Penny Stock News and Investing: Staying Informed To Make Better Decisions

Whether you’re trading penny stocks or high-priced names like Apple or Amazon, staying informed about the latest news and events helps. News provides valuable insights into market trends, economic conditions, and events. Of course, these can impact investment decisions based on how news becomes a bearish or bullish catalyst. As an investor, staying informed is key to making sound investment decisions. There are a few broad-based types of news to be on the lookout for:

Financial Results and Company-Specific News

Financial results and company-specific news provide investors with details about a company’s financial health and stability. This can help when it comes time to evaluate the worthiness of a company as an investment and predict the future movement of its stock price.

In addition to company news, investors should also stay informed about broader economic trends. Changes in government policies, interest rates, and tax laws can significantly impact the economy and, in turn, the markets. Awareness of these trends and events is crucial to making informed investment decisions. For example, Fed Chair Jerome Powell will speak on Tuesday.

His commentary tends to have an impact on market sentiment. Investors have reacted to his outlook at many events, including the latest January/February FOMC meeting. If you’re trading in the stock market today, make sure to know when Powell is speaking as well as other central bankers who take the podium throughout the week: Penny Stocks & What To Watch in the Stock Market This Week 2/6-2/10.

Natural Disasters and Major Events

Natural disasters and other major events can also have an impact on markets. For example, news of a natural disaster, like an earthquake or hurricane, can result in a drop in the value of stocks in related industries. Think insurance, construction, and tourism, for example. Keeping up with the latest news is essential to staying ahead in the world of investing.

Technological Advancements and Innovations

Innovation and technological advancements are also important news topics for investors. New tech can increase demand for stock in related industries, resulting in a rise in stock prices. Conversely, news of technological setbacks can lead to a decline in stock prices. Stay informed about the latest technological advancements to stay ahead in the world of investing.

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Most recently, ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm and companies are piling on. AI stocks are a hot topic now, thanks to the excitement stemming from the Chatbot app. Remember that the so-called “ChatGPT stocks” may be moving on speculation alone. So if you’re looking at a longer-term timeframe, fundamentals should also be considered.

hot penny stocks news

Penny Stocks To Watch

With some of the basics of stock market news out of the way, let’s look at a handful of penny stocks with headlines raising eyebrows this month.

Sidus Space Inc. (SIDU)

Shares of Sidus Space stock have slowly reclaimed some of what they’ve lost since the end of January. Sidus specializes in “Space-as-a-Service” and specifically commercial satellite design, manufacturing, and launch, among other things. It offers predictive analytics to customers as well. But as you can see on any stock chart, its share price is far from the moon.

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SIDU stock imploded thanks to news of a new financing round. Now that the dust has settled and the company has fresh cash in hand, the market is looking for the next move to be made. Plans are for the cash to be used for sales and marketing, operational costs, product development, and manufacturing expansion.

SIDU Stock News

This week Sidus presents at the Emerging Growth Conference. This kicks off a circuit of industry conferences through the middle of the year. Included in the list are GEO Week and SpaceCom later this month. SATELLITE 2023 and the International Space Convention next month. Sidus will also participate in the Space Symposium in April, followed by the Space Tech Expo and GEOINT Symposium in May. Space-Comm rounds out the first six months of conference presentations in June. If SIDU stock is on your list, keep these events in mind.

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SeqLL Inc. (SQL)

Lifesciences instrument and research company, SeqLL has seen its share price steadily rebound after hitting 52-week lows right before the New Year. It has been in the hot seat due to lower share prices, which have prompted warnings from the Nasdaq for continued listing. After getting a 180-day extension to meet the minimum, the market started reacting favorably to the stock. But this week’s news seems to have kicked things into overdrive, with SQL stock surging to over $1 during Tuesday’s premarket session.

SQL Stock News

This week SeqLL announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the FBI. The two will evaluate and determine the forensic capabilities of direct RNA sequencing using SeqLL’s True Dingle Molecule Sequencing platform.

We are delighted to be working with a motivated and knowledgeable partner, such as the FBI LD. We appreciate the opportunity this CRADA provides to methodically develop forensic applications utilizing SeqLL’s technology,” said Daniel Jones, SeqLL CEO and Founder.

Vaccinex Inc. (VCNX)

Biotech company Vaccinex seems to have finally grabbed some attention in the stock market this week. The move comes a month after it announced the first patient was dosed with its Aanti-CCR8 antibody, ActivMAb, which was licensed to Surface Oncology.

VCNX Stock News

While there weren’t any company headlines, new developments from other sources of information have prompted momentum in the stock market today. Vaccinex was granted a patent titled “Treatment of Cancer With A Semaphorin-4D Antibody In Combination With An Epigenetic Modulating Agent.”

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In basic terms, the Semaphorin-4D antibody would target the cancer cells, and the epigenetic modulating agent would modify the activity of genes in the cancer cells. Ideally, it would lead to the death of the cancer cells. Where this could come to some importance is with Vaccinex’s Pepinemab.

It’s a monoclonal antibody targeting SEMA4D and is Vaccinex’s most advanced clinical candidate. It is currently being studied in clinical trials for head and neck cancer, Huntington’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease. According to the company, Pepinemab also has future potential as a treatment for other cancers and neurodegenerative disorders like multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Rett Syndrome.

Kiora Pharmaceuticals (KPRX)

Another one of the biotechnology penny stocks with news this week is Kiora Pharmaceuticals. The company is developing products to treat ophthalmic diseases. Its KIO-301 treatment, for example, targets the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa. It’s also developing KIO-101 to treat the Ocular Presentation of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

KPRX Stock News

This week’s headlines focus on KIO-101 and a related Phase 2 study. Kiora received investigational new drug application approval for the study, which will enroll roughly 120 people. It’s expected to begin enrolling patients in Australia in the first half of this year.

Eric Daniels, M.D., Chief Development Officer of Kiora, explained, “KIO-101 is a topical, patient-friendly eye drop with a proven mechanism of action in autoimmune diseases. Proof-of-concept has been established in previous ocular inflammation clinical studies for KIO-101. This drug has the potential to finally close the wide gap of untreated, ocular disease in patients with common autoimmune diseases.”


AI stocks are hot right now. Whether you call them “ChatGPT stocks,” “AI stocks,” or something else, investors are looking for the evolution of tech using artificial intelligence. LIZHI specializes in audio-based social entertainment. The company has begun researching AI-generated content and language processing technologies, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This week, that R&D could have come in handy as investors are taking notice.

LIZI Stock News

LIZHI announced that it had made progress with its proprietary AI-powered voice technology. It’s being integrated into the company’s real-time communications audio and video streaming solution, DOREME.

Innovative Eyewear, Inc. (LUCY)

As the name suggests, Innovative Eyewear focuses (no pun intended) on smart eyewear. It has several brands, including Lucyd, Nautica, and Eddie Bauer, with products that include things like Bluetooth audio.

LUCY Stock News

This week the company announced the launch of its Lucyd Lyte 2.0 Audio Eyewear line. Commenting on the development, Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear, said, “We are in a very unique place in history where time-tested devices like the wristwatch and eyeglasses are being reimagined as onramps into our digital lives…we are singularly focused on this emerging category to make it useful and exciting for the average person.”

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. (INBS)

We discussed Intelligent Bio Solutions last month after it released big news. The company completed the review of results from “Milestone 7,” which it said was a phase of development that included testing time-to-result, sensitivity, and reproducibility. Results demonstrated a 4x improvement and allowed the biosensor to give test results in less than one minute.

INBS Stock News

This week INBS stock is back in focus after headlines. Intelligent Bio announced that UK food industry logistics provider Boughey Distribution selected the on-the-spot fingerprint test from Intelligent’s subsidiary, Intelligent Fingerprinting. It will support Boughey’s random drug screening program.

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