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List Of Penny Stocks Making Aftermarket Moves On Monday

Are you putting together a list of penny stocks for Tuesday? If you said yes, you’re not alone. There are plenty of traders looking to gain the edge when it comes to “getting in early”. Getting at the lowest low and selling at the highest high isn’t generally the norm.

However, you can put together a list of penny stocks to watch that shows the potential for some kind of gain. If you’re like most, the closing bell doesn’t mean the market’s closed. No, the hours after 4 PM EST are actually where some of the action begins instead of ends.

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Post-market penny stocks that trend usually do so because of present or upcoming catalysts. We see a lot of this type of movement ahead of earnings releases. We also see active post-market trading in anticipation of things like Phase Trial results or management conference calls. Today’s mix of companies has a lot going on as far as catalysts. This list of penny stocks also includes some new names we haven’t come across yet.

Trending Post Market Penny Stocks To Watch

Now, will all penny stocks with aftermarket momentum become successful trades? In my opinion, no and a lot has to do with what happens before the open on Tuesday morning. It’s no secret that some traders are able to buy and sell stocks outside of market hours. But volume is much lighter as compared to the regular session. If you find certain names on your penny stocks list trading higher before or after the bell, be cautious.

The reason being that once the bell rings and the market opens, it could be a whole different story. Many longer-term traders may use this “gap up” and sell into it leaving hyped-up momentum chasers holding a bag. Similarly, that momentum could also become a sign of a new uptrend.

In that case, you’ll see a trend continuation pattern form as a result of that uplift in momentum. Either way, it’s never a bad idea to wait for a pattern to form before jumping in head-first. With this in mind, are these going to be on your list of penny stocks this week?

Best Penny Stocks To Buy [or sell]: Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

If Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MRNS Stock Report) seems familiar it’s because we talked about it for the last 2 weeks. To the day, Marinus has managed to climb from $1.84 heading into the long weekend last week, to highs of $2.15 on September 14th. What was the reason that MRNS stock was on that list?

We explained that heading into the month of September, there was still something hovering over traders’ heads. Looking back at the company’s August 6th press release, Marinus reported a few things including somethings to do with its Phase 3 clinical trial in CDKL5 deficiency disorder or “CDD”. The company is evaluating the use of its oral ganaxolone in children and young adults with CDD.

Marinus also said preparations had begun for an expanded access program in CDD that would allow the company, on positive data, to offer ganaxolone to patients who were unable to participate in the Phase 3 trial. The company said it’s on track to deliver top-line data this quarter. Well guess what, look at what happened after the close on Monday.

Marinus announced positive top-line results from its registrational Phase 3 clinical trial (Marigold Study) evaluating the use of oral ganaxolone in children and young adults with CDD. “The Marigold Study has two important firsts. It’s the first double-blind placebo-controlled study providing evidence of efficacy specific to CDD and the first Phase 3 trial to examine three times a day dosing of ganaxolone in pediatric patients,” said Scott Braunstein, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Marinus Pharmaceuticals. Since we first began covering MRNS stock this month, shares have now managed to jump from $1.78 to aftermarket highs of $4.20. Can this momentum continue throughout the week?

list of penny stocks to watch Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MRNS stock chart)

Best Penny Stocks To Buy [or sell]: Novus Therapeutics Inc.

Novus Therapeutics Inc. (NVUS Stock Report) is a newcomer to our list of penny stocks. This is the first time we’ve taken a look at the company and by the look of the chart, you might be asking why. NVUS stock had a strong first 5 months of the year running up as high as $1.45. However, in June the company delivered a huge trial miss, which sent shares reeling. The slow bleed continued through this month and Monday NVUS stock retested lows around $0.34 again.

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So here we have a penny stock that’s down about 76% from its high. Why would anyone have this on their watch list on Tuesday? Well whether this continues to trend or not, there’s a big development to take notice of. Monday after the close, Novus reported some key updates. The company announced that it completed the acquisition of Anelixis Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company. Anelixis is developing an anti-CD40 Ligand (CD40L) antibody as a potential treatment for organ and cellular transplantation, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition to this, Novus completed a $108 million preferred stock offering. The company also added new executives and directors. Incoming CEO Dr. “DA” C. Gros explained, “Through this acquisition and financing, we now have the scientific, organizational and financial resources to build upon a deep historical understanding of the CD40/CD40L pathway, as well as Anelixis’ preclinical and Phase 1 data, to address the needs of people undergoing organ or cellular transplantation, or living with autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.” – Shares reached highs of $1.13 after the close on Monday.

list of penny stocks to watch Novus Therapeutics Inc. (NVUS stock chart)

Best Penny Stocks To Buy [or sell]: Anixa Biosciences Inc.

Anixa Biosciences (ANIX Stock Report) is a biotechnology company developing a number of programs addressing certain diseases including cancer. Most of the second and first half of the third quarter were strong for ANIX stock. Shares jumped from around $1.50 at the beginning of April to highs of $3.84 by the end of June. ANIX stock continued trading around $3 right up until the start of August. This is when it saw a huge drop that lasted right though the start of this month. Over the last few sessions, however, ANIX shares have mounted a bit of a recovery.

Since last Tuesday, the stock bounced back by as much as 36%. There has also been a bit of an uptick in trading activity too. This coming Wednesday, the company will be in attendance at H.C. Wainwright’s Global Investment Conference. Management will discuss Anixa’s business and highlight recent corporate achievements. The company said that these include its discovery of therapeutic candidates against Covid-19, as well as anticipated milestones in its breast cancer vaccine and CAR-T based ovarian cancer therapeutic programs.

What has garnered a bit more attention is something you won’t see in headlines. You’ll have to look into the filings. According to some recent FORM 4s, both CEO Amit Kumar and Director Lewis Titterton purchased shares of ANIX stock. The transaction dates were both September 11th and total purchased shares include 28,000 and 40,000 respectively.

As we’ve seen with other penny stocks, insider trading can leave a huge impact on the market. That goes for the outcomes related to both insider buys and insider sales. In this case, the FORM 4s were well-received by the market. Heading into the H.C. Wainwright Conference it will be interesting to see if the trend continues.

list of penny stocks to watch Anixa Biosciences Inc. (ANIX stock chart)

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