best penny stocks to buy on webull this week

This week continues putting a focus on small-cap stocks. In particular, we’ve seen many stocks under $5 – or penny stocks – flying high on significant buying momentum. What initially began with a move in “Trump stocks” thanks to Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:DWAC) has turned into an all-out sprint to find the next round of top penny stocks to buy now.

Other than sector trends that have emerged in things like tech stocks or energy stocks, there are other, more thematic moves being made right now. These include short squeeze stocks, low float stocks, and, yes, penny stocks under $1. Today we’re going to look at some of the cheap stocks to watch right now that are also accessible on platforms like Webull. Why mention this?

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In general, many popular mobile platforms tend to avoid certain types of penny stocks or – for lack of a better term – stocks under $5. I’m specifically talking about OTC penny stocks, which usually aren’t able to be traded on platforms like Webull, though there are some exceptions to the rule. Does this mean you’re “S.O.L.” if you want to trade low-priced stocks? No, and that’s because there are plenty of Nasdaq and NYSE-listed stocks trading for pennies. Now, whether they’re worth the risk of buying or not is something that I’ll leave up to you.

5 Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $5

  1. Genprex Inc. (NASDAQ:GNPX)
  2. Synthetic Biologics Inc. (NYSE:SYN)
  3. Greenpro Capital (NASDAQ:GRNQ)
  4. United States Antimony Corp. (NYSE:UAMY)
  5. Moving Image Technologies Inc. (NYSE:MITQ)

1. Genprex Inc. (NASDAQ:GNPX)

When you’re looking for cheap stocks to buy, you’ll likely find a few that have come under serious selling pressure. In this case, Genprex could be one of the penny stocks to watch. Since reaching highs of over $7.70 earlier this year, GNPX stock hasn’t had the easiest time recovering this year. However, following this week’s 52-week lows, shares have swiftly bounced back.

Its gene therapies are designed to address larger patient populations where certain diseases have limited treatment options. In particular, Genprex’s ONCOPREX delivery system is a gene therapy delivery platform used for cancer. It uses nanoparticles to target tumor cells expressing specific proteins. The lead product candidate, REQORSA, is currently under evaluation for non-small cell lung cancer and was given Fast-Track Designation by the FDA in combination with AstraZeneca’s (NASDAQ:AZN) Tagrisso. This is one of the early catalysts helping give GNPX stock a boost this year.

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Other than a few industry conferences, there haven’t been many other significant updates from the company. Something to keep in mind, however, is that there are clinical trials to keep in mind. In particular, a randomized study along with osimertinib for non-small cell lung cancer posted a start date of September 3 on the site. There’s also another trial with REQORSA combined with pembrolizumab in patients with previously treated NSCLC with an estimated start date of December 2021. So, in light of these two studies, there may be some speculation building, which has GNPX stock on a few watch lists right now. What does the sentiment look like for GNPX stock on Webull?

best penny stocks to buy on webull under $5 Genprex Inc. GNPX stock

2. Synthetic Biologics Inc. (NYSE:SYN)

Another one of the cheaper penny stocks on this list is Synthetic Biologics. With it trading under $1, volatility is something to keep in mind. Even the slightest shift in price can equate to more significant percent changes. The biotech penny stock specializes in preventative treatments for gastrointestinal diseases.

Right now, the company has a few treatment candidates, including SYN-004 and SYN-020, of which SYN-020 initiated a Phase 1 ascending dose trial earlier this month. In response to this milestone, CEO Steven A. Shallcross explained, “We believe SYN-020 addresses a significant unmet market need as the total prevalent cases of celiac disease are expected to reach 4.3 million in 2023 in the U.S. alone. We look forward to announcing topline results from this study during the second quarter of 2022.”

Something else that appears to have driven some speculative momentum is upcoming events in November. Specifically, Synthetic reports its Q3 financial and gives an operational update next Wednesday. With a conference call on the same day, after the close, this could be something to keep in mind if SYN stock is on your list right now. What does the sentiment look like for SYN stock on Webull?

best penny stocks to buy on webull under $5 Synthetic Biologics Inc. SYN stock

3. Greenpro Capital (NASDAQ:GRNQ)

One of the companies that recently caught attention in the stock market this month is Greenpro Capital. Given the rise of interest in fintech, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the like, GRNQ stock found itself wrapped into the mix. Among other things, the company has placed a focus on strategic investments and business incubation.

Earlier this week, Greenpro announced that its incubated company, Angkasa-X, was successfully admitted as an ITU-R member and is filing for an application to launch its Low Earth Orbit satellites. For those unfamiliar, ITU is a specialized agency of the United Nations managing space telecommunications.

This milestone came shortly after Greenpro took stakes in two new projects, Link Capital and Samothracec International (ATM Online). Link has built strong ties with governing bodies in Singapore and specializes in processing and distributing Agarwood products for global sales. This type of wood is frequently used in perfumes, medicines, and incense, among other things.

Meanwhile, ATM Online fits more into the mainstream focus of Greenpro as it is a consumer credit platform providing services in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and ASEAN countries. ATM’s digital finance platform offers data modeling and scoring to forecast the credit behaviors of its clients to mitigate risk. While no further updates have come out, GRNQ stock has caught another surge of momentum as traders have focused on penny stocks of companies with exposure to China and other countries in Asia. Whether or not this becomes a lasting them is yet to be seen. However, shares have continued rallying this week. What does the sentiment look like for GRNQ stock on Webull?

best penny stocks to buy on webull under $5 Greenpro Capital GRNQ stock

4. United States Antimony Corp. (NYSE:UAMY)

Sticking with the sub $1 trend, UAMY stock is another popular name on the list of penny stocks on Webull. The company specializes in mining rare earth materials, specifically antimony. As discussed a few weeks ago, one of the hot topics of discussion this year and in 2020 involves alternative energy and renewables. This includes things like battery power over fossil fuels, electric vehicles, and the like. While antimony has different uses, one of them is in batteries.

Thanks to companies like Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) making a splash this week as well as new record highs, the EV supply chain stocks are getting their time in the spotlight. Furthermore, companies including Lucid Motors (NASDAQ:LCID) have also announced the first production vehicles beginning to roll off the assembly lines. With the likelihood of higher demand for raw materials coming into focus, UAMY stock and others have gained this week.

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Its recent operational update also showed substantial progress during September. There weren’t any lost time or serious accidents. Additionally, the company was able to ship over 1,000 tons of zeolite and produce over 82,000 pounds of crude antimony metal and sell 50 tons of antimony trioxide. With quarterly results expected, it will be interesting to see how this translates to revenue or growth. What does the sentiment look like for UAMY stock on Webull?

best penny stocks to buy on webull under $5 United States Antimony UAMY stock

5. Moving Image Technologies Inc. (NYSE:MITQ)

Moving Image is rapidly moving in the stock market today. During the early lunch hour, shares of MITQ surged on heavier than average volume. The technology company specializes in digital cinema and offers products for a range of motion picture exhibition uses. Everything from custom engineering to enterprise software solutions, Moving Image has a wide array of offerings.

The company recently received an award to provide equipment and furnishings for the new Alamo Crystal City location in Crystal City, VA. According to the company, “The site includes a 65-foot-wide Alamo Big Show PLF screen equipped with a Dolby Atmos immersive sound system. All screens will be equipped with high-efficiency and high-performance 4k RGB laser projectors along with MiTs energy management IS -20D and IS -30 products.”

This was the second award in 2 weeks and came after MITQ stock turned heads at the start of the month following a $3.1 million debt retirement. What may have also helped shed some light on the penny stock is its lower float. As I explained earlier, low float penny stocks have recently become a recurring theme to focus on in the stock market. With fewer than 11 million shares outstanding, MITQ could fall into the low float category right now. What does the sentiment look like for MITQ stock on Webull?

best penny stocks to buy on webull under $5 Moving Image Technologies Inc. MITQ stock

Penny Stocks & Risk/Reward

Whatever your strategy may entail, the goal is the same. This is to make money with penny stocks and repeat the process. Understanding how to handle things like volatility are essential when it comes to this. However, if you’ve got a general knowledge of how the stock market works and how quickly penny stocks can move, you’re off to a good start. In the meantime, if you’re new to trading, feel free to check out some of our other articles to get you started:

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  1. With respect to UAMY, antimony is not a rare earth. In the energy sector, rare earths are used mainly in the magnets of electric motors. It is also not used in the kinds of batteries Tesla and other car makers are likely to want.
    Where antimony is used in potentially huge volume is the liquid-metal large-capacity high-temperature battery technology pioneered by Ambri of Cambridge, MA. These batteries are intended as storage for intermittent renewable electricity sources like wind turbines and solar panel arrays. Ambri itself is not a public company, but UAMY is a play on the success of that technology, in addition to its inherent value as the price of antimony is staying near 10-year highs. The last time antimony price was this high, UAMY reached highs above $4.
    Another factor is UAMY now has a lot of cash to expand its business, after a stock offering early this year. Normally, when a company dilutes its stock, the price goes down. In this case, it has gone up because investors realize one of the company’s historical problems was being starved of working capital. Now it can afford to go bigger on its gold/silver property as well as antimony production.

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