The penny stock market is an enticing yet volatile landscape for investors seeking big rewards. While the chance to uncover the next hidden gem before it rockets higher is enticing. However, successfully maneuvering this high-risk arena requires savvy. This is where leveraging analyst sentiment can provide much-needed direction.

What is Analyst Sentiment?

Analyst sentiment refers to the collective opinions of market experts regarding a stock’s potential value and performance. It serves as a compass for investors navigating the choppy waters of penny stocks.

Analysts dedicate their careers to deeply analyzing companies, poring over financial statements, studying industry trends, and forecasting future trajectories. With their wealth of experience and array of tools, analysts can see through the hype to provide informed judgments on a stock’s true prospects.

The Benefits of Consulting Analyst Sentiment on Penny Stocks

Leaning on analyst sentiment offers several advantages when deciding which penny stocks to buy or sell. It can provide clarity with countless penny stocks to choose from. Analyst sentiment helps cut through the noise and narrows the focus to frontrunners with promising outlooks. It can also save valuable research time.

Since analysts synthesize complex data into an easy-to-digest forecast, their sentiment offers a quick snapshot of a stock’s potential, saving investors hours of research. Wall Street firms can also provide diverse views. Weighing the varied opinions of multiple analysts can provide a 360-degree view of a penny stock’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Risks of Overreliance on Analyst Sentiment

However, solely depending on analyst sentiment has its pitfalls. Some analysts have hidden agendas or vested interests that cloud their objectivity. By only using analyst opinions, investors miss out on personal research that could unveil red flags. Due to extreme volatility in the penny stock realm, positive sentiment offers no certainty of success.

Achieving Balance as a Penny Stock Investor

The key is pursuing balance. Treat analyst sentiment as one tool among many when evaluating penny stocks to watch. Combine it with rolling up your sleeves and doing your own digging into financials, market trends, industry news, and competitors. While penny stocks carry enhanced risk, taking a balanced approach increases the odds of making shrewd moves.

By leveraging analyst sentiment as part of a holistic strategy, penny stock investors can better navigate the turbulent waters in search of hidden breakout opportunities. This list of penny stocks continues the one from the article 4 Penny Stocks To Buy Now According To Analysts, Targets Up To 240%.

ChargePoint Holdings Inc (CHPT)

penny stocks to buy now ChargePoint CHPT stock chart

ChargePoint, a notable player in offering networked solutions for EV charging, is stepping forward to address fleet electrification challenges. Their strategic focus is on simplifying the management hurdles faced by fleet operators transitioning to electric mobility.

Toward the end of October, ChargePoint unveiled a new suite of software solutions. ChargePoint broadened its fleet management product line, targeting mixed fuel and all-electric fleets. The solutions aim to streamline operations and curb the total cost of ownership, thus smoothening the path towards electric mobility​. The long-term impact on stock may hinge on market reception and how effectively ChargePoint executes this expansion.

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Michael Hughes, Chief Revenue Officer at ChargePoint also stated that, “By bringing a wide scope of fleet management applications under one platform, we are helping fleet operators identify and realize significant savings to their total cost of ownership. This software gives them better control over and visibility into their fleet operations, as well as the ability to decrease operating expenses over the ownership cycle.”

What do analysts think about CHPT stock? Oppenheimer currently has an Overweight rating and a $13 price target. Based on Wednesday’s closing price, that CHPT stock forecast target is 418% higher.

Eyenovia (EYEN)

penny stocks to buy now Eyenovia EYEN stock chart

Eyenovia, Inc. is an ophthalmic technology firm. It focuses on microdose array print therapeutics, particularly the commercialization of Mydcombi for mydriasis. This week shares of EYEN stock continue trading higher after recent FDA-related headlines emerged.​

FDA approval was granted to Coastline International as a contract manufacturer for Mydcombi, with commercial production set to commence soon. The unique design of Mydcombi provides a safer, cost-effective solution for pupil dilation, addressing cross-contamination concerns.

CEO Michael Rowe explained further in today’s release, “We believe Mydcombi, because of its design, addresses this challenge and can provide significant cost savings to doctors and surgical centers. With FDA approval of Coastline, our manufacturing capabilities are in place, and we anticipate initiating Mydcombi commercial production imminently with the goal of having product available to ship in January of 2024.”

Analysts appear to have high hopes for the company. HC Wainwright, for instance, has a Buy rating on Eyenovia. It also set an EYEN stock forecast price target of $12, roughly 751% higher than its closing price on Wednesday. Earlier this week, William Blair initiated coverage on the company without a price target but an Outperform rating.

EGHT8x8 Inc. (EGHT)

penny stocks to buy now 8x8 Inc. EGHT stock chart

8×8, Inc. is a key player in providing integrated cloud contact centers and unified communications platforms. The company is gearing towards enhancing customer engagement through AI-powered solutions​. It also reported recent earnings results this week.

The latest update outlines the financial achievements of 8×8, Inc. in Q2 2024, with notable growth in AI solutions and stable financial metrics. It also highlights several product innovations, industry recognitions, and executive appointments aimed at promoting growth and operational efficiency.

In response to the results, CEO Samuel Wilson said, “8×8 is in the early stages of transforming our XCaaS communications and contact center platform into a complete AI-powered customer engagement platform and ecosystem. We are seeing early success with increasing customer adoption of multiple products in our portfolio and higher customer satisfaction.”

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As for analyst sentiment, Wall Street firms are jockeying this week. Needham analysts maintain a Buy rating on 8×8. Though lowered, its EGHT stock forecast price sits 118% higher than its previous close on Wednesday, at $5.

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