Top Penny Stocks to Watch For Next Week 

With so many penny stocks to choose from right now, how can we pick the best ones for our watchlists? Well, there are a few things to consider if you’re interested in investing in penny stocks in 2021. The most important factor right now and over the past year has been the pandemic. 

While many thought that it was coming to a close, the recent uptick in cases due to the Delta variant means that this is not the case. For this reason, investors can begin to adjust their strategies to fit the current state of the economy. Additionally, we have to account for higher than average inflation numbers now and in the future. While this may take some time to fully affect the market, many are adjusting their portfolios as a result. So, as you can see, investing in penny stocks in 2021 is not easy. 

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And, as we move further into the year, it does not look like it will become any easier. But, with so many factors occurring at once, there is a lot of potential and opportunity to be had. However, it all comes down to knowing where to look. With this in mind, here are three hot penny stocks seeing bullish interest right now. 

3 Penny Stocks That Investors Are Bullish on Right Now 

  1. Antelope Enterprise Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: AEHL
  2. LM Funding America Inc. (NASDAQ: LMFA
  3. Lion Group Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ: LGHL

Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: AEHL)

Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited is an industrial penny stock that just experienced an uptick in the market. This company sells and manufactures ceramic tiles and other related products. These tiles are used for flooring and siding purposes. Antelope’s products are sold under the TOERTO, HDL, Hengda, HD brands among many others. With its large range of in-house brands, AEHL has quite a broad market reach to take advantage of. 

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Back in its second half and full-year financial results for fiscal 2020, the company reported interesting numbers. While the numbers did show that AEHL was hurt by the pandemic, it soon after began to recover as the pandemic lessened in severity. So while some of its numbers are down in this last report, its next report has the potential to be very positive if the company’s operations have improved.

“Our average selling price subsequently decreased for the second half of 2020 as compared to the same period of 2019, where the price decrease was in effect for only two months, but this mitigated what we believe would have been a greater decline in sales as compared to the modest decrease in sales volume that occurred in the second half of the year as business conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic began to normalize.” 

CEO of AEHL, Ms. Meishuang Huang

Another factor to consider is that the rate of home improvement has increased substantially during the pandemic. With more people at home, more people have time to embark on projects that they may have been putting off. For this reason, AEHL could see heightened demand in the future. Keeping this info in mind, will AEHL make your list of penny stocks to watch?


LM Funding America Inc. (NASDAQ: LMFA)

LM Funding America Inc. is a financial penny stock that has been seeing some increased bullish sentiment in recent trading days. The company provides funding to nonprofits and other associations. In addition to this, it purchases delinquent accounts on various terms which is a common long-term financial strategy.

And, it’s worth noting that LM Funding America provides medical insurance products for those that frequently travel internationally. All of this shows just how broad LMFA’s business model is. Back in May, the company reported its financial results for the first three months of 2021.

“Revenues from our community association receivables business declined as we continue to develop a digital asset technology strategy to unlock the potential of this business.

We expanded our core business of buying discounted debt and collecting it through court proceedings with the Borqs transaction. We entered the Borqs transaction projecting to net $2 million and we were pleased to realize a $5.7 million return.”

he Chairman and CEO of LMFA, Bruce M. Rodgers

This is the latest update that has come from LM Funding America. The company is up 2.56% on the day of July 23rd. With this in mind, will you add LMFA to your list of penny stocks to watch this week?


Lion Group Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ: LGHL)

Lion Group Holding Ltd. is a penny stock that operates a trading platform and other similar financial products. Its variety of products and services include insurance brokerage, asset management, futures, securities brokerage, and more. The company additionally has total return swap services. All of the company’s operations and products are based in Hong Kong and offered to Chinese customers.

On July 23rd, Lion announced the launch of its Meta World NFT market. The company’s CEO Mr. Wang Chunning said, “As the global encryption economy develops rapidly, Lion is pleased to capture this trend by establishing Meta World. With this milestone, we hope to accelerate our deployment in related fields such as digital economy, NFTs, and metaverse, relying on our existing multi-faceted resources.”

The plan is for Meta World to become a one-stop cross-chain NFT marketplace for users to connect and trade digital currency with a digital wallet. This announcement resulted in an increase of LGHL stock price. While the market on NFTs is still relatively new, the potential is largely untapped.

And although LGHL is not a pure play blockchain penny stock, this move could play out well for it in the future. For this reason, investors should wait too see its upcoming balance sheet, to see how this affects it. Considering this, will LGHL be on your list of penny stocks to watch?


Are These Penny Stocks on Your Watchlist Right Now?

Finding the best penny stocks to buy in 2021 is a challenge. But, if we consider everything that is going on in the market wholly, we can adjust our strategies to have the best chance at seeing profits.

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Right now, everything from the pandemic to inflation and more, is affecting the trajectory of the stock market. And to take advantage of this, investors need to use their investing strategies to the best of their abilities. With this in mind, are these penny stocks on your watchlist right now?

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