3 Penny Stocks to Watch After Today’s Fed Meeting 

Right now, those who invest in penny stocks and blue chips are carefully watching the Fed meeting to see what will occur in the next few weeks. Right now, the Fed is set to increase the benchmark interest rate for the first time in four years. This is due to the government working to reduce inflation as it has hit its highest levels since the 80s. 

In addition to potentially increasing interest rates during the meeting today, analysts believe that the Fed may offer a revised 2022 inflation plan. As far as penny stocks are concerned, this is a big update and one that should be taken into consideration. While the Fed meeting and rising interest rates will impact penny stocks, it will also have a larger impact on both the stock market as a whole and the U.S. economy moving forward.

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 Ahead of this decision, we’re seeing markets climb as investors are excited about this anticipated event. Gainers during the day so far include Canaan Inc. (NASDAQ: CAN) and Meten Holding Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: METX) to name a few. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at three penny stocks to add to your watchlist right now. 

3 Penny Stocks to Add to Your Watchlist After the Fed Meeting 

  1. American Rebel Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: AREB)
  2. Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN
  3. Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI

American Rebel Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: AREB) 

One of the bigger gainers of the day and a penny stock that we have covered many times before is AREB stock. By midday, shares of AREB stock had shot up by over 40% to more than $2.04 per share. 

This is a sizable increase and shows a bullish turnaround from previous performance for AREB stock. Now, it’s worth noting that in the last few weeks, we’ve seen solid momentum with AREB stock in both directions. As a big and volatile mover, many investors are paying attention to it right now. To understand why, we have to take a closer look at what the company does. 

The most recent news from American Rebel came on February 9th. On the 9th, it announced the closing of a $10.5 million public offering. This offering will allow the company to repay various debts as well as use it for general corporate purposes. That includes working capital, research and development, and the funding of growth strategies. 

While there isn’t a lot of other news concerning American Rebel, it is highly volatile, and therefore, continues to attract a great amount of attention. So, whether this makes it worth adding to your penny stocks watchlist or not, is up to you. 

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_American Rebel (AREB Stock Chart)

Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN)

If you’ve been watching penny stocks over the last few weeks, you’re likely familiar with MULN stock. During trading today, shares of MULN stock shot up by over 3.8% at midday, bringing its five day and one month gains to over 45% and 90% respectively. These major gains reflect both news from the company and the massive speculation surrounding it as well.

If you’re not familiar, Mullen is an electric vehicle company that has been extremely popular on Reddit over the past few weeks. While there isn’t a short squeeze or anything similar causing this gain, many retail investors have been buying shares of MULN. This has resulted in its average daily volume increasing from 1.8 million a few weeks ago to over 200 million. 

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Now, as we’ve stated many times before, investing in penny stocks because they’re on Reddit is a dangerous game that is not likely to work out in your favor. And although Mullen does have a lot in the works, it is one of the most speculative and volatile penny stocks in the market right now. So, if that is something you’re comfortable with, MULN stock could be worth adding to your list of penny stocks to buy. 

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Mullen Automotive (MULN Stock Chart)

Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI) 

Camber Energy is another very popular penny stock that has continued to make waves over the past few months. Up by over 2.4% at midday, CEI has climbed by almost 50% in value in the past month. Despite being down over 50% in the past six months, we have seen some major spikes (and drops) during that time. 

At around $0.79 per share, CEI stock is far away from its one year high of almost $4. Similarly to the other stocks on this list, CEI is a penny stock that has been discussed heavily on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter. This has been the case with Camber Energy since last year, and has driven major increases in its value. 

On top of this however, we have the recent bullishness on the energy industry due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. As a meme stock, Camber Energy is likely to continue moving both frequently and in large amounts. The most recent news from the company came a few days ago when it announced that it has redeemed 2,636 shares of its Series G Preferred Stock. 

“The purpose of closing the Series G Preferred Share transaction at the end of 2021 was to provide the organization with optionality. We viewed the deal as an insurance plan, and are pleased to be in a position to redeem the first tranche of shares.”

The President and CEO of Camber Energy, James Doris

With all of that in mind, do you think CEI stock is worth buying or not?

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Camber Energy Inc. (CEI Stock Chart)

Which Penny Stocks Are You Watching Right Now?

Are penny stocks worth investing in? This is a question that many people ask, especially in light of the volatile stock market. While there is no easy answer, there are some things to consider that can help you make a decision. 

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The first thing to keep in mind is that stocks are not always a good investment. In fact, they can be quite risky, especially when it comes to penny stocks. However, if you do your research and find a solid company with good stocks, then it can be worth investing in them. Considering all of this, which penny stocks are you watching right now?

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