If you’re looking for some of the most active penny stocks today, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to trends. I’m not talking about what’s going on in tech or the latest energy stocks to watch. I’m referring to more micro trends. Things like “short squeeze” stocks, insider trading stocks, and, as we will see today, low-float penny stocks. These tend to be more sentiment-based moves that can stem from sympathy sentiment in related stocks. The surge of interest in low-float stocks with businesses that have exposure to China’s financial market has taken flight recently.

What Is Float?

Before we dive right in, you might be new to this topic and wondering what the float is, in general. The basic idea is that a company’s float is the number of its outstanding shares that are available for the public to purchase. This won’t include things like restricted or unregistered stock and is less than or equal to the Shares Outstanding but never more significant than. It’s also worth noting that the share float is relatively fluid compared to the OS, so multiple financial data outlets will likely report varying figures for float data.

Low Float Penny Stocks To Watch

This article continues the list of penny stocks that began in our update 3 Low Float Penny Stocks To Watch Today. Coincidentally, one of the companies mentioned in that article is at the top of the list regarding hot penny stocks today.

Sentage Holdings Inc. (SNTG) saw a pop on Friday that took shares to highs of $2.40 before closing out the week at $1.97. However, the trend for these low floaters continued in the stock market today, where SNTG stock experienced an extreme level of follow-through, taking it above $9.60.

Against this backdrop, it’s also important to understand that sentiment-based moves can be increasingly volatile. Since most stocks like these move from speculation and not direct company catalysts, their market moves can come quickly. That goes for both upswings and downtrends. So if you’re looking for low-float penny stocks today, keep that in mind.

Chanson International Holding (CHSN)

New IPOs are also gaining attention. For the most part, many are already lower floats based on how many shares were registered at the time of the initial offering. Chanson International debuted at the end of March in an IPO that saw 3.39 million shares offered.

The company provides bakery, seasonal, and beverage products in chain stores in China and the US. It has 33 stores under its “George Chanson” brand in China and a few in New York. It also sells on digital and online food ordering platforms.

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No further details have come from the company since its IPO. But the attention on similar stocks, as we discussed above, may be playing a role. The CHSN stock float is showing below 5 million as of this article.

low float penny stocks to buy Chanson International CHSN stock chart

Wah Fu Education (WAFU)

Shares of Wah Fu Education soared on Monday amid the growing interest in low-float penny stocks to watch with exposure to the Chinese market. Wah Fu provided online education and exam prep services. However, unlike others on this list, it wasn’t solely speculation traders were paying attention to.

Wah Fu also announced a joint launch of a new platform. Along with Nanjing Agricultural University, the two will create a “comprehensive evaluation system of online education” for self-taught examinations. The two will work together to enhance the education for self-taught exams. Wah Fu takes the helm when it comes to developing the technical operations and maintenance of the online learning portal. It will also help Nanjing complete development for distance education and learning support.

Regarding the share float on WAFU stock, most outlets have shown it sitting below 5 million shares.

low float penny stocks to buy Wah Fu Education WAFU stock chart

Tantech Holdings Ltd (TANH)

A funding round in March added a bit of pressure to Tantech Holdings and its stock price. However, the size wasn’t as large as many of the upsized offerings many other penny stock companies have filed for in recent weeks. It accounted for an additional 1 million shares at $2.80 per share in the $2.8 million round. Accordingly, funds were designated for working capital and came when Tantech was fulfilling new orders for exporting its midibuses to Nigeria.

CEO Wangfeng Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Tantech, commented, “The demand for our midibuses will grow at a fast pace in countries like Nigeria, where population rise, income growth, and urban expansion have all contributed to an increase in the needs for affordable regional transportation. We have optimized our customized midibuses to generate better rider satisfaction and experiences for passengers and to achieve higher profitability for bus operators.”

While no further updates have come from the company, attention on low-float Chinese penny stocks has brought a bright spotlight this week. Shares of TANH stock jumped above $3 in early morning trading. As for the float itself, most outlets show a figure below 5 million with an Outstanding Share count of nearly 30 million.

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low float penny stocks to buy Tantech Holdings Ltd TANH stock chart

Marker Therapeutics Inc. (MRKR)

Marker is not one of the low-float penny stocks with a company based in China. However, it has been identified as one of the names that could at least meet this trend’s “low float” portion. According to most outlets, the MRKR stock float sits below 10 million shares. It’s also gaining attention after news of a non-dilutive agreement with CellReady this week.

The company reported that it engaged CellReady, a contract development and manufacturing organization, where it will buy certain cell manufacturing assets from Marker. According to Monday’s update, the deal will be for roughly $19 million in cash and helps cut Marker’s overhead by around $11 million annually. The company also appointed a new President and CEO.

low float penny stocks to buy Marker Therapeutics MRKR stock chart

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