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There are so many traders looking for the best penny stocks 2021 has to offer. Something that many are finding out, however, is that without a plan, you can get lost in the noise. With thousands of stocks hitting scanners and millions of traders giving their 2 cents, it can become difficult to focus. For this reason, understanding what your goals are is essential.

Are you looking to make money with penny stocks by day trading, or are you looking to invest for a longer term? Do you know how to handle volatility from cheap penny stocks, or are you more comfortable with higher prices? Timing is critical, and plotting where to enter and exit even before making the trade is a tremendous asset to have in your skillset.

In this article, we’re looking at 5 penny stocks trading under $1. Yes, they are accessible on platforms like Webull and other mobile-first brokers. However, if you don’t necessarily know how to handle fast-moving stocks, they can certainly present higher risk levels. One of the drivers of momentum among retail traders right now is daily themes.

Earlier today, we discussed short squeeze penny stocks. But you’ve also got sympathy momentum stemming from these low-priced stocks thanks to big breakouts from the likes of Color Star Technology (NASDAQ:CSCW) this week and echoes or big moves from former sub-$1 stocks like Camber Energy (NYSE:CEI) in September.

5 Penny Stocks Under $1 To Watch In November

  1. CohBar Inc. (NASDAQ:CWBR)
  2. Oragenics Inc. (NYSE:OGEN)
  3. Gran Tierra Energy (NYSE:GTE)
  4. Blue Hat Interactive (NASDAQ:BHAT)
  5. AIkido Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:AIKI)

1. CohBar Inc. (NASDAQ:CWBR)

Shares of CWBR stock gained momentum this week thanks to some insider transactions and a new update from the company. The clinical-stage biotech focuses on treatments for chronic and age-related diseases. In particular, its mitochondria-based platform has targeted everything from nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and obesity to cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

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This week, momentum initially triggered thanks to an insider purchase from director Misha Petkevich. The transaction was reported on November 1st but occurred on October 28. Petkevich bought 167,000 shares of CWBR stock at an average price of $0.5759. Coincidentally, this came just as the company announced it would be releasing its Q3 financials in a few weeks (Nov. 15). Whether or not the two have anything to do with one another is speculative. However, these two events have added some extra attention this week.

In addition to this, CohBar also announced a $15 million raise last week. The raise is expected to close ‘on or about” November 1, so this may be another topic of interest for the market right now. Whichever the case, CWBR stock continues attempting to mount a recovery following a big sell-off at the end of October that coincided with the news of that larger raise.

penny stocks under $1 to watch CohBar CWBR stock chart

2. Oragenics Inc. (NYSE:OGEN)

One of the other popular trends in the stock market this week has to do with COVID-19. As more vaccines continue development and current offerings from the likes of Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) and Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) remain bellwethers for this niche, traders continue looking for sympathy stocks to watch.

Oragenics recently spiked during the second half of October. This was thanks, in part, to optimism surrounding new COVID treatments. Late last quarter, the company began its COVID-19 Challenge Study evaluating its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate. Since then, no further updates have been given. However, the important thing to note is that results are expected this month.

According to Frederick W. Telling, Ph.D., Executive Chairman of Oragenics, “The findings from this second preclinical study will be a part of our Investigational New Drug filing to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, expected to be made in the first quarter of 2022, to advance the most promising formulations into human clinical studies.”

As November begins, OGEN stock has quickly become one of the penny stocks to watch.

penny stocks under $1 to watch Oragenics Inc. OGEN stock chart

3. Gran Tierra Energy (NYSE:GTE)

Energy stocks also remain in focus heading into the final months of the year. Whether we’re talking about renewables or traditional energy sources like coal, oil, and gas, this niche in the stock market is a hot topic.

Gran Tierra is one of the penny stocks we’ve followed for months now. In fact, since late August, GTE stock has managed to rally more than 100%; and yes, it is still one of the penny stocks under $1 right now. The oil and gas exploration company is developing a portfolio of assets in Columbia and Ecuador. Thanks to industry momentum and more robust earnings growth, traders have continued following Gran Tierra’s progress.

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Now, GTE stock is on watch ahead of its next round of results. These are set to come after the market closes on November 1. Just for some context, in its last earnings update, operational highlights included a 14% jump in average total production for the second quarter on a year-over-year basis. The company also reaffirmed its full-year production guidance of 27.5k to 28.5k barrels of oil per day with a capital program range of $130 million to $150 million.

penny stocks under $1 to watch Gran Tierra Energy GTE stock chart

4. Blue Hat Interactive (NASDAQ:BHAT)

Another trend that has gotten some attention recently is anything dealing with “Metaverse,” and thanks to Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) news last week, even companies with “Meta” in their name have gotten some attention. Color Star hasn’t been the only stock under $1 benefiting from this trend.

Blue Hat Interactive shares have also caught a jolt of trading action recently. The company’s involvement with augmented reality and interactive games has sparked some intrigue this month. You can also see this reflected on the BHAT stock chart. Shares jumped from lows of $0.5325 late last month to recent highs of over $0.85 last week.

The company’s recent earnings solidified a growth path for the company. Blue Hat highlighted a 269.6% increase in revenues for the first half of the year. The company also saw a 138.4% jump in gross profit over the previous year’s results. With AR/VR and metaverse stocks gaining ground, the biggest question to answer now, in my opinion, is how long can this trend last?

penny stocks under $1 to watch Blue Hat Interactive BHAT stock chart

5. AIkido Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:AIKI)

Much like Blue Hat, AIkido Pharma may have also benefited from some sympathy sentiment recently. This stems from the excitement around alternative social media stocks like DatChat (NASDAQ:DATS) and the latest trend in EV stocks thanks to Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). While at its center, AIkido is a pharmaceutical company, the last few months have seen its model evolve. It has become more of an investment-focused firm looking to leverage its public listing as a means to create shareholder value through new investments.

DatChat was one of these such investments and has become a driving force in the retail trading arena for weeks. Shares of DATS stock jumped from an IPO low of $3.31 to highs of over $18, with current trading levels around $8. AIkido holds a stake in the company.

Now, the “Tesla” angle is a bit newer. AIkido has nothing to do with Elon Musk’s company. However, it did recently announce a secured interest in an electric truck maker, Tevva Motors. Company CEO Anthony Hayes described this newest deal as a “growth opportunity” that “represents an opportunity to partake in a rapidly expanding field, with the possibility of an exit in early 2022 as Tevva pursues a public listing…We are always looking to create shareholder value while limiting exposure in exciting and growing industries.  We hope this short-term opportunity becomes an asset for our shareholders, like DatChat.”

Thanks to this positioning and some speculative momentum, AIKI stock has managed s strong move since mid-September.

penny stocks under $1 to watch AIkido Pharma Inc AIKI stock chart

Should You Buy Penny Stocks Under $1?

Like most investments, penny stocks carry risk. When you fold in cheap stocks under $1, that risk can become compounded with the added volatility of big percentage swing from slight price changes. Understanding how to handle volatility is even more important, which is something the keep in mind if you’re looking for penny stocks to buy under $1.

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