Are These 9 Penny Stocks Worth Adding to Your Watchlist?

With a new week only a few days away, there are plenty of penny stocks to watch. Of course, finding the best ones involves understanding what makes them move, and how to trade penny stocks. But, with some careful online searches and a great deal of research, any trader can be as informed as the pros. 

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Investing in penny stocks in 2021 is all about considering what factors are at play in the market right now. This includes Covid, inflation, and uncertainty about the future. These three constants have remained some of the most impactful events on the stock market in the past year and a half. And because of that, they’re worth paying attention to. So, with all of this in mind, let’s take a look at nine hot penny stocks to watch for the upcoming week. 

6 Penny Stocks For Your Mid-July Watchlist 

  1. Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc. (NYSE: AHT)
  2. Inuvo Inc. (NYSE: INUV)
  3. Good Gaming Inc. (OTC: GMER
  4. 1847 Goedeker Inc. (NYSE: GOED)
  5. Luokung Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: LKCO)
  6. Inpixon. (NASDAQ: INPX)

Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc. (NYSE: AHT)

Ashford Hospitality Trust is a penny stock we have covered numerous times in the past few weeks. AHT is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in upscale hotel investments. To maintain a competitive and modern advantage, AHT recently developed an app, appropriately named, the Ashford APP. Because of COVID-19 this past year, AHT has seen a revenue decrease, however, it should be considered a reopening penny stock as investor interest seems to be increasing with the lessening of restrictions and increasing value of property. 

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Earlier in July, Rob Hays, President, and CEO of Ashford Trust commented about the optimism he had for the future of AHT. He stated that “I am pleased to report these improved preliminary RevPAR results for the second quarter which are driven by pent-up leisure demand. We continue to be pleased with the recovery trends we are seeing at our hotels, and with our geographically diverse portfolio with high exposure to transient leisure customers, we believe we are well-positioned to capitalize on this recovery.”

Given this exciting outlook, many investors believe in a strong future for AHT stock. Whether it’s worth adding to your watchlist, however, is up to you. 

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Ashford Hospitality Trust Inc. (AHT Stock Chart)

Inuvo Inc. (NYSE: INUV)

Another penny stock to watch in July is Inuvo Inc. This company is a current market leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, a rapidly advancing field. Its mission as a business is to align and deliver consumer-oriented product and brand messaging strategies to its clientele. This is based on anonymous, powerful, and proprietary consumer data such as advertisements, affiliations, and partners. On July 7th, INUV announced its unaudited revenue of $12.4 million. This is a 63% increase when compared to the second quarter of 2020.

“As we head into the second half of the year, which is typically our seasonally better half, the performance of the business across both the IntentKey and ValidClick in Q2 sets the stage for continued growth throughout 2021. ValidClick’s current largest client, a top 5 company in the world, grew over 400% YOY and the IntentKey added 10 new clients in Q2.”

Rich Howe, CEO of Inuvo

This increase in revenue is substantial and is something to consider when it comes to investing in INUV stock. And, with its clients growing alongside it, INUV could be worth considering for your list of penny stocks to watch.

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Inuvo Inc. (INUV Stock Chart)

Good Gaming Inc. (OTC: GMER) 

In the past week or so, shares of GMER stock have shot up tremendously. In the past month, shares of GMER stock have climbed by around 331%, and in the past 12 months, that number jumps to over 3780%. This is a sizable gain and one that should be looked at with a small degree of skepticism. With OTC-listed stocks, we do see massive intraday value spikes regularly. And while Good Gaming does have a solid business model to back it, investors should understand the high volatility associated with it.  

Good Gaming is involved in NFTs, cryptocurrency, and mostly, Esports gaming. Early on in July, GMER was approved by the OTC Markets to up-list from pink sheet current to the OTCQB exchange.

“As we continue to expand our transparency to shareholders, our board of directors decided it would be in the best interest of our company to up-list to the OTCQB.

We believe that as we continue to evaluate various opportunities and get ready to launch our latest venture MicroBuddies, an up-list at this time will bring intrinsic value from a strategic, negotiating, and practical perspective.” 

CEO of GMER, David B. Dorwart

This is big news and could be one of the main reasons behind its large share price increase. But as stated before, investors should clearly understand the risk associated with it.


1847 Goedeker Inc. (NYSE: GOED)

Another penny stock to consider adding to your July watchlist is 1847 Goedecker Inc. This company is currently a leader in e-commerce for appliances, home goods, and furniture. For some context, GOED is a large online retailer that sells large brands such as Whirlpool, LG, Bosch, Cafe, and Samsung. With Covid emphasizing retail sales, GOED stock has performed quite well in the past year or so. Today, GOED announced its agreement to acquire a Florida-based luxury appliance retailer.

“The premium and luxury brands this transaction brings to the Company, as well as their longstanding, strong relationships with customers, were what led us to this acquisition.

Consistent with our long-term strategy, this transaction serves as a stepping stone for our company to expand its reach in the Florida and southeastern U.S. markets, and change the way Americans purchase appliances across the country.” 

CEO of GOED, Doug Moore

Considering the role that GOED has in the retail market right now, it could be worth keeping an eye on in the coming months and beyond. Whether it deserves a place on your watchlist, however, is up to you. 

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_1847 Goedeker Inc. (GOED Stock Chart)

Luokung Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: LKCO)

Another penny stock that could be worth keeping an eye on right now is LKCO stock. Luokung for some context is a leading company in Spatial-Temporal intelligent big data services. It provides location-based services (LBS) as well as HD Maps to many Chinese industries.

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The company has established city and industry-level holographic Spatial-Temporal digital twin systems which can be added to autonomous driving vehicles. Recently LKCO expanded its business to more clients despite COVID-19 concerns.

“We have placed a premium on cultivating new service relationships with multiple automobile manufacturers globally as the entire industry continues to drive new autonomous-vehicle capabilities. We feel that these recent service contract signings are reflective of our standing within this market, and we are very pleased to be partnering with another reputable and influential company within the auto industry.” 

Xuesong Song, Chairman, and CEO of LKCO

With its role in the auto industry continuing to grow, LKCO is a large player in the autonomous driving industry. Because of that, it could be worth adding to your list of penny stocks to watch in the coming months.

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Luokung Technology Corp. (LKCO Stock Chart)

Inpixon (NASDAQ: INPX)

Inpixon is a tech penny stock that we’ve been talking about for months now. And, there’s a good reason for that. In the past few weeks, INPX stock has made some large moves. On July 7th, Inpixon announced the win of a multi-year contract regarding its recent acquisition of The CXApp. The CXApp is an app used by corporations internationally to improve company information sharing. 

“Our awarding-winning smart office app provides essential tools that assist with workplace re-entry including features such as blue-dot navigation and automated check-in and check-out for desk and room bookings. We are proud to win this contract, and we believe it exemplifies the rapid adoption of our smart office app by major global organizations. We expect this positive momentum to continue.”

CEO of INPX, Nadir Ali

This is a big deal for the company and investors alike and may take some time to see through. With this in mind, Inpixon looks like an interesting penny stock to watch right now.

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Inpixon (INPX Stock Chart)

3 More Penny Stocks to Watch 

  1. Zomedica Corp. (NYSE: ZOM
  2. Cinedigm Corp. (NASDAQ: CIDM
  3. Professional Diversity Network Inc. (NASDAQ: IPDN

Which Penny Stocks Are on Your Watchlist Right Now?

Finding the best penny stocks to buy right now is a challenge. With so much going on in the stock market, staying ahead of the game will always be a major benefit. If we consider the different factors at play in 2021, we see that there is a lot to keep track of.

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But, as prudent investors, using research as the backbone of our portfolios, will always be the key to becoming a profitable trader. Considering all of this, which penny stocks are on your watchlist right now?

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