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3 Penny Stocks to Watch That Gapped Up Today

There’s no doubting that investing in penny stocks and blue chips right now is difficult. With Covid cases surging and declining on an irregular basis, investors are unsure of what the future may look like. While there was a glimmer of hope only a month or two ago, the Delta variant seemed to curb the potential of a full reopening. 

As we moved into September, the market began to show signs of recovery. Many penny stocks were climbing, and the S&P 500 was nearing record highs. After a few days, that uncertainty began to set in once again, resulting in declines, high volatility, and an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty regarding the next few months. 

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So, while all of this may seem disheartening, it’s worth considering that penny stocks don’t tend to play by the rules. And as a result, even on days of overwhelming bearish sentiment in the broader market, we can see penny stocks climb in double percentage points. 

No matter what, it’s important to consider what is going on in the world both as it relates to Covid and outside of the pandemic. This will help to guide your investment strategy and make your list of penny stocks competitive in the near future. Considering all of this, let’s take a look at four penny stocks that made big gains today and why. 

4 Penny Stocks For Your Watchlist in September 

  1. Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI
  2. Endo International PLC (NASDAQ: ENDP
  3. Elite Education Group International Ltd. (NASDAQ: EEIQ
  4. China Online Education Group (NYSE: COE

Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI) 

Over the past week or so, we’ve covered CEI stock a handful of times. This is due to both its major gains during that period and its placement as one of the newest meme stocks. Today on September 10th, shares of CEI stock shot up by over 16% during morning trading, bringing its five-day gain up to 107% and its one-month gain up to 208%.

If you’re not familiar with what a meme stock is, it is a stock that rises dramatically due to social media sentiment. This results in a frenzy that can drive stocks up in the triple or even quadruple-digit percentage points in only a short time frame. Aside from this, we have to take a look at what Camber Energy does. Based in Texas, CEI is a natural gas and oil-focused company that provides energy solutions to a wide range of clients. 

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Only a few weeks ago, the company announced that it had entered into an exclusive IP agreement with ESG Clean Energy LSC regarding the letters heat and capture carbon dioxide methods. This is known as the ESG Clean Energy System. The license gives Camber Energy exclusive rights to all of Canada and non-exclusive rights for twenty-five locations in America. 

This system can generate clean electricity from internal combustion engines, with no loss of efficiency. With a major focus right now on clean energy, it’s no wonder that this deal has brought a lot of attention to CEI stock. Considering its high volatility right now, will CEI be on your penny stocks watchlist?

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Camber energy Inc. (CEI Stock Chart)

Endo International PLC (NASDAQ: ENDP) 

Another big gainer of the day so far is ENDP stock, pushing up by over 38% at midday. While many sizable gains like this go without news, ENDP made some exciting announcements early in the trading day. Before we get into the news, it’s worth taking a look at what Endo International does. Endo International is a pharmaceutical company working on the production of generic and branded pharmaceuticals in the U.S. It offers a wide range of these compounds and is a major global distributor. 

The spike in value for ENDP stock today stems from the result of a lawsuit that had been ongoing. Previously, the company had been under fire for claims that it had marketed and sold opioid prescriptions with a “failure to report suspicious orders.” However, today it was ruled that the company would not have to admit any wrongdoing, and “the settlement value should not be extrapolated to any other opioid-related cases or claims.” 

Endo agreed to pay $50 million to the state of New York to settle these claims, which has provided a sigh of relief for many investors. So while this is positive news without a doubt, today’s gain should be taken with a grain of salt. Whether this makes ENDP stock worth buying, however, is up to you. 

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Endo International (ENDP Stock Chart)

Elite Education Group International Ltd. (NASDAQ: EEIQ) 

Technically, EEIQ stock is no longer a penny stock after hitting intraday highs of over $6.60 per share. However, it was one this morning before its over 27% gain today. This marks yet another big gain for a Chinese education company following some more than disheartening regulatory news that came out a month or two ago. 

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Elite Education works by providing comprehensive solutions for Chinese students looking to study abroad in the U.S. It offers a full-service regional campus at Miami University of Ohio. In its most recent first-half fiscal 2021 year report, the company made some exciting announcements. 

“Our revenue decreased for the first half of fiscal 2021 primarily due to the global Covid-19 pandemic that negatively impacted businesses around the world in 2020. It also reflects the timing of our ability to recognize revenue as per GAAP accounting rules.” 

CEO and Chairman of Elite Education, Jianbo Zhang

During the first half of the year, the company brought in roughly $3.1 million and managed to substantially lower its net loss to $0.3 million. At the end of March, it stated that it held $9.3 million in cash, which is an increase of 26% over the previous quarter. While it’s unclear why EEIQ stock is shooting up in value today, those invested in it are not complaining. So, will EEIQ be on your penny stocks watchlist?

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Elite Education Group International (EEIQ Stock Chart)

China Online Education Group (NYSE: COE) 

Up 15% at midday are shares of COE stock. This brings its one-month gain to over 20% following the wider trend of recovering Chinese education stocks. Today’s gain is similar to that of EEIQ stock. But, it’s worth noting that China Online Education is arguably more of a pure-play Chinese education company. A few months ago, it released a statement regarding the regulatory changes in China, and how that may impact its business. 

In the statement, the company outlined how it will contend with these new rules and update its model as a result. For some context, the regulation involves new policies that affect tutoring companies. COE stated that “Opinion, related rules and regulations, and the compliance measures to be taken by the Company will have a material adverse impact on its results of operations and prospect.”

It’s worth noting that companies affected by this regulation have had an interesting few weeks of trading. While most saw a substantial amount of value wiped out only a couple of months ago, they have since been able to rebound slightly. So, if this volatility is something that you’re comfortable with, COE could be worth adding to your watchlist. 


Are These Penny Stocks Worth Watching in 2021?

Finding the best penny stocks to buy in 2021 can be challenging. With so many different factors impacting the stock market, keeping up with everything at once is almost impossible.

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But, if investors select a few events to consider, and view how those events may impact certain industries, making money with penny stocks can be much easier than previously anticipated. Considering this, are these penny stocks worth watching in 2021?

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