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Are These On Your List Of Penny Stocks Today?

What a week it’s been for penny stocks and we’re only 2 sessions in. This week, we’ve already seen some massive breakouts, huge continuation trends, and even the controversial parabolic drop. If that’s any indications for what’s to come, it’s time to buckle up and get ready for a wild next few days.

This week not only marks a holiday week but the last week of May. My biggest question right now is will we see the typical trend? If you’re not familiar, there’s an old stock market saying. It goes: Sell in May and go away. Essentially it symbolizes a time where people take off to holidays, family vacations, and sip the nectars of sweet success they’ve had trading stocks.

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However, given the crazy year we’ve had already, what will that actually mean for this time of year? June in just a few days away and volatility in the stock market today continues to top itself. The last few months of volume have been some of the biggest seen in the last 52 weeks. So, if “sell in may and go away” is going to hold true this year, are people just trying to cram everything into a few months before “going away”?

In my opinion, not likely. For starters, where are you going to go? Sure, quarantines are easing but we certainly are nowhere near a “normal” lifestyle. Given this, my guess is that the stock market will be active into the summer months. With this in mind, it’s important to stay smart about trading. Volatility and speculation are driving all markets right now. So when it comes to penny stocks, volatility could equate to even larger swings. Your goal as a trader is to be on the winning end of that swing.

Can You Buy Penny Stocks On Robinhood & WeBull?

There’s a common misconception that two popular trading apps among younger traders don’t allow access to penny stocks. Well, let me be the first to say, that’s not correct. The standard definition of penny stocks has everything to do with price. Just because these platforms may restrict most OTC penny stocks, that doesn’t mean NASDAQ and NYSE stocks can’t be labeled “penny stocks”.

The bottom line, the Securities and Exchange Commission has a clear definition of penny stocks. These are equities trading below $5. Even if you argue that fact, there are still NASDAQ and NYSE companies trading shares under $1; true pennies. So if you’re looking for all penny stocks on Robinhood and WeBull, let us know if any of these are on your list right now.

Penny Stocks On Robinhood & WeBull: Hertz Global Holdings

best penny stocks to watch Hertz (HTZ)

It’s funny but not funny that homonyms can be coincidental. What’s a homonym? Here’s your grammatical lesson for the day. Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Hertz Global Holdings (HTZ Stock Report) is a victim of its own creativity. Lately, it’s been a painful sight for HTZ stock. Would you believe that earlier this year, Hertz stock reached a new 52-week high of $20.85? This week it hit lows of $0.40; a 98% drop. But now that it’s a penny stock, even small moves equate to big percentage increases.

Case in point, HTZ stock may have dropped 98% from its highs but it has rebounded over 100% from Tuesday’s low. Late Friday, the company filed for bankruptcy and that trigger the latest drop in price. However, many companies are asking lenders to give them a break. But I’m not sure how well that will help Hertz right now. They just gave top brass $16 million in bonuses for their great efforts in running the company. But it came just days before bankruptcy so it probably didn’t seem like a coincidence, right? (insert sarcasm here). In any case, the NYSE has elected to begin delisting Hertz from the exchange according to Reuters.

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So this begs the question, why is Hertz stock moving? With most of the negative headlines out in the open, this could be simply a technical move. Is it a dead cat bounce? That’s tough to say at this point. But HTZ stock is likely one that you’ll encounter in your travels along the internet’s stock market road. So it’s important to understand that this could be one of the more volatile penny stocks to watch right now. Plan accordingly if you have it on your list right now.

Penny Stocks On Robinhood & WeBull: Safe-T Group

penny stocks to watch Safe-T Group Ltd. (SFET)

Safe-T Group (SFET Stock Report) has been one of the penny stocks that traditional day traders have kept on the watch list. The main reason being is that it hasn’t really established a long-term trend. But it has shown potential for individual days of momentum.

The last time SFET caught some stronger trading action, more than 30 million shares traded and the stock ran to highs of $1.94. Before that, SFET had a 10 million share day and saw a move to $2.37. Each of these times resulted in a pullback and sideways trading for extended time-frames. Needless to say, “float like a butterfly and trade like a trader,” one-day moves have been a highlight of SFET stock.

Will that be the case this time around? That’s up to you to decide. But shares of SFET stock are back on the move this week. It comes as the company released a new report. Safe-T Group released its Q1 2020 results. Among other things, the tech company reported a 155% jump in revenue. While it wasn’t an “Amazon-sized” figure, revenues totaled $1,088,000. The jump is considerable compared to the $427,000 in revenue from the same period last year. R&D expenses shrunk, sales & marketing expenses were slightly less, and SG&A was also lower. However, Safe-T reported a larger operating loss. Will this growth help propel SFET stock into June?

Penny Stocks On Robinhood & WeBull: ChinaNet Online Holdings

penny stocks robinhood ChinaNet Online (CNET Stock)

Another one of the more volatile penny stocks on Robinhood to watch has been ChinaNet Online Holdings (CNET Stock Report). Similar to Safe-T, CNET stock jumped after the company reported earnings. The China-based company focuses on online advertising and data analysis. ChinaNet reported a modest increase in full-year, 2019 revenues compared to 2018. The big standout was that its internet advertising and data service revenues jumped by more than 50% year over year to $14.8 million.

Gross profit increased by 127.4% to $5.5 million from $2.4 million in the full year of 2018. Furthermore, operating loss dropped by 88.4% to $1.7 million from $14.5 million in the full year of 2018. “In light of the Chinese government’s favorable policy towards the development of blockchain technology, we will continue to focus on developing and promoting our blockchain-based platform services and products in the second half of 2020 as planned. We anticipant that this will help us to not only cultivate more sources of recurring revenue, but also bolster our preparations for the expansion into the Southeast Asian market in the near future,” said Mr. Handong Cheng, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of ChinaNet.

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But this could also raise more questions. Ever since Luckin Coffee’s scandal came to light, China-based companies have received skepticism in many cases. That’s because Luckin and apparently other companies demonstrated inconsistencies in reporting accurate financial data. Whether this is or is not a real case, is beside the point. Today CNET stock is on the move and

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