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Should You Have Your Eyes On These Penny Stocks Heading Into 2021?

Small Cap penny stocks are on fire, once again this week. What has helped do this aside from optimism in the stock market today are big breakouts from companies like Curis Inc. (CRIS Stock Report). While it is no longer a penny stock right now, CRIS stock was one we discussed over the weekend as one of the biotech penny stocks to watch this week.

Specifically, we explained that the company was set to discuss progress from its CA-4948. The presentation also included data presented at the recent American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting. The data related were recently presented. Furthermore, in an update on Tuesday, Curis went on to highlight the encouraging results stemming from the trial.

It obviously pays to do research over the weekend but what does CRIS have to do with small cap stock momentum? As we’ve seen plenty of times this year, all it takes is one to break out big and then has acted as a catalyst for a cascade of other penny stocks to breakout. In the case of the CRIS stock price, it has climbed from around $1.40 on Monday to highs of nearly $8 during the morning session on Tuesday.

What Are Good Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now?

With this, we’ve seen a broader focus on certain segments of the market. Obviously, biotech is one, however, traders appear to now positioning for a Joe Biden Presidency. With just a little over a month away from Inauguration, we’ve noticed an uptick in things like energy penny stocks, certain types of tech, as well as electric vehicles and renewables.

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Is the trend your friend? Well, as we’ve seen there still seems to be a disagreement between the current administration and what some have certified as the incoming administration. As the market continues sifting through the fine print, traders are already beginning to speculatively place bets on the future prospects in light of a potential Biden Presidency. Will any of these be on your radar heading into the new year?

Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]: Gevo Inc.

Gevo Inc. (GEVO Stock Report) has been one of the top alternative energy penny stocks to watch this year. In fact, the first time we began to discuss it, GEVO stock was still trading around 50 cents. Obviously, since then, a lot has changed and that has much to do with the way the company has been executing on several key initiatives. If you remember some of the previous fuel cell penny stocks like FuelCell Energy (FCEL Stock Report) and even Plug Power (PLUG Stock Report), it was all about the project backlog for these companies.

While Gevo focuses on biofuels and renewable chemicals, it was its project backlog that traders are focusing on this year. If you look at what the CEO, Patrick R. Gruber said in the company’s last quarterly update, you’ll understand the scope of this.

“This past quarter marked a turning point for Gevo. We secured the blockbuster deal with Trafigura, a major energy player. This off-take agreement brought our total off-take tally to about 48MGPY, collectively representing about $1.5 billion of revenue across the life of the contracts”

Considering the fact that the Biden administration has placed a spotlight on renewable energy, stocks in this niche could gain more attention as 2021 nears.

penny stocks to buy biden presidency Gevo Inc. (GEVO stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]: Platinum Group Metals Ltd.

While Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PLG Stock Report) isn’t a tech company, per see. But it does have a strong connection to the emerging electric vehicle sector right now. As the name suggests, the company focuses on developing projects to extract platinum group metals. This includes things like palladium and platinum in addition to gold and rhodium. PLG just raised $12 million to advance its Waterberg Project in South Africa. What’s more, is that the company was also one of the founders of Lion Battery Technologies Inc. in partnership with Anglo American Platinum to support the use of palladium and platinum in lithium batteries.

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If you’ve been following the evolution of electric vehicle stocks this year, you already know how hot this space is. Many companies are popping up seemingly out of nowhere. They not only manufacture EVs but to also supply other items – the picks and shovels. Of course, raw materials are neither picks nor shovels, they are the lifeblood of things like lithium batteries.

It’s also worth mentioning that In October, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent No. 10,734,636 B2. Titled, “Battery Cathodes for Improved Stability” it was issued to Florida International University. Under a sponsored agreement, Lion holds exclusive rights to all technology being developed by FIU including patents granted. The patent includes the use of platinum group metals and carbon nanotubes among other things in a lithium battery.

penny stocks to buy biden presidency Platinum Group Metals (PLG stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]: United States Antimony Corporation

United States Antimony Corporation (UAMY Stock Report) is one of the companies we’ve gotten a few questions on here and there. There isn’t much detail on the company by looking at press releases. However, a deeper dive could offer clues as to the excitement behind the company. US Antimony produces and sells silver, gold, zeolite, and antimony. What’s antimony? It’s actually an alloy used in batteries. Some of its other uses are in compounds to make pains, enamels, and glass, among other things.

The obvious application for antimony in batteries could have companies like US Antimony in focus. But let’s take a look at the potential of zeolite. Earlier this year, before the confusion about Nikola and the hype behind Nio, CleanTechnica* put out information on GM. Specifically, Tim Grewe, head of General Motors’ (GM Stock Report) global electrification and battery systems, commented on the future of EV batteries. He explained that GM is already moving forward with zero-cobalt and zero-nickel cells. He said GM’s experimenting with electrolyte and zeolite additives “that will extend their service life even more.”

As traders sift through mounds of information on the next electric vehicle stocks to watch, are they missing opportunities with raw materials providers?

penny stocks to buy biden presidency US Antimony Corporation (UAMY stock chart)

End Note:

*https://cleantechnica. com/2020/05/23/gm-ev-batteries-will-last-for-1-million-miles-have-600-mile-range/

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