Are you on the hunt for the best penny stocks to buy right now? If so, you’re part of a growing community of traders. The wild swing of the current stock market have ignited a renewed interest in risk-taking. It’s hardly surprising, then, that there’s a burgeoning fascination with budget-friendly stocks, particularly those trading for less than a dollar. The appeal of these genuine “penny” stocks is unmistakable — even slight price movements can lead to substantial percentage gains in an investor’s portfolio.

Exploring the World of Penny Stocks Under $1

Traditionally, the label ‘penny stocks’ has been applied to shares priced under $5. But recently, a swelling tide of investors has been drawn to the even more affordable end of this range, intrigued by stocks trading for less than a dollar. These authentic ‘penny stocks’ are accessible at a mere fraction of a dollar, embodying a true bargain for risk-hungry traders.

While the risk associated with these stocks is undeniably high, the lure is equally strong. They present an enticing prospect for those who are invigorated by market volatility and the prospect of considerable returns. To illustrate this point, a blue-chip company like Apple might see a $5 increase per share, yet this pales in comparison to the exponential gains possible with penny stocks trading under $1.

The Fine Balance: Navigating Cheap Penny Stocks Below $1

Investing in these stocks is akin to a thrilling yet perilous game of risk and reward. A minuscule price movement can send an investor’s returns soaring into double or even quadruple figures. But this volatility is a double-edged sword, as these stocks can fall as rapidly as they rise, leaving a trail of financial devastation in their wake.

In this update, we will dive into the most actively traded penny stocks priced below $1, spotlighting the driving forces that shape the contemporary, dynamic stock market. We’ll analyze the factors influencing their price changes and pinpoint potential market catalysts that might be on the radar for penny stock traders.

In an environment where every penny truly counts, this unique segment of the market offers an exhilarating, if somewhat treacherous, path to potential prosperity. If you have a taste for excitement and a willingness to embrace risk, the world of penny stocks to watch under $1 may be an investment frontier worth exploring.

Penny Stocks To Watch Under $1

  1. Genius Group Ltd. (NYSEAMERICAN: GNS)
  2. T2 Biosystems Inc. (NASDAQ: TTOO)
  3. Science 37 Holdings (NASDAQ: SNCE)

Genius Group Ltd. (GNS)

Shares of Genius Group have become more active in the stock market over the last few weeks with some of the highest daily volumes in recent months. The education technology company recently announced approval of its planned spinoff of Entrepreneur Resorts Limited (ERL), by the Singapore court.

The company also set the share distribution date of ERL “on or about” September 29, 2023. Shareholders will receive restricted shares in ERL, which could become eligible for removal of restrictions and traded on Upstream six months after the share distribution date if certain requirements are met.

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A little bit more background on the situation was found in a recent filing as well. ERL is currently listed as a public company on the main board of MERJ Exchange in the Seychelles. “Genius Group has now commenced the process to transfer ERL to the Upstream, a new non-US MERJ Exchange market. This process is anticipated to be completed within 30-45 days.”

Against this backdrop, GNS stock continues surging higher. The penny stock hit an early high of $0.785 on Wednesday as trading volumes remained high.

T2 Biosystems (TTOO)

penny stocks to watch right now T2 Biosystems TTOO stock

Shares of T2 continued higher from Tuesday’s session on Wednesday. The company has gained attention thanks to its portfolio of detection platforms for pathogens and specific genes. Its products include the T2Dx® Instrument, the T2Bacteria® Panel, the T2Candida® Panel, the T2Resistance® Panel, and the T2SARS-CoV-2™ Panel and are powered by the proprietary T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR®) technology.

Earlier this quarter, T2 received FDA breakthrough device designation for its candida auris diagnostic test. It’s the third T2 product to receive the title. The device is a direct-from-blood molecular diagnostic test to detect C. auris in 3-5 hours.

“We are pleased with the FDA’s decision to grant Breakthrough Device designation for our Candida auris test, which provides greater and more frequent access to the FDA and may accelerate our path to FDA clearance,” stated John Sperzel, Chairman and CEO of T2 Biosystems.

This month, not only did T2’s latest Q2 earnings per share results beat estimates, the company also announced that it is back in compliance with NASDAQ listing standards regarding its market value.

Science 37 Holdings (SNCE)

Trading action in Science 37 Holdings picked up in a big way on Wednesday. The company provides “Metasite” services for clinicians. It effectively offers universal trial access for patients to help accelerate clinical research. Patients can participate from their homes, at a provider’s location, or at traditional sites as needed. The Science 37 platform also makes compliance and data-gathering capabilities to be uniform.

Earlier this week the company reported its second-quarter earnings results, showcasing its recent performance. Science 37 reported revenue of $15.4 million, which beat the $12.56 million expected. Science 27 also anticipates $60 million in revenue for the full year. The company beat earnings per share estimates as well. It posted a loss of 7 cents per share compared to the $0.12 loss expected.

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“The actions we have taken over the past nine months are leading to meaningful improvements as evidenced by our sequential quarterly results including growth in gross bookings and gross profit margins along with a reduction in cash burn,” stated David Coman, Chief Executive Officer of Science 37. “We look forward to finishing the year strong and continuing to position the company for sustainable financial growth and shareholder value creation.”

SNCE stock reached highs of $0.458 during the morning session. This is a level it hasn’t tested since the first quarter of 2023.

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