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Are These Penny Stocks On Your December Watch List?

If you’re making a penny stocks watch list, you’re not alone. Right now, there are hundreds of penny stocks to choose from across a large variety of industries. As a result, finding the best penny stocks to buy has never been easier. But, in 2021, all traders need to consider plenty of factors before investing. This includes the pandemic, inflation, and the most recent variant of Covid, Omicron.

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 Because of these external factors, trading penny stocks is all about knowing what’s coming next. For this reason, staying up to date with the latest news and events is crucial to making money with penny stocks. With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at five penny stocks that should be on your list this month. 

Penny Stocks to Buy For Under $5

  1. Liquidia Corporation (NASDAQ: LQDA)
  2. Stran & Co. Inc. (NASDAQ: STRN)
  3. Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ: FAMI
  4. Denison Mines Corp. (NYSE: DNN
  5. Ardelyx Inc. (NASDAQ: ARDX)

Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid] 1. Liquidia Corporation (NASDAQ: LQDA)

Liquidia Corporation develops treatments for hypertension and uses its PRINT technology platform to do so. The company’s YUTREPIA, an inhaled powder for pulmonary arterial hypertension, was recently granted tentative approval by the FDA.

The company specializes in developing treatments for hypertension and utilizes its PRINT technology to advance its portfolio of candidates. Liquidia developed YUTREPIA, which is an inhaled powder user for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension. Now the next steps include pre-commercial launch activities.

Adding to the optimism surrounding Liquidia’s commercial launch were several insider buying within the last 30 days. These included Director Arthur Kirsch and General Council Russell Schundler. Collectively, they bought more than 130,000 shares at average prices ranging from $4.21 to $4.24.

While there haven’t been any new updates regarding Liquidia’s YUTREPIA pre-commercial activities, shares of LQDA stock started climbing late in the week last week. Considering the broader markets selling off, this contrary move in the stock market last week could be something to pay attention to heading into the start of the week ahead.

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best penny stocks to buy under $5 Liquidia Corporation LQDA stock chart

2. Stran & Co. Inc. (NASDAQ: STRN)

The recent IPO of Stran & Co has been something to watch for most of November. Following a model open on its market debut, STRN stock mounted a multi-day, 96% move to highs of over $6. As the market focused on Stran’s branding & marketing platform, it helped the penny stock gain attention during the final quarter of the year. Stran has a long-standing track record for providing many Fortune 500 companies marketing programs that include everything from loyalty & incentives to branded merchandise and sponsorships.

One of the interesting things to note is the company’s current share structure. Stran was able to raise sufficient money through its IPO. But, if you look at the STRN stock profile page, you’ll see something interesting. Its current outstanding share count sits below 20 million shares. If you’ve read some of our introductory articles, you know that the Float will never be more than the Outstanding, and therefore, STRN stock has gotten wrapped into the low float penny stock category.

This might also explain the days when it saw a bit more volatility than other companies in the marketing and branding category. Whether or not this plays a role heading into the rest of the month is to be seen. However, after its IPO hangover sell-off, STRN stock has bounced back stronger, with seven consecutive sessions closing higher than it opened.

best penny stocks to buy under $5 Stran & Co Inc. STRN stock chart

3. Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ: FAMI)

Farmmi Inc. is a penny stock that has seen heightened attention in the past few weeks. As a trending penny stock, Farmmi has continued to see high volume during that time. If you’re not familiar, FAMI is an agricultural company based in China. Farmmi is involved in the processing and selling of an extensive range of agricultural products. Currently, the company offers Mu Er mushrooms, shiitake, and various other edible fungi products. The company also exports these edible fungi products to Israel, Canada, and more. These products are sold to restaurants, specialty stores, cafeterias, and more.

On November 15th, the company signed a new product order. Its subsidiary Zhejiang Fammi Biotechnology Co. Ltd., won a product order from a customer in Vancouver, Canada, for its dried black fungus product. This is one of many product orders that the company has signed into in the past few months, which is exciting for investors to consider. 

“We continue to execute on our multi-pronged growth strategy, as we leverage our brand, premium agriculture product line, and global supply chain relationships. We have benefited from steady growth in 2021 and expect year over year growth compared to 2020, with 2022 even better based on customer demand indications.”

Ms. Yefang Zhang, the Chairwoman, and CEO of Farmmi

The company received an extension on its NASDAQ minimum bid price requirement in other recent news. Noting this current info, will FAMI be on your list of penny stocks to watch?


4. Denison Mines Corp. (NYSE: DNN)

Denison Mines Corp. is a penny stock that has shot up by over 110% in the past YTD period and more than 250% in the past twelve months. These are staggering gains that reflect both Denison as a company and the uranium mining industry. For some context, Denison is a mining company that pursues uranium developments. The development company owns a 95% stake in the Wheeler uranium project, located in northern Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin. It’s worth noting that we’ve discussed Denison many times in the past year due to its trending nature. 

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On December 2nd, the company announced the adoption of an Indigenous Peoples Policy or IPP. This was approved by the Board of Directors and reflects the company’s recognition of the important role of Canadian business while reconciling with Indigenous peoples in the country. Additionally, this is in line with Denison’s commitment to take action towards advancing reconciliation. This is important to the company as it operates in various locations in Canada that are in the traditional territory of Indigenous peoples.

“I believe Industry has an important role to play in acknowledging, and building awareness of, the history of Indigenous people in Canada and the critical importance of pursuing the objectives of reconciliation. As such, the adoption of an Indigenous Peoples Policy is a notable step in our Company’s journey to bring reconciliation to the forefront of what we do and how we do it.”

The President and CEO of Denison, David Cates

Noting its recent advancements, will DNN stock make your penny stocks watchlist?


5. Ardelyx Inc. (NASDAQ: ARDX)

Ardelyx Inc. is a biotech penny stock that has made substantial gains in the past few trading days. Over the last five, shares of ARDX stock have shot up by a tremendous 60%. Ardelyx is a company that creates treatments for kidney and cardiorenal diseases. The company is involved in the development and sale of these medicines. Its lead candidate is tenapanor, which completed Phase 3 clinical trials to treat patients with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation. Ardelyx also develops RDX013, which is in Phase 2 clinical trial to treat hyperkalemia patients.

On November 30th, the company announced its plans to launch IBSRELA. IBSRELA is Ardelyx’s approved treatment for IBS with constipation in adults. The company intends on launching this approved treatment in the second quarter of 2022. Ardelyx is still pursuing the approval of tenapanor for hyperphosphatemia through the formal dispute resolution process with the FDA at the moment as well.

“Over the last five years, the IBS-C market has grown to be sizeable and concentrated, with 9,000 high-writing physicians accounting for approximately 50% of the almost five million prescriptions written annually for drugs indicated for the treatment of IBS-C. This market is ripe for the entry of a novel therapeutic option like IBSRELA, as existing therapies do not adequately address all patient treatment needs.” 

President and CEO of Ardelyx, Mike Robb

In the last month, ARDX stock has increased significantly. Most of this momentum started on November 30th and has carried through to December 2nd. Noting this, will ARDX be on your list of penny stocks to watch.


Which Penny Stocks Are You Watching Right Now?

In 2021, hundreds of penny stocks could have value, but it takes dedication to understand how certain events can impact the penny stocks on your list to make money with small caps.

Best Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now? 3 to Watch As December Begins

As a result, making a list of the best penny stocks to buy takes research and a thorough trading strategy. With all of this in mind, which penny stocks are you watching right now?

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