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Using the latest trends to find penny stocks is one of the best ways to stay ahead in the market. And while finding trending penny stocks alone is not enough to make money with small caps, using current industry news and how popular a stock is, can be useful. When looking for a trending penny stock, there are a few things that investors should know. The most important indicator of how trending a stock is; is its volume. 

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Volume shows the number of shares being traded on a given day. And if a penny stock is showing volume that is well beyond its average, it can be a great indicator that something is going on. This could be as simple as a balance sheet, a rumor, or a press release. But, it’s always important to understand why the stock is trending. Next, investors have to consider industry-wide trends. This means looking at what is going on in the stock market and around the world. 

So, while this is not a definite list of how to find trending penny stocks, it should help to put you in the right direction. With that in mind, here are three trending penny stocks to keep an eye on right now. 

  1. Artelo Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: ARTL)
  2. Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: CNCE
  3. TDH Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PETZ

Artelo Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: ARTL)

Artelo Biosciences Inc. is a biotech penny stock that has made some major strides in the past few trading days. In the last month, shares of ARTL stock have shot up by over 55% with a one-year gain of over 130%. If you’re not familiar with Artelo, it is a company that makes products that utilize the endocannabinoid system. Artelo is involved in the development and commercialization of these treatments. Its ART27.13 product is in Phase 1 clinical trials for anorexia related to cancer. In addition to this, it is also working on ART26.12 which is for prostate and breast cancer treatment.

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The results of a study comparing the pharmacological effects of plant-derived versus synthesized cannabidiol in human cell lines were disclosed in August. According to the study, Purified natural vs. synthetic CBD had no in-vitro pharmacological differences in antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory, or permeability properties.

“Since this study did not find pharmacologic differences among the CBD compositions, we believe that it is the biopharmaceutical properties that have the greatest potential to differentiate CBD products. Our CBD cocrystal should contribute to improved consistency, absorption, bioavailability, processability, and stability. These properties, in turn, may lead to a product candidate with better efficacy and safety.” 

President and CEO of Artelo, Gregory D. Gorgas

One of the reasons that ARTL stock has been moving in recent sessions is due to its trending status. Because it is popular online and on various social media sites, ARTL stock has seen heightened volume in the past few weeks. With this in mind, will ARTL be on your list of penny stocks to watch?


Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: CNCE)

Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc. is another trending biotech penny stock that has climbed by over 30% in the past five days. This company develops novel small molecule drugs in the United States. The drugs developed by Concert are used to treat a wide variety of autoimmune diseases. Its lead candidate is CTP-543 which is currently in Phase 3 clinical trial to treat alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is a serious autoimmune dermatological condition that many suffer from globally.

On November 4th, CNCE stock went up in the market after the company announced $65 million in financing. Concert entered an agreement with BVF Partners L.P. and RA Capital Management to raise the gross proceeds of $65 million, and it has the potential to receive another $103 million upon the full exercise of warrants related to the agreement. On the same day of this announcement, CNCE stock’s volume was over 38 million compared to an average of under 700,000. This is a major indicator of its popularity in the market right now. 

Moving forward, Concert will report its third-quarter results for 2021 very soon. These results will be released on Tuesday, November 9th, before the market opens. It will then hold a conference call shortly after the release. This could potentially be the next day that we see CNCE stock in the news. With this in mind, will CNCE be on your penny stock watchlist?


TDH Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PETZ)

TDH Holdings Inc. is a penny stock that has climbed by a staggering 118% in the past five days. If you couldn’t tell by its ticker symbol, PETZ is a company that offers pet food products in North America, China, Europe, and Asia. TDH Holdings engages in the development, manufacturing, and sale of these products together with its subsidiaries. Currently, TDH offers 200 products, including 6 product lines of pet chews, pet snacks, wet canned pet food, and more.

On November 3rd, TDH announced its entry into an agreement and closing of a registered direct placement of $9.9 million of common shares and warrants. This $9.9 million in gross proceeds comes from the sale of 15,000,000 common shares at a price of $0.64 per share. TDH plans on using the net proceeds from this offering on strategic acquisitions and investments in complementary businesses.

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With that being said, it currently has no understandings, agreements, or commitments for any specific material acquisition at this time. The exclusive placement agent in connection with the offering was Boustead Securities LLC. Offerings like these are always important for investors to consider as they allow for new capital to engage in different business operations. And while the investments that it will make with this money are not stated at the time, it is an exciting prospect nonetheless. With its volume at a much greater level than its average, will PETZ be on your penny stock watchlist?


The short answer to this question is that it is completely up to you and your investing style. Investing in penny stocks is all about understanding what type of trader you are and how you can benefit from that trading style. So, considering all of this, do you think that trending penny stocks are worth buying in 2021 or not?

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