3 Penny Stocks to Watch in January 2022 

With January moving as quickly as it started, there are plenty of penny stocks to watch. But, to understand how to make money with penny stocks, investors need to consider everything that is going on in the stock market. 

Right now, this includes the pandemic and specifically the Omicron variant. While case numbers are still increasing, many investors believe that they could begin to drop in the coming months. And until then, we do expect volatility to continue at a high rate. Because penny stocks are so speculative, it’s crucial to stay up to date with exactly what is happening in the stock market. 

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And, it’s also worth finding and narrowing down a strong trading strategy. This strategy should align with both the present state of the market and your own tolerance for risk. Because of the sizable movement in the market, understanding what your threshold for portfolio fluctuations is, will be a major asset. 

As always, the best trader is both the most informed and the one with the most concrete strategy. While some choose to hold long-term, most who invest in penny stocks tend to do so with the hopes of short-term gains. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at three penny stocks to add to your January watchlist. 

3 Penny Stocks to Watch in January 2022

  1. American Virtual Cloud Technologies (NASDAQ: AVCT
  2. Yamana Gold Inc. (NYSE: AUY
  3. New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU

American Virtual Cloud Technologies (NASDAQ: AVCT) 

Up by around 7% at midday are shares of AVCT stock. While this may seem impressive, in the past month, shares have climbed by over 95%, which is no small feat. This major gain is likely the reason that so many investors are paying attention to American Virtual Cloud right now. Today, the company made an exciting announcement during premarket trading. It stated that it has officially appointed Michael Tessler as the new Chairman of the Board. 

“We are honored to have Michael join our team as Chairman of AVCtechnologies. Michael is a titan of the industry, having devoted his career to bringing advanced communication systems to market.

His extensive experience leading a public cloud communications company where he completed more than 20 acquisitions will be an invaluable asset to our business, and I look forward to working with him on AVC Technologies’ growth strategy as a Board Director.” 

The Former Chairman of AVCT, Larry Mock

Adding new members to a board is an exciting prospect as it can help to develop a new direction for a company. And with the major gains that the company has witnessed recently, this is without a doubt, a positive update. Considering that, do you think that AVCT is worth adding to your list of penny stocks to buy?

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_American Virutal Cloud (AVCT Stock Chart)

Yamana Gold Inc. (NYSE: AUY) 

Another decent gainer of the day is AUY stock, which has seen steady movement over the last twelve months. While AUY’s performance is nothing to write home about, the company is quite popular among investors of all types. The most recent news from the mining stock came as it announced that its greenhouse gas abatement targets were consistent with its reports. While AUY is not necessarily an ESG penny stock, the company has been working to identify areas where it can be more environmentally friendly. This includes using hydroelectric power and other renewable forms of energy. 

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For some context, Yamana produces a wide range of precious metals through its various properties located around the world. This includes those in the Americas, Canada, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. The company is currently working to expand its reach as broadly as possible through both its existing mines and new opportunities. With its large land positions set internationally, AUY presents an interesting opportunity for investors of all types. Considering this, is AUY stock going to be on your penny stocks watchlist?


New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. (NYSE: EDU) 

EDU is a penny stock that we’ve been covering for quite some time due to its consistently trending nature. While its YTD performance is not stellar by any means, the company has seen several recent days with bullish momentum. 

If you’re not familiar, New Oriental is a provider of educational services in China. This includes test preparation, language training, education materials distribution, and much more. In the past few months, shares of EDU have taken a major hit following legislation from the Chinese government. This legislation effectively banned for-profit tutoring and caused a major bearish turn with all Chinese education stocks. Since then however, these companies have worked hard to find new business opportunities and ways to succeed despite this. 

In a business update put out a few months ago, the company stated that it is now turning its focus toward non-tutoring business prospects. This includes test prep courses, language training, and the production of educational materials. So, while this is something to consider, it’s also worth understanding what the long term with EDU stock could look like. So, whether EDU will be on your list or not is up to you. 


Which Penny Stocks Are You Watching Right Now?

If you’re making a list of the best penny stocks to buy now, there are hundreds of options to choose from. While there is a lot of movement with both penny stocks and blue chips, understanding how to benefit from that movement is the key. Right now, we have to consider the effects of the pandemic both on industry and the economy at large. And, it looks like case numbers could continue to rise into the next few weeks and beyond. 

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So, investors should expect volatility to stay at the same level as it is now, which is quite high. While this may seem to incite fear at first, volatility is often used as a method to make money with penny stocks. With the right trading strategy on hand, benefitting from movement in the stock market can be much easier than previously imagined. Considering this, which penny stocks are you watching right now?

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