top biotech penny stocks to watch right now

Are These Biotech Penny Stocks On Your Watch List Right Now?

While the traders digest the latest news in the stock market today, penny stocks remain a focal point. These cheap stocks are some of the most exciting especially during times where volatility might be lacking in the broader markets. Where does this put you and your approach?

Are you more of an investor looking for buy and hold opportunities or do you want a quick flip? Even if you’re somewhere in between certain penny stocks can offer different opportunities. So keep that in mind. Not all penny stocks will be good to invest in and not all penny stocks are suited for quick trades.

With that, certain industries and sectors might also lend a hand to your style. Take biotechnology stocks, for instance. Some of the “blue chip stocks” in the space might offer a longer-term, investment opportunity due to their size and business scope. Meanwhile, other small cap stocks within the sector might be higher volatility opportunities.

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Will they only be good for day trading? As we’ve seen this year, not all penny stocks breakout and break down quickly. Some of the most actively traded, higher-priced biotech stocks like Novavax and even Pacific Biosciences were trading at penny stock levels earlier this year.

What’s a key to finding top penny stocks? Well, for short-term, strong technicals and momentum are a few staples. Longer-term, investors will look at different fundamental aspects. Whatever the case might be, the end goal is to profit from these stocks.

Top Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch For November

  1. GT Biopharma Inc. (GTBP Stock Report)
  2. Corbus Pharmaceuticals (CRBP Stock Report)
  3. Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO Stock Report)
  4. BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX Stock Report)
  5. Verastem Oncology Inc. (VSTM Stock Report)

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch #1: GT Biopharma Inc.

One of the frequent things that biotech companies will undertake when they have seen progress in their pipelines is attend industry conferences. Some of these conferences carry with them large groups of attendees, investors, and funds looking for novel treatment technologies. In the case of GT Biopharma Inc. its lead treatment, GTB-3550 has been a key point of focus for the last month or so.

It’s targeting the treatment of patients with acute myeloid leukemia and is currently in Phase I/II trials. The initial focus is on dosing and the efficacy & tolerability of the treatment. At the end of September, the company gave a Dose Level 3 Update on a patient completing a 25mcg/kg/day dose. It showed a decrease in AML blast levels from 18% to 12% in the bone marrow.

What To Watch With GTBP Stock

But this update is important for another reason and it has to do with what was announced on Thursday. Not only was an abstract on GTB-3550 chosen for presentation at a major upcoming industry conference, but early information was also released this month; The American Society of Hematology Annual meeting

Here’s what was revealed in the online ASH meeting program: Though no objective responses were seen at the initial low dose cohorts tested, these early data suggest proof of principle that the drug has immune activity in humans. Subsequent patients given higher dose levels will determine if NK cell proliferation translates into clinical efficacy.

Since this was in 4 patients – 2 dosed at 5mcg/kg/day and 2 at 10mcg/kg/day – it doesn’t seem to include the newer information released by the company on its Dose Level 3 at 25mcg. Currently 7 patients have been enrolled, two at 5 mcg/kg/day, two at 10 mcg/kg/day, two at 25 mcg/kg/day, and one at 50 mcg/kg/day. Considering that patient showed a favorable response, what could that mean for the road ahead for GTB-3550?

top biotech penny stocks to watch GT Biopharma Inc. (GTBP stock chart)

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch #2: Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.

Corbus Pharmaceuticals has been in recovery mode after taking a huge hit earlier this year. The penny stock was actually trading over $9 a share as of the beginning of September. Look at any chart and you’ll see what has transpired in a very short timeframe. This goes back to what I was discussing above with risk/reward. Even though CRBP stock wasn’t considered a penny stock, it reacted that way in light of some bad Phase 3 results.

I don’t need to give you a history lesson on CRBP but most recently, it’s been performing well as a penny stock. Since the start of November, shares have climbed as much as 66%. Thursday has clearly been the most active day of the month so far. Similar to GTBP, Corbus has gained some attention after announcing presentations at an upcoming healthcare conference.

What To Watch With CRBP Stock

Next Thursday, the company presents at the Jefferies London Healthcare Conference. Yuval Cohen , Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Corbus, will participate in a fireside chat. Despite the troubling results from September, the company remained upbeat on the potential of its treatment for systemic sclerosis.

“We are encouraged by the post-hoc analyses pointing to lenabasum’s therapeutic potential to reduce decline in lung function in people with systemic sclerosis who have been on longer-term immunosuppressant drug therapy. We believe these findings offer a rationale for additional clinical development of lenabasum, a non-immunosuppressive agent, that could address lung function decline in systemic sclerosis patients.”

Yuval Cohen, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Corbus.
top biotech penny stocks to watch Corbus Pharmaceuticals (CRBP stock chart)

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch #3: Northwest Biotherapeutics

Northwest Biotherapeutics is another one of the biotech penny stocks that’s had a rebound in November. After hitting new highs of $2.51 earlier in October, NWBO stock dipped heading into the start of November. Much of the build up for the company has stemmed from its treatment pipeline. Specifically, its Phase III trial of DCVax®-L for Gliobastoma.

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The most recent information provided showed that its database for the trial has been locked. What that means is statisticians will move forward with analyses of the raw data and prepare summaries of the Trial results for review by Northwest, the Principal Investigator, the Steering Committee of the Trial, the Scientific Advisory Board, and a panel of independent brain cancer experts.

What To Watch With NWBO Stock

The data will be analyzed with the statisticians in preparation for public announcements and scientific publications.

“We are excited to be so close to the finish line now, after such a long road” commented Linda Powers , the Company’s CEO. “We are hopeful that DCVax®-L can become an important new treatment option for patients who urgently need more and better treatments for Glioblastoma brain cancer.”

Will this be a “make or break” moment for Northwest? This could present a high risk scenario as well. Look what happened to CRBP with its Phase 3 results from September. In any case, it will be interesting to see what comes of these data as analysis is in process.

top biotech penny stocks to watch Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO stock chart)

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch #4: BioCryst Pharmaceuticals

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals is up around 16% month-to-date. The last week has been a rebound week for BCRX stock. This lead up to the Thursday session was capped off with news that the company will also present at the ASH conference in December. Specifically, BioCryst will present details of its BCX9930. This is the company’s treatment for paraxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. The poster presentation will be shown on December 6th.

Aside from this, BioCryst also has a few regulatory milestones to keep in mind. The FDA is reviewing a new drug application for its ORLADEYO. This is the company candidate for the treatment of Hereditary Angioedem.

What To Watch With BCRX Stock

The Administration set an action date of December 3, under the Prescription Drug User Fee Act – PDUFA. Furthermore, in Japan, ORLADEYO is being reviewed under Sakigake designation. The Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency has confirmed its regulatory review schedule and the company expects a decision on approval in December.

More near-term, BioCryst presents five abstracts and one Distinguished Industry Oral Abstract, including 48-week results from the APeX-2 trial and new data on quality of life and the treatment burden of injectable medication administration, at the upcoming Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology on November 13-15.

top biotech penny stocks to watch BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (BCRX stock chart)

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch #5: Verastem Oncology Inc.

Verastem Oncology Inc. is also up pretty big for the month. Since November 2, VSTM stock has climbed 27.5% so far. This came after an interesting but progressive third quarter according to Verastem.

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“The third quarter of 2020 was marked most notably by the sale of the COPIKTRA (duvelisib) franchise to Secura Bio in a deal valued at up to $311 million, plus royalties. This strategic transaction allows us to focus our resources and efforts on advancing the VS-6766 and defactinib combination program in KRAS mutant solid tumors and provides us with a cash runway until at least 2024,” said Brian Stuglik , Chief Executive Officer of Verastem Oncology.

What To Watch With VSTM Stock

“Looking ahead to the remainder of the year, we remain on track to commence two new company- sponsored, registration-directed Phase 2 clinical trials by year end, one in low-grade serous ovarian cancer (LGSOC) and one in KRAS mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).”

The company plans to commence a Phase 2 registration-directed trial investigating the VS-6766/defactinib combination in patients with recurrent LGSOC, as well as patients with KRAS-mutant NSCLC. VS-6766 is the company’s cancer tumor treatment candidate.

top biotech penny stocks to watch Verastem Inc. (VSTM stock chart)

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