Penny stocks are a great way to make a quick buck if you know what you’re doing. While some new traders might treat these cheap stocks like lottery tickets, there are ways to consistently profit as long as you have a strategy. Knowing how to set proper entry and exit targets, learning how to use catalysts to your advantage, and taking emotion out of your trades can help.

In many cases, low-priced stocks have given novice and experienced traders and investors ways to leverage volatility in their favor. Companies in start-up phases and others falling on hard times have become prime candidates. Today, we look at a handful of names that are gaining momentum in the stock market on Thursday. Will they be on your list of penny stocks to watch before next week?

Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]

SymbolCompany Name
NUNU Holdings
SCORComscore Inc.
GEVOGevo Inc.
UECUranium Energy Corp.

Best Penny Stocks To Buy & How To Find Them

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I’ll also provide a few links at the end of this article that discuss some of the most requested information by new traders. Now, let’s check out today’s list of penny stocks.

NU Holdings (NYSE: NU)

best penny stocks to buy Nu Holdings NU stock chart

Warren Buffett doesn’t buy penny stocks…I’m sure you’ve heard that a few times in the past. While that may be up for debate, Buffett sure does own them. NU Holdings (NYSE: NU) is one of the names that started off trading above $5, but it fell below the threshold amid the stock market crash in 2022. According to the most recent quarterly filing for Berkshire Hathaway, the Oracle of Omaha has a 2.3% stake in the company. While NU stock only takes up about 0.1% of Berkshire’s total holdings, it resembles a few different things going against the typical investment strategy of the company.

Other than being a penny stock, NU Holdings focuses on digital banking, including exposure to cryptocurrency. Buffett has been a staunch opponent of things like Bitcoin, with his cohort, Charlie Munger, going as far as saying that BTC is ‘stupid and evil’ among other things. Nevertheless, NU remains a popular penny stock to watch especially when cryptocurrencies are moving.

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The company was also coming off of a solid first quarter and reported its strongest in history. NU reached nearly 60 million customers and reached quarterly revenues of $887 million. This growth has contributed to the bullish interest taken by retail traders.

Comscore Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR)

best penny stocks to buy Comscore Inc. SCOR stock chart

Media planning company, Comscore Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), is trying to make a rebound and has maintained an uptrend since early May. The company merges digital entertainment and viewership intelligence to use audience insights to help media buyers and sellers to make better decisions. Thanks to new earnings results, SCOR stock has turned heads lately.

“This was another solid quarter of year-over-year growth for Comscore. I am proud of the progress we are making across all our lines of business. As the measurement landscape evolves, Comscore remains focused on delivering superior products that drive the best outcomes for our clients. Throughout the quarter, we continued to sign new clients and renewed long-standing currency relationships with industry-leading companies. There continues to be a tremendous opportunity for Comscore as it positions itself as the leading cross-platform currency, which we expect will continue to drive revenue growth throughout 2022,” said Bill Livek, CEO and Executive Vice Chairman of Comscore.

SCOR stock is on the radar this week after insiders voiced a bullish tone. Take a look at the latest filings, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Director Paul Livek picked up 600,000 shares of SCOR stock at average prices ranging between $1.74 & $1.95 on May 31st and June 1st. This has echoed a bullish sentiment in the stock market today, and it will be interesting to see if it continues into the month.

Gevo Inc. (NASDAQ: GEVO)

best penny stocks to buy Gevo Inc. GEVO stock chart

Shares of GEVO stock have been on the radar for a few weeks now. It was one of the top 5 penny stocks to watch for June. One of the reasons traders have followed Gevo Inc. (NASDAQ: GEVO) is the surge of interest in energy penny stocks. Specifically, it’s a renewable energy company making headway in the alternative fuels industry.

Earlier this year, Gevo signed a contract with oneworld Alliance members who plan to purchase up to 200 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel per year for a five-year term. According to management, this is expected to bring up to $800 million in revenue. Gevo also signed a “take-or-pay” agreement with British Airways plc to supply 30 million gallons per year of sustainable aviation
fuel over a five-year term, during the first quarter.

In a May update, CEO Dr. Patrick R. Gruber, expanded on the bullish outlook he has for the company. Gruber said, “We are moving forward with our Net Zero 1 plans in Lake Preston, South Dakota and couldn’t be more pleased with the progress we have made. We look forward to beginning site preparations later this year and construction early next year. We believe we have a world class team in place to manage the development of this first of its kind, Net-Zero plant.”

With rising fuel costs, alternative sources have come into focus, and GEVO is one of the names on the list of penny stocks to watch.

Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSEAMERICAN: UEC)

best penny stocks to buy Uranium Energy Corp. UEC stock chart

This week another alternative energy company making headway is Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSEAMERICAN: UEC). With Russian sanctions bottlenecking the energy supply chain, some are turning to nuclear power as a means to hedge against this issue.

Uranium Energy is a uranium mining company. Its low-cost, environmentally friendly-focused operations are centered around platforms in South Texas and Wyoming. There’s also a pipeline of resource-stage uranium projects in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Paraguay. In addition, Uranium Energy has a portfolio of U.S. warehoused U3O8 and stakes in uranium royalty projects.

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One of the drivers of uranium stocks has been discussions on blocking Russian uranium imports. Like oil and gas, lower supply and higher demand have led to soaring prices. The uranium price per ounce is now over $55, sitting near record levels. In light of this, uranium penny stocks like UEC could be on the watch list.

Buying Penny Stocks

If you are brand new to trading penny stocks, welcome. While it might become intimidating at times, there are plenty of ways to make money in the stock market today. The first thing to understand is that risk comes with a potential reward, and penny stocks are some of the riskiest assets around. Here are a few articles to check out if you’re just getting started:

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