Looking for Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch? Here’s A Few For Your List 

With biotech penny stocks, it’s easy to find companies working on new treatments & medical advancements. However, finding one with both short and long-term value is where the challenge comes in. While two of the leading biotech ETFs have not climbed as much as the broader market this year, there are specific companies that could be worth watching.

Something that penny stock investors need to consider is the length of time they wish to hold a security. While some could be better in the short term, others have much greater long-term prospects. Both strategies are valid, but traders should understand which timeline they intend to use. Regardless, there is a lot of great and groundbreaking work done in the biotech industry right now. 

Given that Covid has led to heightened attention on the biotech industry, many companies have capitalized, taking advantage of the momentum. Now we have to consider a lot of uncertainty in the entire stock market right now. And this uncertainty has led to high volatility during the past few months.

Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch 

So if you can handle some volatile price action, there are plenty of biotech penny stocks to watch. With any investment, it’s important to pay attention to press releases and any information put out by a company. With biotech, this is especially important considering the volume of news and industry updates that come about. For your consideration, here are 4 penny stocks that have gained attention this week. 

GT Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: GTBP)

At this point, GT Biopharma is a former penny stock, but it hasn’t changed the fact that the company has made strong progress in its treatment pipeline. This week the company announced a big update related to its lead therapeutic candidate, GTB-3550. Presenting on this was Dr. Jeffrey S. Miller, M.D., GT Biopharma’s Consulting Chief Medical Officer.

He is also Deputy Director of the Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota. Miller presented updated interim Phase I/II clinical trial results on GTB-3550 TriKE™, being evaluated for treating high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes and refractory/relapsed acute myeloid leukemia. Specifically, details were revealed at the Innate Killer Summit 2021 last week.

Dr. Miller’s presentation highlighted the clinical power of immune engagement with Interleukin-15 (IL-15) containing TriKEs. The presentation demonstrated key findings on treatment with GTB-3550. These include ” up to 63.7% Reduction in Bone Marrow Blast Levels, restoring patient’s endogenous NK cell function, and 3 out of the last 5 patients treated (25mcg/kg/day to 100mcg/kg/day) responded to treatment,” among other things.

“TriKE’s ability to work in the patient without outside supplemental engineered NK cells or the need for any combination drugs, sets TriKE apart from other cancer therapies. This is also the reason why TriKE™ therapy will be significantly less expensive than other treatments, opening the door to an off-the-shelf therapeutic.”

Anthony Cataldo, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GT Biopharma

In light of this, GTBP stock has been on the list of higher volume penny stocks to watch this week.

best biotech penny stocks to watch right now GT Biopharma Inc. GTBP stock chart

MannKind Corp. (NASDAQ: MNKD) 

MannKind Corp. is a penny stock that we’ve talked about frequently in the past few months. If you’re unfamiliar, the company develops and commercializes inhaled therapeutics. These are to treat endocrine or orphan lung diseases. Its current lead product is known as Afrezza.

This is inhalable, rapid-acting insulin. It is also the only inhaled insulin product in the U.S. and is FDA approved. Afrezza is also sold in Brazil by MannKind’s partner, Biomm SA. Earlier in March, the company announced the issuance of an additional $30 million in convertible senior debt notes.

This brings the total net proceeds in combination with an earlier announced fundraising round to $222.9 million. MannKind states that this funding will go toward analyzing Afrezza’s effects on pediatric subjects in a new Phase 3 trial. Also, the funding will help in the development of other compounds in its pipeline.

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While some biotech companies focus on one unique niche, MannKind has chosen a huge market for its main product. According to the CDC, 10.5% or 34.2 million people in the U.S. have diabetes. To help capture this market, MannKind will make Afrezza available to a larger part of the population via the 2022 Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model.

This will allow those with Medicare to receive a 30-day supply of insulin at no more than $35. With over 3.3 million beneficiaries utilizing Medicare in the U.S., this could be a big deal moving and put MNKD on a list of penny stocks to watch right now.

Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch MannKind Corp MNKD Stock Chart

SINTX Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SINT) 

SINTX Technologies is another interesting biotech penny stock that could be worth watching. It is an OEM ceramics company working on commercializing silicon nitride for use in many applications. This includes both medical and non-medical needs.

On March 9th, SINTX announced a new fabric technology that could inactivate the coronavirus upon contact. The fabric utilities silicon nitride, which could be as effective as 99.9% after one minute of exposure. The company states that this fabric has many indications, including masks, surgical gowns, and other PPE applications.

CEO Sonny Bal, stated that “last year we announced that our R&D team bonded silicon nitride particles consistently and evenly into the fibers of a nonwoven fabric layer. We now have tests done at the University of Rochester, New York, which show that these fabrics containing silicon nitride had comparable efficacy against inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus upon contact as silicon nitride alone.”

Moving forward, the goal is to see if these fabrics can increase the effectiveness of current personal protective equipment. On the financial side, SINTX recently announced the filing of its 10-K for the 2020 year, ended on December 31st. It will host a business update conference call this week, which could also provide some insight into its outlook on the year. Whether this makes SINT a penny stock to watch is up to you. 

Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch SINTX Technologies Inc SINT Stock Chart

Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: TMBR) 

Timber has a classic model of developing and commercializing treatments for a wide range of ailments. These include treatments for rare and orphan dermatologic diseases. If we spend some time researching TMBR, we see many press releases in the past few months.

This is always a good sign as it is indicative of constant progress. Earlier in the month, Timber announced an extension of an agreement with AFT Pharmaceuticals regarding the compound TMB-002. A few years back, Timber entered into a licensing agreement with AFT regarding TMB-002 (Pascomer). The agreement states that Timber will receive a large portion of proceeds from any licensing deal that AFT enters into, outside of North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. 

So, when AFT granted an exclusive license to Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH, for TMB-002, in Europe, it became big news for Timber as well. John Koconis, CEO of Timber, stated that “we are pleased to announce this agreement for the European development of TMB-002, which we believe validates the potential for this proprietary topical formulation to overcome the limitations of oral therapy and will help thousands of people living with FAs due to TSC around the world.”

The company estimates that around 50,000 people in the U.S. suffer from TSC or Tuberculosis Sclerosis Complex. Combine this with the large clinically unmet needs of those with TSC, and we see a potential opportunity for TMBR. While this is just one of Timber’s pipeline treatments, it is a solid representation of its progress. Looking ahead at 2021, this could be a big year of results for the company. Both its TMB-001 and TMB-002are expecting topline readouts in Q3 and an End-of-Phase 2 meeting with the FDA in Q4. Keep this in mind if you’re putting TMBR on your list of penny stocks to watch in 2021.

Biotech Penny Stocks to Watch Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc TMBR Stock Chart

Finding Hot Penny Stocks To Buy In 2021

I know we’re only about a quarter of the way through the year, but there’s already a lot to follow. Covid remains a highlight of headlines and likely will for the time being. Though vaccines are being distributed, the virus hasn’t been completely eradicated yet. What’s more, this continues putting a spotlight on health, and with that, biotech could be a sector to follow closely.

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