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4 Names For Your Penny Stocks List Today

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at small cap penny stocks or larger cap ones, if they’re trending, someone’s watching. The name of the game with these cheap stocks is simple: make money quickly. Some choose to map out a strategy for day trading and scalping while others focus on longer-term swing trading or even investing in penny stocks. It’s important to understand that if you’re looking to navigate these volatile waters, a strategy is important.

This is why I mention mapping out how you’re going to approach a trade or investment. The fact of the matter is that these mostly small cap stocks are known to shift direction quickly. As such, your strategy could dictate how you put together your penny stocks list to watch. If you’re a day trader or scalper, you’re likely looking for stocks that are experiencing higher levels of volatility.

However, if you’re looking more long term then you’ll want to focus on penny stocks with a more established trend and companies with stronger fundamentals. Now, not all penny stocks are going to “play out” to your plan’s design. However, taking the time to do your research can help put a sound list of penny stocks together. Then it’s up to the market to decide what’s next.

Obviously, when it comes to things like pre market penny stocks gapping up, everything can change right at the opening bell. In that case, prudent traders might wait to see how the first 15-30 minutes of a trading session pans out. Heading into the second half of the week, there are several penny stocks trading higher. Will they be on your buy or sell list?

Penny Stocks To Buy [or sell]: CVD Equipment Corp

Shares of CVD Equipment Corp. (CVV Stock Report) were trending much higher on Wednesday. It wasn’t much of a hype-spike as it was a consistent move higher. From the opening bell to its initial lunch time high, CVV stock rallied from $3 to $5.25. There weren’t any news headlines to pair with the move. However, we have seen a lot of attention placed on industrials stocks moving in the stock market today.

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CVD focuses on a broad range of chemical vapor deposition, gas control, and other equipment to develop and manufacture materials and coatings. This equipment is used for aerospace engine components, medical implants, semiconductors, solar cells, smart glass among other applications.

WIth stocks like PECK, PPSI, SPI, SUNW and many others soaring today, CVV stock could be gaining some sympathy amid industrials this week. It mirrors some of the similarities from share structure as the stocks I just mentioned. Namely, it’s a low float industrial penny stock to watch. Given this, CVV could also be one of the more volatile names on this list. In light of that, be well aware that this could swing in either direction aggressively so keep your strategy in mind.

penny stocks to buy sell CVD Equipment Corp. (CVV stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Buy [or sell]: ReneSola

RenaSola (SOL Stock Report) is another one of the industrials penny stocks gaining on sympathy momentum this week. In fact, for the better part of the last few months, SOL stock has managed to hold a relatively clear uptrend. But as I’m sure you’ll see, the penny stock’s ups and downs are very much a thing to assess if this is on your list of penny stocks to watch. Since Monday, SOL stock has jumped over 75% alone and volume has surged.

While it isn’t as low float a penny stock as the others, the company has responded similarly with surging momentum amid this latest sympathy move. Something to note, however, is that the company has also come out with some news of its own within the last few weeks.

At the end of September, the solar project developer agreed to form a joint venture with Munich, Germany-based Vodasun. The two will co-develop and market ready-to-build ground-mounted solar projects in Germany. This venture will have an initial project portfolio of 50 to 100 megawatts. There’s also a target of another 50 to 100 megawatts of new projects per year. With such a massive swing higher this week, can SOL stock maintain at these higher levels or is it set to sell-off before the end of the week?

penny stocks to buy sell ReneSola (SOL stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Buy [or sell]: Checkpoint Therapeutics

What list of penny stocks would be complete without some biotech stocks? Checkpoint Therapeutics Inc. (CKPT Stock Report) has been able to experience a nice technical move over the last few weeks. Shares pulled back from recent $4.50 highs after the company announced a $20 million raise in mid-September. Finally finding some support along its 50-day moving average, CKPT stock held a sideways trend for the bulk of September’s second half. However, as October has begun, so to appears to be a slight uptrend in the penny stock. On October 7th, shares bounced to highs of $2.82 during the mid-afternoon session.

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Volume isn’t as heavy as it has been in the past. However, CKPT stock has managed to mount a recovery so far. The company was founded by Fortress Biotech (FBIO Stock Report) has followed the trend in cancer and immunotherapy stocks we’ve seen recently. Checkpoint develops, acquires, and commercializes non-chemotherapy, combination treatments. Its licensed portfolio of antibodies includes targeting programmed cell death-ligand 1 (PD-L1), glucocorticoid-induced TNFR related protein (GITR) and carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX).

The company’s last update on its ongoing Phase 1 trials showed meaningful results according to the company. The trial studies its cosibelimab treatment, in patients with advanced cancers. Checkpoint explained that cosibelimab “demonstrated a 51.4% objective response rate and 13.5% complete response rate, which is nearly double the complete response rate observed at the time of previous analysis.”

penny stocks to buy sell Checkpoint Therapeutics Inc. (CKPT stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Buy [or sell]: Sigma Labs Inc.

Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB Stock Report) is another one of the top trending penny stocks to watch recently. The company hit the radar back in August after the company announced the award of a contract by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Sigma will implement PrintRite3D® in-process quality assurance software.

One of the other trends we’re seeing in the stock market today is in 3D printing believe it or not. Companies like 3D Systems Inc. (DDD Stock Report) and Stratasys (SSYS Stock Report) gained traction on Wednesday. Whether or not this is a sympathy-type move is yet to be seen. However, SGLB stock has pushed higher during Wednesday’s session on higher volume.

In addition to Mitsubishi, Sigma announced earlier this week that it launched its newest product, the PrintRite3D Lite In-Process Quality Assurance system. Furthermore, it was awarded its first contract from Coherent, Inc. (COHR Stock Report). Coherent is one of the world’s top providers of lasers and laser-based technology for scientific, commercial, and industrial customers.

penny stocks to buy sell Sigma Labs Inc. (SGLB stock chart)

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