Are There Any Good Penny Stocks To Buy With A Day Job?

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a day job, and penny stocks are probably one of the “scariest” things to think about when approaching the market. But they don’t have to be if you know a few things before deciding to participate. Sure, these sub-$5 equities are volatile, and yes, there is plenty of risks involved.

But for the well-initiated, it’s one of the quickest ways to make money in the stock market today. Quick disclaimer, not all penny stocks skyrocket, and even more end up failing. In this article, we’re looking at a handful of names that have seen steady gains throughout the fourth quarter so far.

Will that trend continue, and should you buy? I’ll leave that up to you. But after extensive breakouts from penny stocks we discussed earlier this quarter, like Progenity (NASDAQ:PROG) and InflaRx N.V. (NASDAQ:IFRX), the “long-term” trend in penny stocks has become a more significant focus.

How Do You Find Penny Stocks To Buy?

Besides throwing darts at a dartboard and hoping you land on a winner, there are ways to find the best penny stocks to add to your watch list. Due diligence and research are where the fun begins. Looking through news headlines, SEC filings, and even taking rumors into account are a few ways to find some ideas.

Other methods involve more technical trends and chart analysis. Sure, day-to-day price fluctuation is expected, and when you’re talking about penny stocks, the spread can be wide.

Hot Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $3 Today On Webull & Fidelity

However, consistent uptrends supported by fundamental developments can present an interesting situation. Based on this, our list of penny stocks considers the overall trend since the start of Q4 and whether or not someone could have theoretically fallen asleep on October 1 and wake up today to find a handsome gain.

Best Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]

  1. Liquidia Corporation (NASDAQ:LQDA)
  2. Endo International Inc. (NASDAQ:ENDP)
  3. New Gold (NYSE:NGD)
  4. ReTo Eco-Solutions (NASDAQ:RETO)
  5. The Real Brokerage (NASDAQ:REAX)

1. Liquidia Corporation (NASDAQ:LQDA)

Another one of the penny stocks we’ve discussed throughout the quarter is Liquidia Corporation. In fact, in the article, “5 Penny Stocks To Watch For November With Potential Biotech Catalysts,” we discussed this company in more detail as this month could be important. The FDA accepted a New Drug Application for its LIQ861 treatment earlier this year. This is Liquidia’s inhaled dry powder formulation of treprostinil in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension.

On November 7, the company had its Prescription Drug User Fee Act date, and to the excitement of investors, the FDA granted tentative approval for the treatment, now known as YUTREPIA. Now the focus is on pre-commercial launch activities in anticipation of an official rollout by the company.

Recent LQDA Stock News

Other than a price target increase to $6 by Wedbush analysts, Liquidia hasn’t released much more news. However, if LQDA stock is on your watch list right now, keep November 18th in mind. This was when the company participated in the Jefferies London Healthcare Conference.

How has Q4 been for Liquidia? If you fell asleep on October 1 when LQDA stock traded at $2.75, shares are up roughly 83% quarter-to-date and have even reached as high as $5.40.

penny stocks to buy full time job Liquidia Corporation LQDA stock chart

2. Endo International Inc. (NASDAQ:ENDP)

It’s no longer a penny stock; however, Endo Internation is another prime example of how not all penny stocks are “created” equally. Sure, you’ve got your one and 2-day movers that soar hundreds of percentage points. But that doesn’t mean other cheap stocks can perform the same over an extended timeframe. In this case, ENDP stock has experienced a stellar fourth quarter so far. Since October 1, shares have climbed from around $3.30 to highs this month of $7.07. That 100%+ move was also supported by more than just stock market momentum.

Recent ENDP Stock News

Since Endo specializes in many biotech segments via multiple operating arms. These include Endo Aesthetics, Par Pharmaceutical, Paladin Labs, and its Endo Pharma platform. Initial optimism came as fears were eased after the California State Court issued a tentative ruling in an opioid trial in October. A judge cleared four drugmakers, including Endo, of any liability in opioid addictions in the state.

Following solid earnings this month on the heels of Endo’s varenicline tablet launch, momentum has continued surging in ENDP stock. For reference, varenicline is Endo’s FDA-approved generic version of Chantix, a branded smoking cessation drug from Pfizer (NYSE:PFE).

This week we can see that Endo International continues reaching new milestones. The company inked a deal to expand its sterile fill-finish manufacturing in support of the US government’s national defense efforts in producing medicines ahead of pandemic prep efforts.

penny stocks to buy full time job Endo Internatinal ENDP stock chart

3. New Gold (NYSE:NGD)

We all know that inflation and rate hike discussions have spooked the stock market this year. But that hasn’t stopped it from reaching new all-time highs this quarter. Regardless of this as the case right now, many continue hedging their portfolios with “safe-haven” investments. The new age safe-havens entail more digital assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum; traditionalists remain focused on physical, hard assets like gold and silver. With this, many companies with exposure to precious metals and mining have come into focus. Not only that, but they have performed very well during the final quarter of 2021 so far.

Best Penny Stocks to Watch With Bullish Investor Interest Right Now

New Gold is among this list of penny stocks with a strong move thanks to gold. NGD stock has risen from $1.06 on October 1 to thighs this week of $1.81. Even though this is “only” a 75 cent move, it is worth about 70% as far as percentage increases go.

Recent NGD Stock News

Like most mining companies, New Gold doesn’t report many headlines like companies in the biotech or cryptocurrency industries might. However, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been several things to take away during the last few months. Between its Q3 operating results and a financial report last week, traders have fixated on the prospects of New Gold.

In particular, CEO Renaud Adams explained that the company remains “on track to deliver on our updated guidance, and we continue to make progress towards securing the Company’s future growth…Our liquidity position improved for a third consecutive quarter, and I continue to expect meaningful free cash flow generation from our operations in the near-term.”

With gold continuing to shine (no pun intended), it will be interesting to see if NGD stock remains a core focus for traders in Q4.

penny stocks to buy full time job New Gold NGD stock chart

4. ReTo Eco-Solutions (NASDAQ:RETO)

Other than precious metals and energy, infrastructure companies have also come into focus recently. Thanks to reopening efforts around the world, many traders have sought out ways to gain exposure. ReTo Eco-Solutions specializes in environmentally friendly construction materials and equipment used to produce these materials. Everything from soil restoration to waste treatment is in the company’s wheelhouse.

The most recent deal that the company discussed was an iron tailings project in China. ReTo will recycle reusable solid waste where the materials yielded are anticipated to be worth roughly $43.7 million in annual sales. According to the company’s CEO, Hengfang Li, in its first-half update, “the Company has also been preparing to register patents in printing large construction parts using solid waste and 3D printing technology, which laid the foundations for the development of our new technologies. We expect the Company to undertake a breakthrough in the second half of the year in sewage treatment equipment for villages and towns to assist in beautifying the villages of China.”

Thanks to these milestones and reopening optimism, RETO stock has experienced a strong move this quarter. On October 1, shares were trading around $0.75. Since then, the penny stock has managed to climb to highs of $2.83 this week, so far, roughly 277% since the beginning of Q4.

penny stocks to buy full time job ReTo Eco-Solutions RETO stock chart

5. The Real Brokerage (NASDAQ:REAX)

Technology has quickly made its way into myriad industries. Real estate is now one of these, and The Real Brokerage is a prime example. The company specializes in, you guessed it, brokerage services for agents and their clients.

Real operates in 38 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. The 38th state, Idaho, was brought online earlier this month. Real Principal Broker Desi Williams explained that “With Idaho as a fast growing market in the United States, we feel that Real has the technology, opportunities, and people to help support our business and our agents at Revista. We are excited to join Real to continue our growth.”

Recent REAX Stock News

Like many companies this month, Real Brokerage reported its latest round of earnings. It beat on both EPS and sales estimates. Some things of note include an 885% increase in revenue over the third quarter in 2020. Furthermore, gross profit jumped 348% compared to last year’s Q3 as well.

This growth seems to have been echoed by the REAX stock price this quarter. On October 1, shares traded around $1.85, and this week they’ve hit a high of $3.45. That means if you hit the snooze button after October 1, REAX stock is now worth about 86% more than it was at the start of Q4.

penny stocks to buy full time job The Real Brokerage REAX stock chart

Can You Make Money In The Stock Market With A Full Time Job?

Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and we’re looking at these penny stocks after a strong quarter already. Whether or not they continue higher is secondary because these are clear examples of how cheap stocks aren’t only about 1- or 2-day gains. These five at least have experienced significant moves, but it has been for almost two months.

So if you’re wondering if you can make money with penny stocks and work full-time, these are just a few examples of what the 4th quarter could’ve brought since October 1. Just a final thing to note, since many of these stocks have experienced such large moves, there’s always the risk of profit-taking or financings conducted by companies, which can lead to pullbacks. So keep this in mind if any of these penny stocks are on your list right now.

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