3 Hot Penny Stocks to Watch as the Market Fluctuates 

With another disappointing day of trading for penny stocks and blue chips, how can investors find stocks to buy that are worth it? Well, the short answer is that it can be difficult. However, with the right research and a consistent understanding of how to trade penny stocks, making money with small caps can be much easier than previously imagined. 

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In Mid-February 2022, the largest impacting factor on all stocks is tensions between Russia and Ukraine. This geopolitical issue has continued to cause upsets in the market over the past few weeks. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at three penny stocks to add to your watchlist right now. 

3 Penny Stocks to Add to Your Watchlist Right Now 

  1. Maris Tech Ltd. (NASDAQ: MTEK
  2. RISE Education Cayman Ltd. (NASDAQ: REDU
  3. T2 Biosystems Inc. (NASDAQ: TTOO

Maris Tech Ltd. (NASDAQ: MTEK) 

One of the largest gainers of the day so far is MTEK stock. By midday, shares of MTEK had climbed by over 16% to more than $2.20 per share. This substantial gain follows a sizable amount of recent bullish momentum for the company. To understand why, we have to take a look at what the company does and any recent announcements it may have made. 

Big news for the company hit on February 17th, when it stated that it would begin co-developing video-based AI systems for both drones and autonomous vehicles. It stated that it entered into a letter of intent with a supplier of semiconductors in order to develop these cutting edge products. The new developments will use the company’s Jupiter Nano low latency video encoding and decoding platform. This will allow it to gather real-time intelligence and analyze the footage with high energy efficiency. 

If you’re not familiar, Maris Tech is a provider of intelligent video transmission tech to businesses around the world. Based in Israel, MTEK offers a large range of products in this niche for everything from defense and communication to manufacturers and more. Right now, there is a major emphasis on tech and cutting-edge technology specifically. As a result, companies like MTEK have seen heightened interest from investors. 

And today on February 18th, the company stated that its founder and CEO, Israel Bar, will be on the RedChip Money Report on Bloomberg T.V. at 7 P.M. EST. While this in itself is not a major deal for the company, it should bring in a sizable amount of attention to it. And with penny stocks, popularity, attention, and speculation often are responsible for price movements. So, with all of this in mind, do you think MTEK stock is worth adding to your list of penny stocks to watch or not?


RISE Education Cayman Ltd. (NASDAQ: REDU) 

Another major gainer of the day so far is REDU stock. At midday, shares of REDU had shot up by a very sizable, 24%. This is a large gain and one that reflects a large announcement that came from the company recently. It’s worth noting that in the past five days, shares of REDU stock have shot up by over 85%.

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On February 8th, RISE Education announced that it had entered into a definitive merger agreement with Data Auto Inc. (NaaS). Data Auto is a provider of innovative tech solutions to China’s EV charging market. In the agreement, NaaS is valued at roughly $587 million, and the pair expect to complete the transaction by the middle of 2022. 

“I am delighted that we have the opportunity to bring these two companies together. NaaS is a leading player in an interesting industry with strong management and a proven business model. I believe this combination will deliver significant shareholder value and long term growth opportunity to RISE investors” 

The CEO and Chairwoman of RISE, Lihong Wang

And, the CEO of NaaS, Cathy Wang, shares a similar sentiment. Wang states that the merger is a great opportunity for both companies and will complement one another substantially. Now, it’s important to consider that we won’t see the long term ramifications of this deal for quite some time. However, right now, it is exciting nonetheless. With that in mind, will REDU be on your penny stocks watchlist this month?


T2 Biosystems Inc. (NASDAQ: TTOO)

Last on the list of big gainers today is TTOO stock. At midday, shares of TTOO had climbed by over 10% to more than $0.45 per share. This gives it a five day gain of over 12%, which is quite substantial. The biggest news for TTOO stock right now is the announcement of its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2021. 

In the results, the company posted full year revenue growth of 55%. This brings in a total of $28.1 million with $16.6 million in product revenue, representing an increase of 43% over the previous year. During the year, the company also managed to grow its commercialization via exclusive distributor agreements in several countries around the world. This includes Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, and many more. 

“We made substantial progress across our three corporate priorities during 2021: accelerating our sales, enhancing our operations and advancing our pipeline. We are excited to continue this momentum in 2022 with plans to double our T2Dx Instruments and sepsis test revenue compared to 2021, improve our product gross margins, and complete the U.S. clinical trials for the T2Resistance and T2Biothreat panels.”

The CEO of T2 Biosystems, John Sperzel

This is all great news for the company, especially as biotech penny stocks continue to make waves across the stock market. So, with all of that considered, is TTOO stock worth buying or not?


Which Penny Stocks Are on Your February Watchlist?

In February, penny stocks and blue chips have remained highly volatile. While it can be complicated to find penny stocks that are worth buying right now, there are plenty that fit the bill.

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Knowing where to look and how to decide which could make you money, is crucial. So, as we continue to barrel into 2022, which penny stocks are on your watchlist right now?

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