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Rumors Suggest Penny Stock Remark Holdings Could Be The Top Choice For Wynn Las Vegas

If you’re looking for speculative penny stocks to watch right now, Remark Holdings (MARK Stock Report) may whet your appetite. If the company’s name sounds familiar, that’s because we first started watching it on April 28. At the time, shares were trading around $0.50 and the company just came off a feature on CBS. Its KanKan offers a suite of products that combine advanced computer vision, behavioral analysis and intention analysis models to address certain issues. One of these could be applied to COVID-19 detection when it comes time to “reopen America”.

What also helped put a spotlight on the technology was a popular penny stock that week, Creative Realities Inc. (CREX Stock Report). Shares of CREX Stock seemingly ran out of nowhere that week. The small-cap stock reached highs of over $4.30 and traded its highest share volume in recent history. There were no headlines and no filings. So was this just a “momentum move”?

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Its “Safe Space Solution” apparently has the technology to monitor things like temperature and works with facial recognition. The company’s system also employed Artificial Intelligence to connect multiple points of entry and can be customized for compliance requirements. While this wasn’t formally announced, traders and find this new info on the company’s site.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Remark Holdings

This is where Remark Holdings gained its initial popularity. Call it a “sympathy play” or attention thanks to the CBS spot. But no matter what you call it, there’s been an obvious catalyst at work for MARK stock. So fast-forward to May 6th and we see MARK stock price continuing the bullish trend that began on April 28th. Similar to CREX stock, Remark had zero news reported. But here’s why we always say to read between the lines and keep your eye on the pulse of the retail market.

Rumors began spreading late in the afternoon that casino operator Wynn (WYNN Stock Report) may have selected Remark for its thermal screeners and cameras at its properties. While recipient names were blacked out, one twitter account provided a screenshot of the apparent correspondence from Wynn Las Vegas.

Remark Holdings MARK stock Tweet Wynn Las Vegas

While the tweet didn’t seem to trigger any movement with WYNN stock, MARK stock price saw a huge jump to over $1 per share. By any stretch, the move readers have seen on the volume in the market has been strong. But the fact remains, there has been no follow-up from the company thus far.

A “Wynn” For MARK Stock?

The tweet read, “$MARK send it over $1 !!!! Response from Wynn this morning. I have the original. It is confirmed.” While this could be great news for both companies, neither have released information confirming that this email is real. Obviously something to keep in mind at this point. But a company tweet from way back in April not only highlighted Wynn Resorts but also the fact it would have thermal cameras:

Remark Wynn MARK stock

The article states that “Thermal cameras will be used at entrances, and the property will test those with a temperature over 100 degrees again in a private area, turning away those who still show high temperatures.” The company also praised @WynnLasVegas and @GovSisolak, Governor of Nevada for publishing a plan for reopening the strip including implementation of thermal cameras.

MARK stock price Wynn Las Vegas Tweet

Will this re-MARK and big WYNN for Remark Holdings? All puns aside, rumors can become active catalysts for penny stocks. What’s more is that confirmed rumors are even better. But as of 3PM EST neither Wynn Las Vegas nor Remark Holdings have confirmed nor denied this apparent “partnership” as cited in the email within the above tweet.

Will Thermal Imaging Stocks Be The Next “COVID Play”?

Vaccine stocks were a big focus earlier this year thanks to COVID-19. What will be the next speculative trend to watch for? Seeing as state governments including Nevada and the U.S. President want to “reopen America”, strategies need to be outlined. This not only pertains to how to safely social distance but also to identify threats well in advance at cites of high traffic like Casinos.

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In an April 30 press release, Kai-Shing Tao, CEO of Remark Holdings stated, “We are proud that customers such as casinos, entertainment venues, government agencies, hospitality organizations, industrial operations, law enforcement, and retail establishments have placed their trust in our AI-based thermal products to function as part of the solution for reopening the U.S. economy.”

” Our solutions provide touch-free access control and monitoring, as well as accurate temperature measurement and the ability to scan as many as 120 people per minute, a rate that is approximately 10 times faster than manual checks.”

Aside from these developments, other thermal imaging stocks are likely on the radar. But again, as great as this rally is, the Internet is a fickle beast. Believe it or not, sometimes things are “leaked” but in the end it comes down to confirming the validity of the claims. So what do you think about the Wynn Las Vegas and Remark Holdings email? Leave us a comment below.

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  1. I’ve held MARK since June 2019. As of today my cost basis is $0.60/share.
    I am taking the more conservative approach and waiting on any news from Wynn or MARK.
    Tweet “pushes” and rumors, for me, are not ways I choose to pick my investments.
    *IF* the rumor is true and *IF* all the venues MARK has mentioned come to fruition then this is far greater than at $1.08/share stock.

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