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 How Apple’s Event Could Affect Your Penny Stock Watchlist 

Apple events are always major catalysts for penny stocks and blue chips. While the unveiling of a shiny new iPhone may not seem like a big deal, it does have larger implications across everything from tech penny stocks to satellite communications companies and more. And for that reason, it’s worth taking a closer look at.  

What Do New iPhones Mean for Penny Stocks?

On Tuesday, September 14th, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) will hold its annual iPhone launch event. While some speculate that the event could have other product releases, the main consensus is that it will be around the iPhone 13. Right now, Apple has a lot riding on this event. With work from home increasing dramatically in the past year, revenue for the iPhone shot up by 50% year over year. 

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Alongside this, revenue for other products such as its Mac and iPad offerings, were up by around 16% and 12% respectively. With a holiday season around the corner, investors are hoping that this forward momentum can stay consistent into the near future. While the rumors surrounding what will be released today are only rumors until 1 PM EST when the event begins, there’s no doubt that investors and consumers alike are excited about it.

So, how does this play into finding penny stocks to buy? Well, there are some clear reasons and implications that this event could have for certain small caps. And with that, let’s take a deeper dive. 

What the Apple Event Means For Penny Stocks 

  1. Satellite Penny Stocks Are in Focus 
  2. Could Tech Penny Stocks Get a Boost?
  3. Other Penny Stocks That Could Benefit 

Satellite Penny Stocks Are in Focus 

One of the rumors surrounding the new iPhone is that it may carry satellite connectivity. This would be a big deal and a first for the world’s best-selling phone. In the past few weeks, Globalstar Inc. (NYSE: GSAT), has been dominated by these rumors, as it is a major supplier of mobile satellite communications products. While no concrete data was presented that Globalstar would be involved in anything Apple-related, investors have speculated that this could be the case. 

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Sattelite penny stocks to watch

Only a week ago, an FCC filing came to light stating that Apple was a customer of Globalstar. Although, this did not have to do with the iPhone, but rather a ‘CubeSat’ project for NASA. But, in the past few weeks, shares of GSAT have rocketed on the news with consistent 4-5% daily gains and an over 64% gain on August 30th. Despite shares of GSAT being down by around 3% at midday, shares are still up by over 59% in the past month. 

This is a perfect example of high speculation with penny stocks. And as a result, we see that news or even rumors can have a major effect on price. While shares of GSAT are in a shaky position right now as its recent gains are backed only by rumors, it is an exciting prospect to consider. And while we won’t know whether the iPhone will in fact have satellite communication features, this is something that investors should keep in mind. 


Could Tech Penny Stocks Get a Boost?

As with any big tech-related event, often we will see sympathetic movement among other tech stocks. This specifically relates to smaller companies such as the long list of penny stocks in the tech industry. One of the companies that many investors have been eyeing recently is Sonim Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SONM). In the past five days, shares of SONM stock have shot up by over 10%, and in the past month by over 35%. 

tech penny stocks to buy

Sonim is a producer of rugged mobility solutions for those who work in the field. This includes a range of industrial-grade products, accessories, data and workflow applications, and more. Again, while this may not seem to have any relation to Apple, and frankly it doesn’t, we do see momentum occur across industries when big announcements are made. For example, if investors are focused on tech stocks as it relates to Apple’s event today, often they will stumble across similar companies with potential. 

Another penny stock that investors have been watching is Cyren Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYRN). Shares of CYRN stock skyrocketed by over 26% during trading today, bringing its five-day gain to almost 40%. Cyren provides cloud-based internet security globally and has been doing so for more than 30 years. So, investors should keep a close eye on tech penny stocks today as Apple’s event could offer sympathy momentum to other, similar companies. 

Other Penny Stocks That Could Benefit 

If we think out of the box, we can often find penny stocks that may not seem to correlate on the surface. However, if we dig deeper, they can. One example of this could be SeaChange International Inc. (NASDAQ: SEAC). Today, shares of SEAC stock pushed up by around 6% at midday which brings it up to over 14% in gains in the past month. 

SEAC’s gain today most likely stems from its positive Q2 2022 financial results reported at EOD on September 13th. In the report, it posted an almost 30% increase in sequential revenue and a margin expansion of up to 63%. If you’re not familiar, SeaChange is a provider of video streaming services for everything from cable TV to advanced advertising technology. 

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It utilizes its direct-to-consumer method to allow content owners an easy way to advertise on their channels. And, SeaChange has a long history of providing video hardware, software, and more to its customers. So, while SEAC only has a small relation to Apple, the idea of sympathy momentum could continue to play in here. Whether or not SEAC stock is worth adding to your list of penny stocks is up to you. 

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_SeaChange International (SEAC Stock Chart)

Which Penny Stocks Are You Watching Ahead of Apple’s Event?

With Apple’s event beginning at 1 PM EST, many investors and consumers are on the edge of their seats. Events like these are always important as they could be industry-defining and could create momentum that is felt all around.

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For this reason, it’s important to adapt your penny stocks watchlist to see if there is any way to benefit. Considering all of this, which penny stocks are you watching ahead of Apple’s event?

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