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The MLB, NBA, NFL, and even the UFC have all had to succumb to the coronavirus in 2020. It’s actually become a huge problem and rendered entertainment companies like ESPN down to airing marble racing and cherry pit spitting to attract some kind of “fan” to the network. Sports betting is suffering, entertainment venues are losing money, and this raises the question: Who’s set up to actually make money in sports right now?

Long story short, Esports has actually seen a massive surge of interest and participation while traditional sports take a back seat. This trend doesn’t appear to have any breaks on it right now either. That could mean an ideal time to take things seriously even during these early stages of the new industry.

This Could Be Just The Beginning For Esports Stocks

For the better part of the past decade, we have witnessed a generational shift, where traditional sports are being displaced by this new phenomenon. With some clever re-branding and the advent of streaming platforms like Twitch, the term “e-sports” is quickly becoming a staple of the modern-day vocabulary.

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No matter how you feel about “these kids” getting paid to play videogames, the popularity and mainstream appeal of e-sports is spiking. Goldman Sachs expects Esports revenue to top $3 billion by 2022. Considering that figure was only $655 million in 2017, the bank expects 916% revenue growth over this period.

Now names like Ninja are just as recognizable as Lebron or Brady.  Professional Esports teams mirror the structure of traditional sports teams – coaches, dieticians, psychologists, sponsors, merchandise, marketing, etc. Esports tournaments have sold-out the most prestigious stadiums in the world – such as Madison Square Garden, Arthur Ashe Stadium, & Barclays Center.

What’s more, is that big money is pouring into this industry right now and new ETF’s are being created to try and get in early on the new phenomenon. Robert Kraft, Dan Gilbert, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Jordan, and even Ashton Kutcher are some of the high profile names placing bets on the future of Esports. Furthermore, one of the clearest representations of why Esports should be one of the main points of focus right now is the sector performance.

Fandom Sports


 If you look at the VanEck Videogame ETF, the price has climbed over 40% during the first 6 months of the year alone. That also takes into account the big March sell-off that the entire market saw.  When you talk about strong sectors, the ability to outperform the broader markets can’t be ignored.

It doesn’t appear that this is an anomaly either. That same ETF has nearly doubled over the last 18 months. COVID-19 has also given a shot of adrenaline this year as people are stuck at home. That has boiled down to a huge opportunity to take advantage of the potential market timing.

Fandom Sports (OTC: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) is positioning to take advantage of multiple facets of this emerging industry that’s already starting to outpace the broader market. The forward-facing brand is built with a focus on being an agnostic fan engagement platform for Super Fans globally. By providing localized content and “hyper-gamification,” Fandom Sports looks to become the go-to platform for Super Fans to connect and get rewarded.

The Solution That Aims To Change The Game – Literally

The core mobile product is a cloud based, multi-tenancy enabled blockchain architecture available on android and iOS platforms. From a content management perspective, the proprietary blockchain design, enables the sequential storing of metadata that can be used to further understand the behavior of players to continually improve upon the user experience. Consequently, the end goal is to attract users to become invested as “Players” to build their “Player Card,” while competing for rewards and prestige.

The Money Maker

Fandom’s revenue model is built around capturing multiple streams both from end-users and third-parties alike. The platform enables applications to be operated in partnership with leading

Esports themed brands, leagues, and service providers within two verticals – Esports and iGaming. We’re talking about the potential for multiple partnership-based revenue streams across advertising brand-sponsorships, curated content, and white label app options on Fandom’s blockchain sports entertainment platform.

Not only does the Fandom platform allow users to view Esports events, it also allows them to participate in discussion. That has given way to an opportunity to build in an iGaming asset that actually allows these same users to bet on the outcomes of certain events, teams, and even 1-off instances. “Will he shoot a 3-pointer or go in for the dunk?”

The Cutting Edge That Could Lead Toward A Sector Revolution

The gamification of “gamification” is where Fandom can leverage its blockchain and in-app currency to further monetize the Fandom userbase. Users will be able to earn Fancoins™ from viewing sponsored content, prerecorded ads and instream ads from global brand partners. Streaming platforms will also be able to white label Fandom’s proprietary micro-payments eco-system and iGaming revenue can be driven by proprietary database and user-interface for in-game wagering.

Fandom utilizes micro-payments with Blaze blockchain technology that offers high-speed and high industry adaptability. Using Blaze as a payment structure for Fandom it could open up new micro transaction-based revenue opportunities for the company.

What’s more is that through implementation of Geo-fenced local markets, Fandom aims to ensure compliance with all local regulations. According to the company, Fandom’s proprietary platform will be enabled to only players who are compliant with all Know Your Client guidelines. This coupled with on chain and automated with smart contracts by the Blaze Protocol and Cryptography secured network could truly set Fandom apart in the Esports industry.

The Team

Not only does Fandom boast a platform built to take immediate advantage of the cashgrab Esports is creating, it has also built a strong leadership team with decades of experience:

David Vinokurov
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vinokurov is an accomplished executive with more than 12 years of extensive business and corporate development experience from a variety of industries. Most recently, Mr. Vinokurov served in management consulting roles to a publicly traded social commerce company plus several fintech and blockchain-enabled payment companies. Mr. Vinokurov has directly contributed to the raising of tens of millions of dollars for start-up and small-cap companies.

Zhengquan (Philip) Chen
Chairman Of The Board

Mr. Chen is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Dynaco Capital Inc., a financial advisory firm based in Toronto and associated with numerous North American and Asian venture capital and private equity funds and multibillion-dollar Chinese conglomerates. He works on transactions between Chinese firms and North American companies. Mr. Chen has a current and strong focus in the gaming sector. He has established significant association and affiliation with a number of sports brands in Asia.

Yuanhua Fei
China Esports Advisor

Mr.Yuanhua Fei is the president and CEO of Gamefy, an Esports and Gaming company owned by Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group which is a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group. Gamefy is a leader in Esports in China. It’s nickname is the West Point of China’s Esports. G-League, the most popular Esports event created and owned by Gamefy attracts an audience of more than 100 million viewers in China every year.

Prior to Gamefy, Yuanhua was co-founder and VP at Shanghai Baizhilong IT company in Shanghai in 2015. Before that Yuanhua founded Shanghai Lejia Networks in 2011. He led a team that developed a series of games which were published by Tencent Games. Yuanhua worked as a director in charge of new products at Shanda Networks, one of the top 5 gaming companies in China from 2002 to 2004.

Christian Gravel
Chief Strategy Officer

Christian Gravel is a co-founder of Intellect Dynamics™. Christian is focused on delivering Intellect Dynamics™’ technology vision by developing profitable technology solutions and services with a focus on near real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, business process automation and decision support. Bridging the gap between technology and neuroscience, Christian is a frequent speaker at Big Data and Machine Learning events. He has worked collaboratively with the York University School of Continuing Studies to develop the Certificate in Machine Learning; an innovative new continuing education program designed to address an urgent talent shortage in the field of data science.

Stan Yazhemsky
Chief Technology Officer

Stan Yazhemsky is also a Co-Founder of Intellect Dynamics™. Stan is a hands-on problem-solver with a passion for Expert Systems, AI and technology; skilled in grasping the big picture, conceptualizing, developing and implementing AI driven solutions. Stan’s military and law enforcement background spanning over 15 years saw him serve in various roles such as Pilot, Flight Instructor, Intelligence Officer at Military and Law Enforcement and gives him a unique perspective on designing viable solutions and managing effective teams. Stan holds the degree of Master of Applied Science (MASc) in Control Systems Engineering.

Guy Ben-Dov
Esports Advisor

Guy is an interactive entertainment executive and a serial media entrepreneur. Guy is working with startups as well as innovation teams in Fortune 500 companies to create, build and launch games and platforms. Over the years he co-founded a leading game studio, Side-Kick games, working with leading brands such as Disney, Rovio and Lionsgate and In-game ad platform, DoubelFusion, working with Microsoft Xbox, Playstation and major game publishers.

Jonson Sun

Mr. Sun is Toronto based and is a well known figure on Bay Street. Jonson is the founder of GIC Merchant Bank Corp, which has diversified holdings across Canada, China, South Africa and UAE. He is the Co-Founder of Ilium Capital Corp, a financial holding company that oversees over a billion dollars in client assets through subsidiaries and affiliates and has raised C$200M for private companies through its institutional network. He is also a Co-founder of DanQ International Inc., a leading multi-family office platform in China, serving 30 top Chinese families with multi-billion dollar portfolios.

John Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong is recognized as a thought leader in the Esports space. His focus in recent years has been on Esport, as he has worked as a bridge to endemic and non-endemic brands for Esports organizations and companies to facilitate investment, sponsorship and general business synergies to monetize the all-ages Esports vertical. Mr. Armstrong has over 25 years of experience in the tech industry and 20 years in the mobile content/games, video games, Esports and gambling industries. Working with companies across sports and media he has collaborated on agreements with sports clubs including from the English Premier League to TV, Movie and Music Studios establishing expertise to define a state-of-the-art Esports betting vertical.

Wim Stocks

Wim Stocks is CEO of WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague, A Division of Cineplex. Wim has been a progressive leader in the online gaming and Esports businesses since 1990. From 2001 to 2006, Wim was Executive Vice President of the “new” Atari Inc. In 2006, Wim started an entrepreneurial online gaming publishing business named Elephant Entertainment, assuming the role of President and COO. In March 2008, the leading games publisher THQ purchased Elephant. In 2010, Wim was recruited to join the executive management team of Virgin Gaming (now WorldGaming) as Executive Vice President. In this role, Wim helped launch the company and platform in 2010, as well as developed strategic investor, technology, game publisher, retailer, and other brand partnerships. In April 2016, Wim was named CEO of WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague, which was acquired by Cineplex in the Fall of 2015, and is presently leading the Esports business, strategy, programming initiatives, sponsorship/ partnership sales, and investor relations for the Company.

Neil Duffy

Neil is the Chief Commercial Officer of WorldGaming Network & Collegiate StarLeague. WGN was a pioneering Esports tournament platform with over 3M global members, 11M matches played and $60M+ in prizes awarded. WorldGaming was acquired by Cineplex Entertainment (2015), prior to which Neil led the acquisition of Collegiate StarLeague on behalf of WGN.

Over the past five years, Neil and his team have grown Collegiate to become the world’s largest collegiate Esports league and tournament operator with participation by over 1800 university/college campuses across North America, 70,000+ student-gamers playing across 15 different games. Neil has been a leading sales and partnerships maker in Esports having worked with brands like TikTok, EA Sports, 2K, Riot Games, ESPN and Capcom.

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Fandom Sports Media Corp.
Corporate Presentation, Below

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Why Fandom Sports Media Corp.

  1. The Esports industry is potentially on the very of an epic expansionary phase with Goldman Sachs fully expecting industry revenues to rise over 900% from 2017 to 2022.
  2. COVID-19 has created a unique opportunity where awareness surrounding and the viewing of Esports is outpacing that of mainstream “traditional sports”
  3. Fandom Sports Media Corp.(OTC: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) is building a proprietary platform bringing users, gamers, advertisers, and more together in one place creating multiple revenue streams.
  4. Fandom Sports Media Corp.(OTC: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) has amassed some of the top names in the Esports industry that have proven track records of taking companies to the finish line to build uncapped valuations.
  5. Fandom Sports Media Corp.(OTC: FDMSF) (CSE: FDM) is still in the early stages of development. The public has an opportunity to see a company with such a breakthrough platform and leadership team from the beginning and not after it becomes a breakout brand.
esports penny stocks

End Notes:

Disclaimer: Pursuant to an agreement between Midam Ventures LLC and FANDOM SPORTS MEDIA CORP., Midam has been paid $100,000 for a period from June 5, 2020, to August 7, 2020. We may buy or sell additional shares of FANDOM SPORTS MEDIA CORP. in the open market at any time, including before, during, or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about FANDOM SPORTS MEDIA CORP.

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