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Will These Penny Stocks On Robinhood & WeBull Make New Highs In June?

Penny stocks have gained in popularity over the last 2 quarters. In fact, some reports suggest an uptick in the number of trading accounts being opened this year. Thanks to extended periods of time at home because of quarantine, people want to make extra money. So, with that, we’re seeing a rise of interests in certain penny stock trading applications. You’ve got the traditional route of TD Ameritrade, Etrade, Fidelity, and the like. But you’ve also got a more “mobile-first” focused roundup that includes apps like Robinhood and WeBull.

The benefits of using mobile versions include the ease of access. You won’t need a desktop or laptop to trade penny stocks on Robinhood and WeBull. Don’t get me wrong, the other brokerages have mobile applications. However, it’s been a focus for companies like Robinhood and WeBull to design a platform that is both user friendly and simple to use on the go.

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Trying to cram all sorts of charts and indicators into one 4 inch screen can be a bit cumbersome. So understand that a mobile app may not give you as many technical scanners as you might be used to. Needless to say, these apps are very good at doing the one thing everyone ends up doing to make money with penny stocks: placing trades.

Penny Stocks On Robinhood & WeBull To Watch Right Now

Something these apps also have are some unique features. Robinhood allows users to see how many accounts hold certain penny stocks. WeBull has its own community, which also contributes to its list of hot penny stocks to watch. Personally, I think the more information you have at your fingertips, the better.

Are penny stocks best traded on applications like this? That’s going to be up to your own experience and trading style. One thing we can say for sure is that interest in penny stocks has grown and now we’re seeing users on these platforms hunting for penny stocks to buy on the go. Are these on your list right now?

For our readers, Vislink Technologies Inc. (VISL Stock Report) is not a new ticker. In fact, VISL stock has been on the list of penny stocks to watch for a while now. Yesterday we issued an update on a few penny stocks and Vislink was one of them. Compared to where it was trading at when we first discussed the company, shares have rallied by several hundred percentage points. It hasn’t come without the company executing on a few things either.

If you’re not familiar with Vislink, the company, among other things offers satellite technology & communications products. As one of the other writers said today, SpaceX has brought some extra attention to aerospace technology penny stocks this week. An apparent Vislink satellite was in the camera shot on C-Span’s coverage of the SpaceX launch. But it doesn’t appear to have much to actually do with SpaceX itself. To us, it looks more like a simple broadcast satellite. View this video here and go to the period between 1:00:40 and 1:01:00 to see for yourself.

Why is VISL stock moving right now?

While there weren’t any headlines, the company has been vocal on other mediums. First, the company released a video urging its stockholders to vote on proposals outline in the filed proxy materials. Something important to consider is this statement from the company: “If you voted “NO” on Proposal 3, the reverse stock split, please consider changing your vote FOR the proposal.”

Thursday, a filing came out showing that Vislink sent out an FAQ about its June 17th shareholder meeting. Of interest may be the additional detail given on what a reverse split means for shareholders. The company also suggested that “Without a reverse split, Vislink’s stock is likely to be delisted.”

Given the fact that the $1 minimum is no longer an issue, will VISL still go through with the reverse? There are still 13 days left before the meeting so I suppose we’ll have to see what happens next. In this case, don’t forget to have a trading strategy in place considering the massive move VISL stock has made. If it continues higher, great but also don’t forget you’re here to make money with penny stocks too.

penny stocks on Robinhood WeBull Vislink Technologies (VISL stock chart)

Bionano Genomics (NASDAQ: BNGO)

Next on this list of penny stocks on Robinhood & WeBull, Bionano Genomics (BNGO Stock Report) has started to trend. There are just under 10,000 accounts holding shares of BNGO stock on Robinhood and WeBull’s community has started showing an additional discussion about the penny stock.

The last time we talked about Bionano was the end of May. This came after Bionano submitted its 14A announcing a shareholder meeting at the end of June. Similar to Vislink, among topics of discussion, Bionano wants shareholders to approve a reverse split. While the company’s meeting isn’t until June 30th, speculation has already begun to surface.

Nothing new has come from the company since last month. But we can see that a few key updates have triggered a little bit of interest in the company. Erik Holmlin, Ph.D., CEO of Bionano, participated on a panel entitled: “Testing and Susceptibility – Clearing the Air,” during the virtual conference “The Role of Cell Therapy & Clarity on Testing” on May 27th. However, beyond that, there haven’t been any new updates so far in June.

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So this begs the question, is there something else at play or is this just speculative trading ahead of the shareholder meeting? Good questions but fortunately or unfortunately, that is yet to be seen. What we do know, however is that BNGO stock has managed to rally as much as 114% since April 2nd’s 52-week low.

penny stocks on Robinhood WeBull Bionano Genomics (BNGO stock chart)

MFA Financial Inc. (NYSE: MFA)

One of the penny stocks that we’ve mentioned over the last few months was actually a beaten up real estate stock. MFA Financial Inc. (MFA Stock Report) hit lows of $0.32 in March but what’s the one thing we said at the time? We said that even though it was dropping like a rock, “We’re looking at this company right now; not at $8.” Ever since then, MFA stock has been on the rise. In fact, this week shares reached a high of $2.39 (so far). This is the second-highest “high” that shares have seen since plummeting in March.

As the real estate industry licks its wounds, companies like MFA are back in focus. The company specializes in residential mortgage assets on a leveraged basis. This means it looks for things like government-sponsored agency mortgage-backed securities. It also seeks out residential mortgage loans, and credit risk transfers that divert risk from residential mortgages securitized by government-sponsored enterprises.

Earlier this week the company released a new update for June. MFA said that it has entered into a third Forbearance Agreement with certain counterparties to its various repurchase agreement financing arrangements. It has also suspended second quarter dividends to preserve capital in order to hopefully make it out of the current conditions as unscathed as possible. In the 8K that was filed on June 3rd, the company confirmed the term of the Third Forbearance Agreement begins on June 1, 2020, and continues through 4:30 p.m. ET on June 26, 2020.

“During the period covered by the Third Forbearance Agreement, the Company intends to continue to explore other potential transactions to further reduce its obligations under its existing repurchase agreements, source financing that is generally more durable than existing funding alternatives and raise cash to bolster its liquidity.”

penny stocks on Robinhood WeBull MFA Financial (MFA stock chart)

Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG)

Finally, Plug Power (PLUG Stock Report) is raising eyebrows again. This penny stock has held a long-standing position on countless lists of penny stocks over the last year. At the time PLUG stock was trading around $2.45. We saw an epic rally to highs of over $6 by the first quarter of 2020 then a drop back to this same area, briefly in February. Since then PLUG has been back on the rise, now trading above $4.00 consistently.

If you’re unfamiliar the company focuses on fuel cells. As speculative trading could be a big proponent, some are looking to alternative energy as an option. “Using hydrogen as a carrier of green electricity to power electric trucks in long-haul operations is one important part of the puzzle, and a complement to battery electric vehicles and renewable fuels,” said Martin Lundstedt, the Volvo Group’s president and CEO earlier this year. Thanks to attention from companies like this, Plug Power and others are garnering some addition attention.

This week, Plug has once again started trending. First, the company will host its annual meeting on June 5th. But what might be more interesting is new analysts are starting to cover the penny stock. Barclays initiated coverage on Plug Power with an Overweight rating and announced a price target of $7 this week. Another note here, especially if you’re seeing PLUG stock for the first time, is the target that it set for the next half decade, last year.

The company has targeted EBIDTA of $200 million and revenues of $1 billion within the next five years. That being said, the question remains whether management is going to be successful or not. For now, the market appears excited as Plug has started testing levels outside of the upper levels of penny stock territory.

penny stocks on Robinhood WeBull Plug Power (PLUG stock chart)

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