4 Penny Stocks For Your Watchlist Right Now 

With a new month around the corner, there are plenty of penny stocks that investors are watching right now. This includes a specific spotlight on tech and biotech penny stocks. One thing to consider when investing in penny stocks in 2021 is the trajectory of the pandemic. With the Delta variant causing new cases around the world, many are shifting toward reopening penny stocks.

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While this is not across the board, it is something to consider. So, as we move toward August, it may be time to align your strategy with the current state of the pandemic. This means considering which stocks may benefit, and which may have a long-term future to profit from. With this in mind, here’s four penny stocks that you need to know about right now. 

4 Penny Stocks For Your July-End Watchlist 

  1. Intec Pharma Ltd. (NASDAQ: NTEC
  2. 1847 Goedeker Inc. (NYSE: GOED
  3. 9 Meters Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: NMTR
  4. Oragenics Inc. (NYSE: OGEN)

Intec Pharma Ltd. (NASDAQ: NTEC)

Intec Pharma Ltd. is a biotech company that creates drugs on its Accordion Pill platform. The Accordion Pill platform is an oral drug delivery system to make drugs safer and more efficient. Recently, the company announced that the Accordion Pill Carbidopa/Levodopa clinical trial has completed Phase 3 to see its efficacy in treating Parkinson’s disease. It is using its technology to treat other conditions as well, such as insomnia and ulcers.

The last update from the company was back in March when it announced a merger agreement with Decoy Biosystems. This was big news, but there has not been much talk of the merger since then. So, what is there to explain NTEC’s recent momentum? NTEC stock could potentially be moving upwards because of the biotech industries recent momentum as a whole. There are a lot of biotech penny stocks performing well right now. Sometimes this momentum can carry over to other companies in the sector.

On the day of July 22nd, this penny stock is up 3.30% in the market. Its volume is over 7 million compared to an average of nearly 1.4 million. 5 days ago, NTEC stock was at $3.32 per share and it is now at $3.70 per share. With this info in mind, will you add NTEC to your penny stock watchlist?


1847 Goedeker Inc. (NYSE: GOED)

1847 Goedeker Inc. is a penny stock that operates an e-commerce platform. The company sells fitness equipment, home appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, and many other types of products. In addition to its e-commerce business, the company provides installation and removal services for its various appliances. The services that GOED provides have become extremely popular during the pandemic. With people at home with time to work on their houses, more have chosen to complete remodeling opportunities. 

On July 14th, an important update was released from 1847 Goedeker Inc. The company announced that it will undergo a “strategic, unified rebranding process”. Goedekers has partnered up with Capsule to lead its strategic organizational rebranding. Rebranding is an important part of growth, and something that companies undergo often. Because of this, investors should look forward to the future of GOED stock and this rebranding.

“As our operations continue to grow, we find it paramount to operate under a single brand entity to help engage customers and stakeholders throughout every step of their journey with us.

Capsule has historically provided clients with step-by-step strategies to better align messaging with long-term goals. We at Goedekers are excited to bring this brand identity expertise to the table alongside their suite of consumer insights and activation strategies to better inform current operations while increasing customer awareness and recognition.”

The CEO of Goedekers, Doug Moore

GOED stock has become extremely popular among Reddit investors and those on social media. Because of this, it has seen heightened momentum in the past few months. With this important update to note, will GOED make your penny stock watchlist?


9 Meters Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: NMTR)

9 Meters Biopharma Inc. is a biotech penny stock that creates products for the gastroenterology market. This includes drug candidates for things like celiac disease, short bowel syndrome, and various other rare diseases. Its Larazotide product is currently in Phase 3 clinical trial for celiac disease treatment.

On July 19th, 9 Meters Biopharma announced the acquisition of development rights to a humanized monoclonal antibody called LOB-0136, which is now known as NM-136. The President and CEO of John Temperato said, “Continuing to advance NM-136 will be a very important step forward for patients currently living with PWS and suffering from this life-threatening disease. This meaningful therapeutic complements and broadens our pipeline of digestive disease assets, while providing us strategic options within our expanded portfolio.” 

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The field of monoclonal antibody therapy has gained a great deal of traction since the beginning of the pandemic. This is one of the methods in use to treat those suffering from severe forms of Covid-19. In the last 5 days, NMTR stock has made good progress in the market. Considering its major progress, it’s no wonder that NMTR stock is so popular right now. With this in mind, will this biotech penny stock make your watchlist in mid-July?


Oragenics Inc. (NYSE: OGEN)

Oragenics Inc. is a biotech penny stock that creates antibiotics and other medical products. Its leading product is OG716, which is an antibiotic to treat Clostridium difficle. Oragenics caught attention recently with its development and commercialization efforts for Terra CoV-2.

This is a vaccine product candidate for sparking immunity from COVID-19. Any company working on treatments or therapies for Covid-19, has become highly popularized in the past year and a half. This makes sense given the pandemic, and its emphasis on the best and newest treatments. For this reason, OGEN stock looks like it could continue to see more popularity. 

Back in April, Oragenics released data that its vaccine candidate showed positive results when tested on mice. Other than this announcement, the company has not released any recent updates in the past few weeks. 5 days ago, OGEN stock was at $0.59 per share. Now on July 22nd, the company’s share prices have risen to $0.66 per share.

Currently, OGEN stock has a higher trading volume than its average. Part of this company’s momentum could be due to the trading platform Robinhood. OGEN stock is offered on the brokerage, which is very popular with retail traders. OGEN has also been mentioned a lot on social media like Reddit and Twitter, which could be contributing to its momentum. With this info to keep in mind, will this penny stock enter your watchlist?


Are These Penny Stocks Worth Watching?

Finding the best penny stocks for your list if all about understanding what’s going on in the world right now. With so many concurrent events to consider, it can seem difficult to find penny stocks to buy in 2021.

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But, with the right research on hand, doing so can be easier than previously imagined. With all of this in mind, are these penny stocks worth watching or not?

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