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Are These Penny Stocks on Your Watchlist This Week?

If you’re making a list of penny stocks to watch in September, there are plenty to choose from. But, in order to identify value in the stock market, it takes a decent amount of research, and a commitment to using an investment strategy. 

So, right now, there are a few things to consider. For one, there is a lot of momentum in the market in 2021. This is the result of events such as the pandemic, economic inflation, and the influence of meme stocks on the overall market. But, as a result, there is a sizable amount of opportunity to make money with penny stocks right now. 

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One thing to consider is what type of trader are you? Are you more inclined to invest in riskier penny stocks? Or, are you geared toward more stable stocks. Both of which can be profitable, however, knowing the difference can help you to avoid unnecessary losses. Considering all of this, let’s take a look at three penny stocks to watch in September 2021. 

3 Penny Stocks to Watch in September 2021 

  1. Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ: AUUD
  2. Cyren Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYRN
  3. G Medical Innovations (NASDAQ: GMVD

Auddia Inc. (NASDAQ: AUUD)

Auddia Inc. is a tech penny stock that has been rapidly going up in the market despite a correction during today’s trading. After shooting up by over 190% in June, shares have since dropped substantially. This is common following news or a major rise in value. For some context, this company creates software products for podcasting and audio corporations. Its main project is Auddia, which is a mobile app for users to listen to the radio with no commercials. This product is based on a subscription model that charges every month. Auddia also offers Vodacast, which is a podcasting platform and application.

Its latest update comes from July when it announced Bluewater Broadcasting as the fourth broadcast radio group added to the Auddia app. This expansion increased Auddia’s exposure to another 150,000 radio listeners. In total after this deal, Auddia’s total reach was approximately 650,000 potential subscribers. While many believe that radio is a thing of the past, many listeners have turned to online podcasts and digital radio. This means that we could see heightened demand for Auddia’s offerings in the near future.

“The first stage of our rollout strategy involves deploying with the radio innovators participating in our initial program and we are now a little over two weeks into that effort. With the addition of Bluewater, we take another big step forward toward our goal of reaching 1,000,000 radio listeners in the initial phase of the rollout.”

Founder and Executive Chairman of Auddia, Jeff Thramann

On September 16th, AUUD stock price went up by more than 23% in the market. It will be interesting to see what the next update from the company is. For now, is AUUD a contender for your penny stock watchlist in September 2021?


Cyren Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYRN)

This past weekend, we discussed Cyren among a list of penny stocks to watch in the week ahead. One of the topics discussed was recent headlines that the company’s partner, Improving, would collectively boost efforts to address the “new normal” in cyber security threats.

Improving’s IT services combined with Cyren’s anti-phishing solution aim to help businesses build upon already existing cloud framework. We also explained that with an ever-increasing remote and hybrid workforce, cybersecurity stocks have come into focus, with CYRN shares becoming the latest to turn heads in the market.

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While the week previously has been active for CYRN stock, things have heated up even more on Tuesday. Cyren announced that it teamed up with Synnex Corp. (NYSE: SNX) to offer anti-phishing solutions including Cyren’s Inbox Security.

“It’s critical that we adapt and expand our portfolio to address changes in the email threat landscape. The addition of Cyren Inbox Security, and its ability to continuously detect and remediate phishing threats that have already made it to users’ inboxes, means our partner network can quickly help customers address targeted phishing attacks.”

Scott Young, Senior Vice President, Strategic Procurement, TD SYNNEX

With new deals on the table, attention from the market, and growing interest in cybersecurity stocks, CYRN could be on the watch list right now.


G Medical Innovations (NASDAQ: GMVD)

Another one of the penny stocks on this list is G Medical. While there wasn’t a “technical catalyst” immediately at play, fundamentals seem to have sparked interest in the company. GMVD stock took off this week thanks to the company’s latest financial report.

G Medical released its results for the first 6 months of the year. Revenues were up 45% and the company continues expanding its platform. Specifically, G Medical is a commercial-stage healthcare company developing telehealth and mobile health solutions. With the rise of social distancing, technology has clearly played its part in virtually connecting people with an array of mundane things. This includes doctor visits and check-ups. For G Medical, its expansionary focus has set a course for growth heading into 2022.

“Based on our pipeline of existing opportunities for our Prizma and medical monitoring services, the engagement of GRS, a subsidiary of Guthy-Renker, to promote the Prizma G2 on TV, social media, radio, and print through 2023, and the improvement in demand for our services, we remain optimistic about our growth prospects.

In support of our growth strategy, we are expanding both Prizma evaluations and cardiac service monitoring opportunities with healthcare providers and expect to see recognition of these activities in 2022.”

Dr. Yacov Geva, President and CEO of G Medical Innovations.

The Prizm device is G Medical’s medical monitoring platform. It allows both healthcare providers and individuals to monitor, manage and share myriad vital signs and biometric indicators. There are also additional products like the Holter Patch System for capturing electrocardiogram data via a body-worn sensor. There are also plans for developing a wireless Vital Signs Monitoring System for providing full, real-time vital sign monitoring.


Which Penny Stocks Are on Your 2021 Watchlist?

Finding the best penny stocks to buy in 2021 can be challenging. But, with the right research on hand and a commitment to understanding how the market moves, it can be much easier than previously imagined.

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  • Considering that there is so much to keep track of in 2021, the momentum in the market can be used as a benefit. But, always be sure to stick to your trading strategy, and use it to your advantage. With all of this in mind, which penny stocks are on your 2021 watchlist?

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