3 Penny Stocks to Watch in March 2022

With another day of trading penny stocks and blue chips off to a highly volatile start, there is a lot for investors to know. And with a new month in front of us, many are hopeful that we could see bullish momentum with penny stocks and the stock market as a whole. 

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As you likely know, the main driver of price movement in the stock market right now is due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. And as this geopolitical tragedy continues to unfold, we are seeing more momentum in the stock market in both directions. So, with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at three penny stocks to add to your March watchlist. 

3 Penny Stocks to Add to Your March Watchlist 

  2. Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc. (NASDAQ: KAVL
  3. RA Medical Systems Inc. (NYSE: RMED


One of the biggest gainers of the day is IQ stock. By midday, shares of IQ stock had shot up by over 23% to more than $4.94 per share. At this price, it is just nearly in penny stocks territory. In the past year, shares of IQ stock have shot down by over 80%. So, the recent movement for IQ stock shows a sizable bullish turnaround for the company. 

While many large gains with penny stocks occur without news, today’s move for IQ comes with an exciting announcement from the company. Early on March 1st, IQIYI released its fourth quarter and full-year 2021 results. In the results, it posted $1.2 billion in revenue with an operating loss of $153 million. However, it did manage to lower its operating loss margin from 18% in the same period of 2020 to 13% in this latest period. For the year, the company brought in $4.8 billion in revenue which is a 3% increase over 2020. 

“We would like our shareholders to recognize that iQIYI is leading the opening of a new chapter in the Chinese long-form video industry.

Starting from the fourth quarter of 2021, we launched a series of initiatives to optimize our cost and improve our organizational alignment. The results have been very encouraging.”

The CEO, Founder, and Director of IQIYI

All of this is exciting for IQ stock, and shows just why the company is seeing its value climb right now. And as a provider of entertainment products, it appears as though IQIYI has a sizable runway to continue growing right now. With this in mind, will it be on your penny stocks watchlist or not?


Kaival Brands Innovations Group Inc. (NASDAQ: KAVL) 

Another sizable gainer of the day is KAVL stock. At midday, shares of KAVL had shot up by over 1%. While this may not seem like much, in the past month, KAVL stock has climbed by over 330%, which is no small feat whatsoever. In that time, we’ve covered Kaival Brands numerous times as a result of its sizable market popularity and bullish moves. But, if you’re not familiar, it’s worth taking a closer look at the company. 

Kaival Brands is a business that is focused on building out brands with innovative products. The company states that its goal is to develop these products into mature markets where it can build market share for the future. Right now, the main news concerning Kaival has to do with it being the exclusive global distributor of all products made by Bidi Vapor. 

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Bidi Vapor is a Florida based company that produces premium vaporizer products. Recently, Kaival announced that it had regained compliance with the NASDAQ minimum bid requirement of $1 for ten consecutive days. And shortly before this, the company reported its year end 2021 fiscal results. In the results, Kaival Brands brought in $58.8 million in revenue for the year.

“Fiscal year 2021 was a very challenging year, especially because of FDA’s marketing denial order, or MDO, for Bidi Vapor’s non-tobacco flavored BIDI® Stick ENDS, which caused irreparable harm to both Bidi Vapor and Kaival Brands. However, we were pleased that the court ultimately agreed to stay the MDO, and that we were able to make key strategic decisions.” 

CEO of Kaival Brands, Niraj Patel

It is clear that investors are very interested in KAVL stock right now. And, as the company continues to show potential in the vaporizer industry, it could be worth keeping an eye on. Considering that, will KAVL be on your list of penny stocks to buy this month?


RA Medical Systems Inc. (NYSE: RMED) 

With 19.6% in gains by midday, RMED is another penny stock that investors are watching right now. In the past five days, shares of RMED stock have shot up by a very respectable, 44%. This is a major increase and reflects a sizable bullish turnaround from the company’s previous performance. The most recent announcement from RMED came on February 28th. On the 28th, the company announced the filing of its 510(k) application for the DABRA catheter with braided over jacket and six-month shelf life. This is a big deal for the company as it is a product with a large number of use cases. 

“We are confident we’ve met our objective of designing a next-generation DABRA catheter that will allow physicians to better access difficult anatomy, which can be particularly challenging in the vasculature below the knee.

This 510(k) filing is a highly significant engineering and regulatory steppingstone toward our flagship commercial DABRA catheter, which will be a guidewire-compatible design.”

The CEO of RA Medical Systems, Will Mcguire

Moving forward, the company needs to work toward gaining approval of this device and commercializing it. While this is likely a long way away, in the meantime, RMED stock continues to look exciting. With that in mind, is it worth watching right now or not?

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_RA Medical Systems Inc. (RMED Stock Chart)

Which Penny Stocks Are You Watching?

As volatile trading for penny stocks and blue chips continues, making money with small caps is paramount. To do so, traders need to have a thorough and consistent trading strategy that can adapt to the changing conditions of the market. 

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In addition, understanding your own investing goals will be a major benefit to your portfolio. So, with all of this in mind, which penny stocks are you watching right now?

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