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Penny stocks aren’t for everyone. But that’s not because they aren’t worth it. What it does mean, however, is that new traders tend to treat these cheap stocks like lottery tickets. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t need to be an “all or nothing” event. There are plenty of ways to scale into trades and scale-out of trades. It all comes down to managing risk.

Some of the best traders focus less on how much they make and more on risk management. That’s because at the end of the day, avoiding or getting out of losing trades quicker is just as valuable as scoring a winning trade. So, when I say penny stocks aren’t for everyone, the biggest reason is based on the psychology of certain traders. Once you start figuring out that trading penny stocks is a skill you can learn and not just something “you’re good or not good at,” that’s when things get fun.

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So for my new friends just finding out about penny stocks, start with education first. Learn how to trade, how to manage risk, and how to take profit without questioning if it’s time to do so or not. At the end of the day, if you sell a profitable stock and it keeps going up, focus on the trend. If, in fact, that trend is strong, then there may be plenty of other chances to take advantage of the trend.

On the other hand, there are so many other penny stocks out there that you may just end up finding another trade altogether. Whatever that case may be, the focus here is having proper education and a strategy in place. Let’s take a look at a few trending penny stocks to watch right now. Are they on your list?

Penny Stocks To Watch #1: Revive Therapeutics

Revive Therapeutics (RVVTF Stock Report) (RVV) continues seeing above-average momentum this week. Over the last few months, we’ve followed along with developments of the company in its goal to capitalize on several key initiatives. Most recently, Revive has focused on its potential coronavirus treatment candidate.

In fact, on June 30, Revive announced it submitted an Investigational New Drug application to the U.S. FDA. This was for a Phase 3 confirmatory study for Bucillamine. The trial is to see Bucillamine as a potential treatment in COVID-19. Once the U.S. FDA allows the IND to go into effect, Revive said it will initiate a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of Bucillamine in patients with mild-moderate COVID-19 in Q3-2020.

The company said it will enroll up to 800 patients that will be randomized 1:1:1 to receive Bucillamine 100 mg three times a day, Bucillamine 200 mg TID or placebo TID for up to 14 days. The company has also previously met with Health Canada in a Pre-Clinical Trial Application meeting. Revive also said that it intends to follow up with the submission of the complete CTA package for Health Canada around its Phase 3 study as part of the same multinational clinical strategy. 

Considering the mounting attention on coronavirus vaccine stocks recently, it’s no wonder how Revive has gained more attention. Since the beginning of May, RVVTF stock has climbed as high as $0.50 and is up, period to date, more than 55%.

penny stocks to watch Revive Therapeutics (RVVTF stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Watch #2: Remark Holdings

Remark Holdings (MARK Stock Report) has been on the list of penny stocks to watch for months. We’ve seen big moves from this penny stock both up and down. Most recently it has found a home around $1.40. During the second half of this week, however, MARK stock may be in focus once again and it might have something to do with SouthWest Airlines.

Though there was no deal announced between the companies at all, the airline is the latest company to shed light on thermal image screening. Additionally, the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security have considered thermal cameras and temperature checks for airport passengers before they board airplanes, said acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf. We’ve seen sympathy and speculation on this topic impact MARK stock in the past. Furthermore, Remark has been making progress with its technology. Last month it achieved FFC approval for a contactless temperature scanner.

There’s no doubt that companies like Remark would be on the watch list right now due to the simple fact that I don’t think anyone wants another wave of COVID-19. Is Remark “the one”? That’s up to you to decide as there are plenty of other companies doing Thermal imaging right now. Needless to say, MARK stock is back on the move this week after a report citing more support from airlines like SouthWest to have some additional screening options.

penny stocks to watch Remark Holdings (MARK stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Watch #3: Liquid Media Group Ltd.

Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR Stock Report) is back on the move again on July 23. The company came out with some news on Wednesday. Liquid Media announced the engagement of two digital agencies, Invoke and Arkitek/Creative. According to the company, these firms have built their reputations serving the who’s who of the entertainment world.

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“Liquid is building the next destination for the creative community – from new and established festivals plus storied filmmakers to first-time content creators – and their audiences,” said Joshua Jackson, Chairman of Liquid Media. Aside from that, YVR hasn’t seen any new updates so far. But premarket volume was surging on Thursday. Before the opening bell, more than 7.5 million shares and reached highs of $3.09.

Considering the fact that YVR stock is one of the lower float penny stocks, keep in mind that things can get volatile, quickly. The highest share volume day this penny stock has seen in 2020 was on June 4th. That was when YVR traded a little over 4 million shares. With nearly double that already during premarket hours alone, what could be in store on July 23rd?

penny stocks to watch Liquid Media Group (YVR stock chart)

Penny Stocks To Watch #4: InspireMD Inc.

Shares of InspireMD Inc. (NSPR Stock Report) were trading higher on Thursday. This came after the company announced that it obtained registration from the Brazilian registration authority, Agéncia Nacional de Vigiláncia Sanitária (ANVISA), for its CGuard™ MicroNet®- covered stent, clearing it for sale and distribution in Brazil.

“As the largest market for medical devices in Latin America and one of the top overall global markets for carotid artery disease, the Brazilian registration clearance for CGuard™ is an important accomplishment for our company and represents a significant opportunity to serve an emerging healthcare system,” said Marvin Slosman, InspireMD’s CEO.

The company’s CGuard™ Embolic Prevention System is for the prevention of stroke caused by carotid artery disease. It’s been something that the company has worked on continuously. This latest milestone in Brazil for CGuard adds another proof point for InspireMD. While the penny stock’s price has steadily climbed since the middle of July, it is starting to approach a major technical level, its 50 Day Moving Average.

NSPR stock hasn’t managed to sustain prices above this level for more than a few weeks at most for the better part of the last few years. Shares have jumped above the 50DMA, sure, but overall it continues to act as a key resistance level on the chart. Will this finally be the turning point or is NSPR set to slide back once again?

penny stocks to watch InspireMD (NSPR stock chart)
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