Penny stocks can have huge potential if you know how to trade them. Lower prices present opportunities to capitalize on small moves. These aren’t 5%, or 10% jumps either. In one trading session, some stocks under $5 can experience explosive moves. But that doesn’t mean these breakouts don’t come without risks. In many cases, penny stocks can crumble just as quickly as they exploded.

If you’re looking for penny stocks to buy, you’ve got plenty of strategies. Unusual training volume, popularity on social media, or, like some, you could focus on data. Today we look at the data side of things and 10 stocks with recent insider buying in June. This is typically considered a “follow the money” trading style. Speculation is usually the factor at play and is used by some traders to “bet” on a company based on what its management and insiders are doing. It isn’t foolproof. But it can be a way to understand the sentiment of those closest to a company.

This article is the first half of our list of 10 top penny stocks with insider buying in June. We will give some basic info on the companies, but more importantly, we’ll discuss who’s buying and how much they’re purchasing so you can decide if they’re worth investigating further.

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10 Penny Stocks To Buy [According To Insiders] Part 1

It’s important to remember that insider buying doesn’t guarantee a “good” investment. However, as discussed above, it could give a good starting point for research based on data you might find interesting.

  1. Standard BioTools Inc. (NASDAQ: LAB)
  2. Troika Media Group (NASDAQ: TRKA)
  3. Sunshine Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: SBFM)
  4. ReWalk Robotics Ltd. (NASDAQ: RWLK)
  5. CytoSorbents Corporation (NASDAQ: CTSO)
penny stocks to buy according to insiders right now

Standard BioTools Inc. (NASDAQ: LAB)

You might know this company as its former name, Fluidigm. The company did a name and symbol change to better reflect its business model in biomedical research solutions. Standard provides health and disease insights for improving patient outcomes.

Despite a stutter step following its latest round of earnings, the company appears optimistic about the year. “We are taking immediate steps to address the operational issues with new leadership, including the recent appointment of Jeremy Davis as Chief Commercial Officer. Mindful of our past and its lessons, we now embark on a new chapter of focused execution and growth, and 2022 will serve as the foundation we will build upon,” explained CEO Michael Egholm, Ph.D. “During our first few weeks, the new management team has met with numerous key stakeholders, including customers, employees, and partners, and we are highly encouraged and excited by the opportunity before us.”

LAB Stock Insider Buying

Caligan Partners, a 10% owner of the company, is in the spotlight in June. The firm picked up 450,000 shares total between June 2nd and 3rd. Average prices ranged between $1.92 and $2.02.

Troika Media Group (NASDAQ: TRKA)

Ever since mid-May, Troika Media has been on the move. What was a key catalyst? The company brought on a new CEO and CFO. The business solutions provider also released fiscal Q3 results that included an update with expectations of strong revenue growth for the rest of the fiscal 2022 year. On the back of a 300%+ increase in year-over-year revenue, this sparked more attention on the company.

Sid Toama, appointed as CEO of TMG on May 19, 2022, explained, “Demand for Troika’s performance-driven solutions in brand building, activation, and marketing innovations is growing. Converge’s business intelligence and customer acquisition capabilities will be an exciting complement to TMG’s new integrated business strategy and ultimately, its revenue opportunities.”

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TRKA Stock Insider Buying

Others who see potential in TRKA stock after the latest earnings include 10% owners like Peter Coates. On Tuesday (Jun. 7), he purchased 200,000 shares of TRKA stock at an average price of $1.049.

Sunshine Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: SBFM)

If you’ve been trading penny stocks for at least the last year, Sunshine Biopharma was likely a name you’ve heard of. That’s because shares of SBFM stock exploded from under $5 to over $9in April. A lot of the commotion surrounded a newly designed mRNA molecule for multidrug-resistant cancers. The company also explained that the “new mRNA molecules are readily adaptable for delivery into patients using the mRNA vaccine technology.”

SBFM Stock Insider Buying

Company CFO Camille Sebaaly filed a Form 4 earlier this month showing the purchase of 25,000 shares of SBFM stock. The shares were bought at an average of $1.22 and brought Sebaaly’s total stake to over 140,000 shares.

ReWalk Robotics Ltd. (NASDAQ: RWLK)

Like others on this complete top 10 list of penny stocks with insider buying, ReWalk has enjoyed a strong uptrend over the last few weeks. Since mid-May, the robotic medical device technology company has climbed from under $0.90 to over $1. Meanwhile, plans were recently outlined to move the company to commercialization and reimbursement under existing coverage plans. Individuals with lower limb disabilities have used ReWalk’s wearable robotic exoskeletons.

Aside from that update, the company also announced a share buyback program for up to $8 million in repurchases for six months.

RWLK Stock Insider Buying

A 10% owner, Lind Global Fund, is doing the buying in June. The firm purchased 236,616 shares at an average price of just under $1 on June 2nd.

CytoSorbents Corporation (NASDAQ: CTSO)

Shares of CytoSorbents have gotten a substantial boost in the stock market today. What does the company do? It specializes in blood purification via its polymer adsorption technology. Earlier this month, the CytoSorbents inked a deal with Nikkiso Europe to distribute their PureADJUST hemoperfusion pump platform in 14 countries. No official guidance was given on the overreaching impact this could have on CytoSorbents’ business. However, the company recently held its annual meeting, and it appears the market has reacted favorably so far.

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CTSO Stock Insider Buying

What may also have helped things is insider trading. The latest CTSO Form 4 filing came from company CFO Kathleen Bloch. It wasn’t the most significant purchase of shares on this list of penny stocks. However, it was worth noting at roughly $16,500 worth of shares. Bloch bought 8,700 shares at an average price of $1.8999.

Stocks With Insider Buying

When it comes to stocks with insider buying, you’re most likely looking for data to analyze. The usual reason for looking at this type of activity is to gauge how company insiders feel about the potential of their businesses. Granted, buying doesn’t always mean a stock will jump, and selling doesn’t mean a drop is coming. At the very least, however, it could give you some insight into where certain insiders are placing their bets right now.

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