Penny stocks are a popular topic among retail traders and investors lately. That’s because of their low cost and high volatility. You might think that could be a bad thing. But with a share price below $5, these stocks come with their own risks and opportunities. A small price change can mean significant gains (or losses). That makes it essential to understand the company and its current status before making a trade.

Thanks to the stock market sell-off in 2022, many well-known companies have found themselves among the ranks of penny stocks, making them even more attractive to traders. Plenty of household name stocks are trading at a fraction of where they were one year ago.

But penny stocks are more than just beaten-down stocks or companies falling on hard times. This niche also includes many start-ups and smaller organizations looking to build their market share. This article takes a closer look at some of the cheapest stocks trading in the market. I’m talking about ones trading for pennies on the dollar. A move of just 10 cents or less can significantly impact the share price of penny stocks.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting out, understanding what’s going on in the stock market today is crucial for making decisions. This article also continues our update from earlier this week, “7 Hot Penny Stocks Under $1 To Watch For February 2023,” and the complete list is provided at the end of today’s article.

penny stocks to buy under $1 this week

Penny Stocks Under $1 To Watch

VIQ Solutions (VQS)

Shares of VQS stock have been in recovery mode since last quarter. That was when the AI-driven tech company saw its stock price plummet after reporting earnings. Fast-forward a few months, and the VIQ Solutions stock price has climbed by more than 100%, with daily volumes increasing this month.

There could be a few things in play for VQS stock. As we know, ChatGPT and AI stocks are gaining plenty of speculative interest right now. The massive surge of attention on machine learning has prompted a breakout in plenty of companies with exposure to the space. VIQ provides digital voice and video capture technology and transcription services.

Late last month, the company boosted its AI workflows with a new automatic speech recognition platform to increase accuracy in multi-speaker environments. “Our clients see the value in our ability to implement our integrated solutions and service offerings to transform and analyze digital content and securely generate accurate, actionable information,” said Vahram Sukyas, Chief Technology Officer, VIQ Solutions.

This week VIQ expanded its global technology footprint and signed a multi-year contract with Transcription Hub, a transcription services company, to provide internal and commercial workflow solutions to transcription services organizations in India. The platform is designed to decrease turnaround time and yield higher transcription accuracy.

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Imperial Petroleum Inc. (IMPP)

With China reopening from COVID lockdowns (finally), energy stocks are coming back into focus. Gas prices are climbing thanks to a mild winter as well. Imperial Petroleum has experienced its share of energy industry speculation and momentum-fueled moves over the last year. In fact, at one point in 2022, share prices reached highs of over $9.

Solid earnings from its last quarter have begun coming back into the picture now, as earnings season is well underway. The third quarter saw Imperial report an Earnings Per Share of 8 cents compared to a loss of 3 cents from a year ago. The company also saw its sales explode. The company did just under $5.8 million in sales for the third quarter of 2021. The 2022 Q3 figures were more than 630% higher at $42.6 million.

CEO Harry Vafias also highlighted several key points of the third quarter’s performance. He said, “As a result of having acquired six vessels in the course of ten months, we generated net income of $15.5 million in a single quarter which is 15,400% higher than our profit in Q2 22’ and equivalent to 23% of our current market capitalization; We incurred moderate debt during the quarter, maintaining a healthy capital structure with $42.3 million of debt while preserving a free cash balance available for further fleet expansion of about $92 million. Given the strong market fundamentals and the promising charter rate environment and by taking advantage of our efficient management of our expanded fleet, we believe that we will achieve strong results and generate significant cash flow going forward.”

With a more bullish tone in energy, it will be interesting to see how the company’s next round of earnings compares.

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals (SPPI)

AI and “ChatGPT stocks” aren’t the only things getting attention in the stock market today. “Old standbys” like biotech penny stocks remain a hot topic. They usually become a source of speculative trading trends due to ongoing trials that can make more break certain companies. Spectrum Pharmaceuticals has performed well this year, having risen over 100% since the beginning of January.

The company develops targeted oncology treatment platforms. This week Spectrum announced receipt of a permanent J-code (J1449) for its ROLVEDON injection from the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. J-codes are reimbursement codes used by commercial insurers, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and other government payers, for certain drugs.

“A permanent J-code will enable a more efficient and predictable reimbursement in the outpatient setting. The combination of a permanent J-code on April 1, 2023, and ROLVEDON’S inclusion in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network® Supportive Care Guidelines (NCCN Guidelines) announced on December 6, 2022, are key elements in establishing brand awareness and building customer confidence in our novel product,” said CEO Tom Riga.

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Wearable Devices Ltd. (WLDS)

We discussed WLDS stock toward the end of 2022 and other low float penny stocks. Wearable Devices is developing non-invasive neural input interface technology via wearables, including wristbands. Wearers can control digital devices using things like subtle finger movement to do so.

Critical Information to Know About Trading Penny Stocks

This week the company announced that it received approval for a $900,000 grant budget for developing a manufacturing process of its AI-based neural interface, the Mudra Band. CEO Asher Dahan said the grant will help Wearable Devices “further establish certain advanced manufacturing capabilities in Israel to assure the highest quality, efficiency and reliability by reducing logistical barriers and maintaining a competitive advantage.”

This news has woken up the market for WLDS stock during the second half of the week.

List Of Penny Stocks To Watch

  1. VIQ Solutions (NASDAQ: VQS)
  2. Imperial Petroleum Inc. (NASDAQ: IMPP)
  3. Spectrum Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: SPPI)
  4. Wearable Devices Ltd. (NASDAQ: WLDS)
  5. IronNet Inc. (NYSE: IRNT)
  6. Virax Biolabs Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: VRAX)
  7. Grove Collaborative Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GROV)
  8. GeneDx Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: WGS)
  9. Boxlight Corp. (NASDAQ: BOXL)
  10. Troika Media (NASDAQ: TRKA)

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