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Shares Of Indivior PLC Left The Penny Stock Station Over The Last Few Days; What Happened?

It’s something everyone hears about but rarely sees in real-time. Penny stocks that run thousands of percentage points within days or even hours. We saw that happen earlier this year with Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings Inc. B Shares (LTRPB Stock Report). But as we saw, just as quickly as it jumped, it came crashing back to earth. After running as high as $134 a share, the stock now trades just over $26.50.

That’s still considerably higher than its sub-$5 levels prior. Needless to say, a pullback from $134 to under $30 is aggressive. Over the last few days, we caught wind of a penny stock that began trading actively after reporting earnings. At the time, Indivior PLC (INVVY Stock Report) was trading around $3.

penny stocks that hit it big Indivior PLC (INVVY stock chart)

It’s also worth mentioning that the day it actually reported earnings, INVVY stock traded less than 15,000 shares. However, about a week later, INVVY began surging. On May 19th, the penny stock traded more than 2.8 million shares and rallied to highs of $15 from a $3.20 open. Over the next 4 sessions to follow, INVVY stock ran as high as $40 with similar above-average trading volume behind it.

So What Happened With INVVY Stock?

As stated above, Indivior reported earnings on May 14th. Specifically, the net revenue of its SUBLOCADE came in at $29m compared to Q1 2019 of $11m. Total SUBLOCADE units dispensed were 23,400 or a 19% increase vs. Q4 2019 and 148% vs. Q1 2019. However, overall the earnings results weren’t great when it came to the bottom line.

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Total net revenue in Q1 2020 decreased by 36% to $153m (Q1 2019: $238m) at actual exchange rates. U.S. net revenue decreased 48% to $105m (Q1 2019: $200m). Growth in the overall U.S. BMAT market improved to a low-teens rate as discussed above. What’s interesting is that this “former” penny stock didn’t start trading like this until far-after these results came out.

INVVY Stock Robinhood

The company’s stock also trades on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol “INDV”. There, it’s actually a $61 stock. What’s also interesting is that it appeared to be one of the penny stocks on Robinhood. This is unusual because the Robinhood platform typically doesn’t entertain OTC listed penny stocks. But I can say that some users appear to have been “locked out”. While this came after the fact, it continues to show why certain brokers are experiencing trust issues.

As of the time of this writing, INVVY stock has crashed hard. However, it’s a very prominent question especially among penny stock traders so we wanted to take a closer look. Given the parabolic movement, it is a very risky name as its chart might suggest.

What Is Indivior PLC?

Indivior PLC is a specialty and generic drug manufacturing company. The company is focused on the development, manufacture, and sale of prescription drugs based on buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid dependence. The majority of Indivior’s revenue is generated in the United States according to the company. Indivior considers merger and acquisition investment to be “a potential component of its operational growth strategy” for expanding its research, development, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities.

indivior product pipeline

The company, spun-off from Reckitt Benckiser (RBGLY Stock Report) in 2014. However, it faces a $3 billion fine under criminal charges pressed by the United States for illegally marketing Suboxone, its best-selling opioid addiction treatment. The company had denied the allegation. But said its selling, general and administrative expenses in the quarter nearly tripled.

It increased litigation and antitrust provisions to $621 million from $438 million previously. Given the fact that this is ongoing, it’s hard to say with any certainty that the company can overcome such a situation. Do you think there’s hope for Indivior or is this the end of the line? Comment below.

Can Indivior Stock Go Higher?

This was an incredible penny stock breakout to watch. But given the current situation with the DOJ and the mounting losses due to it, it’s not surprising that the breakout has been a bit fleeting. Shares have plummeted over 70% since reaching $40 highs. Can INVVY stock rebound? That’s a tough question to answer right now. Depending on the potential fall-out from shareholders who’ve been “locked out” from selling shares, it is a unique situation.

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Earlier this month the company announced that the Swedish Medical Products
Agency approved Subutex® prolonged-release solution for injection. The 100 and 300mg is designed for substitution treatment of opioid dependence in adults and adolescents over 16. Shaun Thaxter, Chief Executive Officer of Indivior said, “The approval of Subutex® prolonged-release solution for injection in Sweden is an important step, and we look forward to continuing to partner with the local treatment community to help those with opioid use disorder.”

The next upcoming date to keep in mind is June 2. This is when the company’s CEO, Shaun Thaxter and CFO Mark Crossley will participate in the Jefferies Virtual Healthcare Conference. However, given the fact that it barely trades in the U.S., the social media blitz behind it may also raise a few questions. Moreover, the timing of the press release compared to when INVVY stock began breaking out could also come into question as well. But I’ll ask you, if INVVY stock is on your watch list, what are your thoughts on the move and the future of this former penny stock? Will it rebound and continue higher or is it destined to become a penny stock once again?

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  1. It was certainly an exhilarating ride that Indivior took today in RobinHood. Was able to cash out at 19.99 but had no idea it would double a couple of hours later. Then the lockout began.

  2. Interesting that there seems to be zero information available on what the actual public float is–clearly it’s very low. Not uncommon for a holding company trading on the Pinks, but quite uncommon for a company dual listed with a real product and significant revenue.

  3. Pump and dump… should be investigated. Also being locked out by Robin Hood is suspect as well, could not sell shares till the dump was o over. Going to leave that platform for that reason. The stock will go up a little then plummet to lower values before the breakout

  4. Is disappointed to be 5000 dlls up from Indivior an not being able to sell.
    I dont recomend robinhood app

  5. I went from being up 2k to 4K. Had to do something for work for an hour and I nearly doubled my total investments at 20k from 845 shares I had invested, but by the time I came back to check it, it already started crashing. I didn’t want to get flagged as a pattern day trader for buying and selling the stock same day, but now I’m down 4K nearly everything I’ve made off other stocks in this app so far…so now wht do I do now? Wait to see if I break even? Take my losses? This all seems highly suspicious…and it kinda screwed everyone over in the end..

    1. I highly agree, I was unable to sell until after the crash. Even for me, just starting in the market trying to take advantage of the corona drop, I thought it was very strange that I was unable to sell out and with no answers. Do I hold onto my shares?

  6. Hi
    Almost 24 hours and I didn’t get any email from Robinhood support.
    Yesterday I bought Indivior stock $22.400 value . $32 per share .700 share .
    Than 10-12 min later I saw “ this stock is temporarily untradeable now “
    Than stock price start go down , and still Robinhood didn’t let me sale my indivior stocks . I lost $14.000 , app said “ You can close out your position but you can not purchase additional shares “
    Yesterday and today total I lost more than $17000 .
    My question is you let me buy this stock but why didn’t you let me sale it when I wanted? Who is responsible for this much lost?
    Is it legal /normal ? Do I have any rights for that?
    Thank you .

  7. when will the ADR conversion resume?
    Does anyone have any info on this?
    I thought that was the main reason behind the rally…

  8. i am very angry at robinhood for fkn me royally. I lost 10k. I was up 3k and then it locked me out. I was gelplessly watching it drop and losing 10k then robinhood said ok now that you lost so much money…here you can sell, idiot. I cant believe they fked me. Is it legal? Should i get a lawyer? I reported the stock to SEC and sent an email cursing them out.

    1. Thank you
      Nick Castello
      How can I reach to U.S Securities and Exchange Commission ?
      Looks Robinhood Says , I sale stock To you and I let you sale the stock when ever I want . And they call that trade ??

  9. Has anyone had success reporting Robinhood? I lost 30k and was unable to sell when it started to plummet.

  10. Same exact thing happened to me.
    1,000 shares at $28.69 was about to sell at $32.90 and couldn’t complete the sell because it locked me out.
    I say let’s all get together and sue Robinhood for their aggressive control!

  11. I gained $771.00 and lost it within minutes. Never seen anything like that before. I started selling most of my stocks and was ready to pull my funds. And yes, I am a user of Robinhood. It seems like the stocks was dumped all at once.

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