best penny stocks on robinhood webull to buy right now

Are These Part Of Your List Of Penny Stocks on Robinhood?

If it seems like you’re hearing a lot about penny stocks lately, that’s probably because you are. I know we focus on these cheap stocks every day. But now I’m starting to see an advertising blitz on social media with people talking about penny stocks. Personally, I think it’s great. The more everyone knows about penny stocks, the better in my opinion. Too many people doubt low-priced stocks and simply write them off. While I can’t argue that some penny stocks have made a bad name for the lot, I wouldn’t let bad apples ruin the bunch.

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Which brings me to my next point. A whole new group of traders has started to find their way into the world of micro-cap stocks: millennials. Their preferred brokers of choice Robinhood and, lately, WeBull are a few of the most active brokers among younger generations.

The ease of use and “on the fly” trading options are a must for those always on the go. Of course, when it comes to penny stocks on Robinhood and WeBull, you should know that there are some restrictions. The main one: there’s no access to OTC penny stocks. Needless to say, there are plenty of NYSE and NASDAQ listed names to choose from.

So, if you’re looking for penny stocks on Robinhood or WeBull to watch this, it might not be a bad idea to look for volatility spikes. As we’ve come to know and love, volatility is what has created the big gains this year. With that in mind, here are a few names to take a closer look at this week.

Penny Stocks To Watch: AgEagle Aerial Systems

If you want to talk about volatile penny stocks, AgEagle Aerial Systems (UAVS Stock Report) fits the build to a T. If you’ve been a long-time reader of, you’ve had a chance to read about this company all the way back to last May. At the time, shares were trading around $0.31 and the company just dipped its toe into the hemp and CBD industry.

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Its HempOverView product was designed for growers. Anyway, that’s in the past. Fast-forward to this year and UAVS stock is moving all over the place. So this has definitely been one of the penny stocks on Robinhood and WeBull that are not for the timid.

After seeing its stock plummet following news of a funding round, UAVS started to creep back up once again. On Thursday, things went to a whole new level of momentum in aftermarket trading. Was there any news? Nope! But what do we always say? Look at the filings and you’ll see something fresh on May 14. The company filed its quarterly report showing a few highlights.

First, the company realized a 751% increase in quarterly revenue between Q1 of this year and Q1 of 2019. Revenues for this year came in at $391,280 compared to revenues of $45,993 in 2019. Net loss also dropped nearly 29% to $403,273 for Q1 2020. That’s compared to a net loss of $565,465 in 2019’s first quarter. Could this have been part of the catalyst behind the move on May 14? Read More on UAVS stock.

penny stocks on robinhood webull AgEagle Aerial (UAVS stock)

Penny Stocks To Watch: iBio

It’s funny to think that iBio (IBIO Stock Report) is trading above $1.20 considering where it was when we first started looking closely at the company. Back in December, IBIO stock traded around $0.20. Over the last few months, we’ve all watched as this biotech penny stock rallied as high as $3.40.

After settling down a bit, IBIO stock began to trend again, this time with coronavirus hype pushing momentum. May has been pretty quiet as far as announcements go. But at the end of April, iBio announced provided an update on its COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing capacity and announced that it has joined the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals.

“If our own proprietary SARS-CoV-2 Virus-Like Particle program, IBIO-200, results in an approved vaccine, we estimate that we could make about 500 million doses of high-quality product annually at our Texas facility, depending upon the potency we see in the clinic,” said Tom Isett, Co-Chairman & CEO of Bio. On top of this, the company recently raised about $1 million with Lincoln Park Capital Fund. That 8K was filed on May 14th and while money for the furtherance of operations is important, so is the price per share it was raised at.

Accordingly, iBio’s deal shows it raised the money at $1.09/share. Will this shake up the market or has this already been baked in? Whatever the case, it could be one of the penny stocks on Robinhood and WeBull to watch and see how the market digests the info. Read more on IBIO Stock.

penny stocks on robinhood webull iBio Inc. (IBIO stock)

Vislink Technologies (VISL Stock Report) continues to hold a spot on a list of penny stocks to watch this week. If you remember VISL stock from back in March, that’s right around the time it started to hop on people’s radars. Then shares have began really climbing steadily since the end of April. What’s been behind the hype? Basically, order flow has been a main point of focus. The company has utilized Twitter and its disclosure statements to bring more information to the public than traditional PR’s lately.

Even earlier this week, VISL stock was grabbing attention. In a company tweet, Vislink said “IT’S OFFICIAL! The Vislink AIRPRO 75KA IS EUTELSAT Broadband Services Approved. The AirPro 75Ka is a small, low-cost, single-button deployment IP satellite data terminal.” There was also a webinar follow-up to go over more specifics.

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Next week the company will host its shareholder meeting on May 22. This was the original meeting that was to have been held in April. But has since been rescheduled. Among the items to vote on, the company will look to vote “To approve an amendment to the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation, as amended (the “Certificate of Incorporation”), to effect a reverse stock split of all of the outstanding shares of the Company’s common stock”.

VISL annual meeting
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However, specifics of the type of reverse were left blank. In any case, VISL stock continued to be one of the penny stocks Robinhood & WeBull users alike are watching right now. Read more on VISL stock.

penny stocks on robinhood webull Vislink Technologies (VISL stock)

Penny Stocks To Watch: Bridgeline Digital

It’s almost like all we hear about lately are biotech penny stocks rallying. Well, to change it up a bit, Bridgeline Digital (BLIN Stock Report) has caught some attention this week. The company focuses on the technology needs of its clients. From websites to eCommerce and marketing, the company targets digital integration across tech platforms.

While this month has been relatively quiet, Bridgeline closed April with a bang. The company announced Ram Tool Construction Supply Company, selected Celebros Search by Bridgeline as its site search and conversion solution for their online store. Ram Tool is a national supplier of construction tools and building materials.

This saw the first spark of interest in BLIN stock. But aside from a few days of momentum, BLIN stock really didn’t trade aggressively. It’s also a likely reason why it hasn’t been one of the popular penny stocks on Robinhood & WeBull (until this week). So why is BLIN stock on the list right now? The company announced financial results for its fiscal second quarter ended March 31, 2020.

Total revenue increased 20% to $2.7 million and Subscription and perpetual licenses revenue increased 63% to $1.5 million. Gross Margin also increased to 57% for the quarter. All in all, Q2 basic net income per share blew its same quarter 2019 out of the water. This year saw a basic net income per share of $0.25 compared to a net loss of $41.52. With such strong earnings, how will the market translate these results this month? See more on BLIN stock.

penny stocks on robinhood webull Bridgeline Digital (BLIN stock)

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