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These Penny Stocks Have Started Turning Heads; Are They On Your List?

Well, here we are again. Another volatile week is in its second half and the market volatility rages on. The latest coronavirus stimulus deal has taken over headlines with markets expecting it to help the economy. While this could be true, what does it mean for the long-term?

The stock market continues to ponder that question. Where will we be by the end of the year? It might be too soon to speculate but one thing’s certain. Right now we’ve got a healthy trader’s market.

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With the S&P and Dow flying up and down big percentages each day, the volatility has created an incredible opportunity for traders. This holds true for penny stocks as well.

Penny Stocks To Watch

Each day we go into battle to find the best penny stocks to buy. Searching for time-sensitive information like news, filings, and even rumors can set you apart from the retail market if you’re the first to find it.

We saw several times already this week how looking beyond the simple headline section of a company’s profile can help give an edge in the market. Even a few minutes ahead of the trend can mean big percentage gains especially when it comes to penny stocks.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to do your research. Buying in blindly can pose a big risk. Needless to say, everyone has or should have their own trading strategy. At the end of the day, they all lead to one goal: making money with penny stocks.

IMC International Mining

By now I hope you’ve become familiar with IMC International Mining (IMIMF)(IMCX). This isn’t just because its the first Company In Focus, but also because it’s on the verge of completing a major acquisition. Gold is hot right now especially considering the value of the dollar could be lessening. You’ve also got other factors like low rates and slowing global economies that typically support a bullish case for gold.

With IMC in particular, the company could be attractive to many based on several recent developments. Many of these were revealed on the company’s conference call this week. First, incoming Chairman and 40-year industry vet Greg Hawkins explained the acquisition of Thane Minerals and its Cathedral property would put IMC in a prime location.

Though it is undeveloped, Hawkins also stated that there are near term potential catalysts to look for including the high possibility of exploration beginning as soon as May of this year. Furthermore, he said that he plans on beginning drilling before the end of the year.

In an environment where gold prices have climbed for the last year, it might make sense to have an early-stage junior gold stock on your watch list right now. Whether or not it’s IMC International is up to you but we’ve got more on this in a Free Report as well.

penny stocks to watch IMC International Mining (IMCX)(IMIMF)

HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc. (HTGM) is a biopharma penny stock that could be on the radar later this week. The company’s proprietary HTG EdgeSeq technology automates complex, highly multiplexed molecular profiling from solid and liquid samples. What’s more, is that it has seen an increase in volume recently. Albeit that shares of the penny stock haven’t faired well up to this point of the year.

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However, late Wednesday afternoon the company released big news. HTG reported its full-year 2019 results. The included product-related services revenue of $14.6 million. Compared to the $9.1 million for 2018, HTG saw a noticeable 60% jump. However, the company did report a decrease in revenue to $19.2 million from $21.5 million in 2018. Despite that being the case, HTG was able to narrow its loss per share to (0.51) compared to an EPS loss of (0.60) in 2018.

“Growth in our direct revenue in 2019 reflects the consistent efforts of our team, which have resulted in increased adoption of our technology in our core BioPharma and Academic markets,” said John Lubniewski, President and CEO of HTG. Will these results help HTGM stock rebound this year?

penny stocks to watch HTG Molecularr Diagnostics (HTGM)

Capricor Therapeutics, Inc.

Capricor Therapeutics, Inc. (CAPR), on the other hand, has been on an epic run this month. Realistically, the last few days have been strong for the penny stock. We discussed this on the morning of March 24th and things have been on the move ever since. At the time CAPR stock traded around $1.30 and on March 25, it reached highs of $2.25. If you remember that article or just read it for the first time, what did we say?

I believe the exact statement was: “if CAPR is on your list of penny stocks, March 26 will be an important date to keep in mind.” But why is it an important date? On the 26th at noon eastern time, the company presents to key opinion leaders. The main topic of conversation involves COVID-19.

Specifically, Capricor will discuss its strategic plan to further develop the exosome platform technologies. This includes its potential application as a COVID-19 vaccine. Given the state of affairs right now, this could remain an important event to keep in mind. Considering the fact that CAPR stock moved up as much as it did on announcing this presentation, it might be a penny stock to watch. *UPDATED 3/26/2020* On March 26, the company filed an 8-K disclosure statement showing that 4 million warrants were executed at a deep discount to Wednesday’s close. While this article came out during off-market hours, it’s still important to keep events like this in mind considering dilution risk could be a factor.

penny stocks to watch Capricor Therapeutics Inc. (CAPR)

iBio, Inc.

iBio, Inc. (IBIO) started to perk up late in the session on March 25. Shares climbed to highs of $1.23 during the last 2 hours of the day. While there was no update from the company, trading momentum continued into the close with IBIO stock finishing at $1.12. The biotech stock had been sliding since announcing that it joined the Alliance for Biosecurity last week. However, its goal may have been accomplished by doing so. The Alliance said that iBio’s membership came at a pivotal time in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is an obvious need to rapidly develop vaccine and therapeutic candidates for clinical evaluation, effectively collaborate with regulatory agencies, and quickly scale up manufacturing and deployment of adequate quantities to meet the demand for medical countermeasures here in the United States and globally. The Alliance is committed to supporting iBio as it works to apply its FastPharming System™ to help answer that call.”

Alliance for Biosecurity Chair, Chris Frech

Following up to this was the latest from the company on March 26th. iBio announced immunization studies for its SARS-CoV-2 Virus-Like Particle program – IBIO-200 – are proceeding at Texas A&M University System laboratories. According to the release, iBio has produced several Virus-Like Particles as options for development. More importantly, the next step is completing preclinical immunizations studies and determine the best combination to advance to human clinical trials.

Two Harbors Investment Corp.

Earlier today one of our contributors discussed a broken down REIT, MFA and how it started breaking out. Well, Another one of these REITs that has begun making moves is Two Harbors Investment Corp (TWO). While it was never really a penny stock until now, the fact remains that this market sell-off has produced some interesting break downs.

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Two Harbors focuses on investing in, financing, and managing residential mortgage-backed securities. It also looks to invest in residential mortgage loans; mortgage servicing rights; and commercial real estate. In any case, the government stimulus has higher hopes for the beleaguered sector. Over-leveraging seems to be the root cause of the meltdown lately. But could that be turning around?

This afternoon, Two Harbors announced something that directly addressed this factor. The company announced that it sold substantially all of its portfolio of non-Agency securities, subject to customary settlement procedures. Thomas Siering, Two Harbors’ President, and Chief Executive Officer said, “The sale of substantially all of our non-Agencies demonstrates how we can actively respond to changing economic conditions to reduce risk in our portfolio.”

penny stocks to watch Two Harbors Investment Corp (TWO)

Pyxus International Inc.

Pyxus International Inc. (PYX) was one of the quasi-pot stocks of 2018. It had a nice run in early 2019 as well. But since then, the trend has been down. The company is primarily a leaf tobacco merchant serving the cigarette manufacturers. It also focused on cannabis, e-liquid and related products. But now it appears that the company is at a crossroads.

Why would I say this? Check out what the company announced after the close on March 25. Pyxus reported that its Board of Directors has initiated a process to evaluate a range of strategic alternatives available. “The Company believes now is an appropriate time to explore a broad range of strategic alternatives that may have the potential to unlock value for the future.”

This could be another speculative angle to take. We’ve seen a few times where companies explore “strategic alternatives” that end up coming through with a deal. Whether Pyxus does that or not, it could be a sign that the company’s making an attempt to rebuild value. It may be too early to start guessing one way or another. But this headline might be something that raises eyebrows for the time being. We’ll have to see what comes next.

penny stocks to watch Pyxus International, Inc. (PYX)

Disclaimer: Pursuant to an agreement between Midam Ventures LLC and IMC International Mining Corp. (CSE: IMCX) (IMIMF), Midam has been paid $200,000 for a period from January 7, 2020, to February 14, 2020. Midam has been paid an additional $200,000 and extended its period of coverage to March 14, 2020. Midam has been paid an additional $200,000 and extended its period of coverage to July 9, 2020. We may buy or sell additional shares of IMC International Mining Corp.(CSE: IMCX) (IMIMF) in the open market at any time, including before, during or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about IMC International Mining Corp. (CSE: IMCX) (IMIMF). Full disclaimer here.

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