3 Penny Stocks to Watch in March 2022

With another month of trading penny stocks almost here, there is a lot for investors to consider. Now, understanding exactly what is going on in the stock market will always be the most crucial factor to making money with penny stocks. And as February comes to an end, there are a few things to keep in mind. For that reason, let’s break them down one by one. At the top of the list right now, we have a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

While this has only been in play with penny stocks in the past few weeks, it has begun to have a major effect on the stock market. And as February ends, we only expect this to continue resulting in major market volatility. Next on the list, we have the pandemic. While Covid has taken a backseat momentarily, it is still causing ups and downs in the stock market. Although the rise and subsequent fall of Omicron has helped to bring us more toward an endemic state, it is still around. 

Lastly, we have to consider the effects of the pandemic such as massive inflation, and more recently, rising interest rates. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, rising interest rates were the main topic of discussion in the stock market. So, keeping all of this in mind simultaneously is crucial to understanding how to trade penny stocks and whether or not profitability is possible. So, with all of this in mind, let’s take a look at three penny stocks to watch in March 2022. 

3 Penny Stocks For Your March 2022 Watchlist 

  1. Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI
  2. Ambev ADR (NYSE: ABEV
  3. Denison Mines Corp. (NYSE: DNN

Camber Energy Inc. (NYSE: CEI) 

Camber Energy is a penny stock that we have been covering substantially over the past few months. And on February 24th, we witnessed shares of the energy company shoot up by over 25%.

This was a substantial gain and shows both how bullish investors are on the energy industry and how volatile CEI stock is as a whole. But, in the past one month and six month periods, shares of CEI stock have shot up by over 18% and more than 80% respectively. For that reason, it’s worth taking a closer look at the company.

The most recent press release from Camber Energy came on February 17th. This is when it announced that its subsidiary, Viking Energy had been recognized as a leader in the energy sector. And more recently, the CEO of the company, James Dorris announced a company update for shareholders. In the update, Dorris stated that the subsidiary, Viking, has reduced its debt by over $100 million through the sale of divisions that were subjected to high-interest loans.

In addition, Camber Energy instituted a financing deal of preferred shares worth $100 million. All of this has helped to put CEI stock in a better position after filing from around $4 to where it currently sits at under $1 per share. Considering all of this, will CEI be on your list of penny stocks to watch or not?



Another penny stock that we have discussed frequently in the past six months or so is Ambev. Over the last month, we have begun to see a slight bullish turnaround for the Brazilian beverage manufacturer. And, this is in line with its fourth quarter 2021 financial results that were released only a few days ago.

The company announced in its latest Q4 results that its net income declined to 3.7 billion BRL or around $738 million. Despite this, its net revenue rose to 22 billion BRL from 18.6 billion BRL in the year prior. In addition to all of this, the company stated that the total cost of goods sold rose by almost 30% from the fourth quarter of the previous year. The main reason behind all of this is the effects of the pandemic.

And, the company states that it is still feeling the effects of Covid on its business. But, as one of the largest distributors of alcoholic products in South America, many investors are excited about the future of the company. For now, ABEV stock is quite volatile, and investors should consider these results wholly. With that in mind, will ABEV be on your penny stocks watchlist next month?


Denison Mines Corp. (NYSE: DNN) 

In the past few trading days, we’ve seen shares of DNN stock climb substantially. On February 24th, DNN stock shot up by over 6.4% to more than $1.33 per share. And in the past six months, DNN stock has shot up by over 20%. The most recent news from the company came on February 16th when it announced several intersections of high-grade uranium mineralization at its Phoenix Uranium deposit at its 95% owned Wheeler River project.

“The grade and thickness of mineralization in holes GWR-045 and GWR-049 significantly exceeded what was predicted by the Phoenix block model.

We believe these results will support an expansion of the volume of the high-grade mineralized domain in Phase 1 area of Zone A. The potential exists to identify additional perched mineralization along the northwest margin of the Deposit.”

The Director of Exploration at Denison Mines, Andy Yackulic

This is very exciting news and shows that Denison is working hard to continue expanding its uranium deposits. With all of that considered, do you think DNN stock is worth adding to your watchlist for next month or not?


Which Penny Stocks Are You Watching in March?

Finding the best penny stocks to buy in March 2022 is challenging. But, with the right information on hand, it can be much easier than previously imagined. Because there are so many options to choose from, creating a watchlist will be your best chance at profitability. 

In addition to this, investors should have a thorough understanding of both how to trade penny stocks and a trading strategy on hand. All of this will help to increase your chances of profiting and decrease your chances of doing the opposite. So, with all of that in mind, which penny stocks are you watching in March 2022?

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