company, investors should watch Midatech to see what novel drug delivery platforms it can continue to produce. In addition, investors should keep an eye on the distribution of these technologies.


Biotech Penny Stocks to Buy [or avoid] #4: Guardion Health Sciences Inc.

Guardion Health Sciences Inc. is a penny stock that we have covered a few times so far. On December 28th, we noted GHSI stock as being a penny stock to watch. In the past week, shares of GHSI stock have shot up by over 40%. This includes a 36% gain that occurred on December 29th. Since early-November, shares of GHSI stock are up by over 120%. So why the big gain for Guardion Health Sciences? Well, the company works as a part of the health and wellness sector. It states that its work involves producing clinically supported nutrition products as well as medical foods and medical devices.

In addition, the company states that it has a focus on the ocular market with several products to back it. During the pandemic, it seems as though the public has shown a great deal of interest in living a healthy lifestyle. This includes increased demand for weight loss programs and exercise opportunities. Because of this, Guardion Health Sciences has seen increased popularity throughout 2020.

On December 28th, the company appointed Bret Scholtes, a seasoned health industry veteran, to be its new President and CEO. Robert Weingarten, Chairman of the Board for Guardion, stated that “we are delighted to welcome Bret to Guardion Health Sciences. We believe that his proven business acumen and extensive experience in the nutritional products industry will serve to usher Guardion into a new era of growth and success.”

With this new C-level appointment, it seems as though Guardion has an opportunity to potentially grow in the future. For this reason, it could be one of the biotech penny stocks to watch heading into 2021.


Biotech Penny Stocks to Buy [or avoid] #5: Immutep Ltd.

Immutep Ltd. was one of the big gainers this month. But as we discussed in a previous article, penny stocks are well-known for volatility. For this reason, prudent traders make sure to take profit along the way. Case in point, Immutep surged from $2.13 on December 9 to highs of nearly $8 on the 10th, then cam crashing down back to the $3 range in the days to follow. But heading into the end of the year, IMMP stock may be one to keep on watch after recent developments.

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This week, the company secured a US patent for Eftilagimod Alpha in combination with a PD-1 pathway inhibitor. What does this mean? In the words of Dr. Frédéric Triebel, Immutep’s Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer, “This United States patent grant represents another important milestone for the Company, and along with the clinical data we have seen from our trials, supports our long held view that combining efti with an anti-PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor should result in a very meaningful therapeutic benefit to cancer patients.”

Shares of IMMP stock have begun climbing back once again. Heading into the last few sessions of the year, will it be on your list of penny stocks to watch?

biotech penny stocks to buy Immutep Ltd IMMP stock chart

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