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3 Penny Stocks That Made Big Moves In Thursday’s After Market Session

Are you looking to buy penny stocks right now? If your answer was Yes then I’m sure you’ve seen how big, small-caps have become this week. There’s no doubt that money was made this week. There’s also no doubt that money was lost this week. What was the main difference? Risk management and understanding how to trade breakouts. Not all penny stocks will move like the SPIs and KODKs of the market. But when an opportunity presents itself, I’m sure you want to capitalize.

First thing’s first, don’t try to buy at the absolute bottom and sell at the absolute top. The chances of that happening are very low. But there are ways to consistently make money with penny stocks by trading in and out even during breakouts like SPI and KODK experienced. The old adage holds true: nobody ever went broke taking profit.

All that means is that even small gains are better than holding too long for a massive loss. This is one of the most important things to understand as a trader. Keeping your losses small and properly navigating volatility. Those who understand that are far better off when looking to buy penny stocks breaking out like these – Learn The Tiered Trading Strategy This Trader Used To Score Big On SPI, KODK, & More.

What’s also interesting about this week is all of the penny stocks making big moves during extended-hours trading. I’m talking about premarket hours and aftermarket hours. Fueled by news, filings, and more, many of these penny stocks have managed to turn heads. Here’s a list of penny stocks that did just that on Thursday. Will that continue into Friday’s session?

Top Afterhours Penny Stocks To Watch: Camber Energy Inc.

Camber Energy Inc. (CEI Stock Report) is one of the penny stocks catching some momentum on Thursday. Along with other energy penny stocks, Camber has pushed higher without any news or filings as a catalyst. As we discussed earlier today, small-cap energy stocks are among those garnering significant attention after SPI Energy’s and Sunworks’ epic moves this week. 

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Like Sunworks, Camber has been embroiled in a long-awaited merger. Earlier this month a preliminary joint proxy statement was filed. It related to the planned merger with Viking Energy Group. The two companies are now waiting on additional comments from the SEC. This merger is planned for Camber to issue new shares of the company to equity holders of Viking in exchange for 100% of Viking’s outstanding shares. 

The merger is a bit unique in that a newly formed subsidiary of Camber will merge with and into Viking via a reverse triangular merger. Viking will then become the surviving corporation and as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Camber, post-merger.

penny stocks to watch today Camber Energy Inc. (CEI stock chart)

Top Afterhours Penny Stocks To Watch: TAT Technologies Ltd.

TAT Technologies Ltd. (TATT Stock Report) could quite possibly be the epitome of what penny stocks have become this week. Just take a look at the chart below. Those vertical blue bars show volume. Do you see many of those blue bars? The answer to that is no. TATT stock is very lightly traded. The stock rarely sees more than 100,000 shares per day. However, the news that the company released today has caused a flurry of momentum afterhours on Thursday. Will that continue into Friday’s opening session? You be the judge.

TAT Technologies provides solutions and services to the aerospace and defense industries. The company focuses on several areas Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). These MRO services are for heat transfer and aviation components. The company also handles overhaul and coating of jet engine components.

This week, TAT likely made one of its biggest announcements to date. The company announced entry into a 10-year agreement with Honeywell International, Inc. TAT will support the global MRO activities for the GTCP331-200/250 auxiliary power unit (the “331 APU”).

Igal Zamir, CEO of TAT commented:“We are proud to be selected by Honeywell as the preferred long-term partner to provide global MRO services to Honeywell’s 331 APU. TAT’s subsidiary Piedmont is already a leading player in 331 APU MRO, providing services to some of the world’s largest fleets with a proven track record of quality and turn-around time. This agreement positions TAT as the premier MRO services provider to the relevant fleets globally and presents a major growth opportunity for TAT.”

penny stocks to watch today TAT Technologies Ltd. (TATT stock chart)

Top Afterhours Penny Stocks To Watch: CBAK Energy Technology Inc.

CBAK Energy Technology Inc. (CBAT Stock Report) is one we discussed earlier today. It was catching a strong move thanks to sector momentum. In fact, it was one of the premarket penny stocks to watch today as SUNW, POLA, SPI, etc. were all deriving momentum in the energy sector. CBAT saw a strong surge during the mid-day session, pulled back, and saw a modest close.

However, after the bell, CBAT stock raced higher. In fact, shares jumped as high as $3.34. Still, no news nor filings thus far. Needless to say, CBAT went flying afterhours. Whether or not that continues Friday is yet to be seen. What I will say is a lot of the sympathy trades that broke out early settled down a lot by the end of the session. Yet CBAT raced to fresh highs.

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Ten days ago, exactly, we began following CBAK. The company is a lithium-ion manufacturer and electric energy provider. So it might be continued momentum stemming more from the EV space than the energy sector as a whole. Again, we’ll have to see what the morning brings. Leave a comment with your thought below if CBAT is on your list of penny stocks to watch.

penny stocks to watch today CBAK Energy Technology Inc. (CBAT stock chart)

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