Are These Green Energy Stock On Your Watch List This Month?

If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that penny stocks and Robinhood may not be the best of friends right now. This week’s events have put a bad taste in the mouths of millions of traders. Thanks, in part, to platform-wide restrictions on some of the most popular stocks in the market, everyone from Dave Portnoy to Mark Cuban are voicing their concern. So are traders, and it could see a mass exodus to other platforms.

One of the interesting things that have come to light (I don’t know why) is that Robinhood has restricted access to penny stocks for a while now. This isn’t in the same sense as what happened to GameStop or Express this week. But it is along the same line of thought to “protect investors.” What I’m referring to is the lack of access to OTC penny stocks.

I’ll be the first to say that there are many more risks involved in general when it comes to the OTC. These aren’t just because many OTCs fall victim to manipulation. But, that manipulation comes from relaxed reporting requirements that OTCMarkets has compared to NASDAQ and the NYSE. This isn’t to say that all penny stocks on the OTC are bad. However, it is to say that if you choose to trade OTC penny stocks, extra research is warranted.

Green Energy Penny Stocks Are Hot Right Now

The market is red hot right now. Retail investors and traders have gotten stronger, and the numbers are growing. Everyone seems to be looking for ways to get involved with the stock market today. One of the hottest industries to take a look at right now is green energy. Thanks to the Biden Administration’s push for a green energy future, traders are looking to gain immediate exposure.

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Considering that it is an emerging industry as a whole, it makes sense that emerging stage companies are of interest. I have one problem with that, however. That problem is that we continue writing about these companies as penny stocks, and they keep breaking out of penny stock levels. Whether it’s a solar stock or lithium battery company, the optimism is strong right now.

Where Robinhood traders have access to these green energy penny stocks on the NYSE and Nasdaq, the options are growing slim. But there are many of these stocks on the OTC. Sorry Robinhooders, but here’s a list of green energy penny stocks you may not find on your platform right now. They are, however, on platforms like TD Ameritrade, ETrade, and others.

Green Energy Penny Stocks To Watch


Formerly known as HyperSolar, SunHydrogen has actually been one of the active names on our quarterly list of penny stocks to watch. Shares of this green energy company have surged with the incoming administration. In fact, since the start of the fourth quarter last year, HYSR stock has climbed as much as 1,029%. It pulled back over the past few weeks during the brief energy stock sell-off in mid-January. Friday’s session is a different story. Shares reversed course, bouncing over 10% from its Thursday close.

SunHydrogen specializes in renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water. Last year, the company released an end-of-year update highlighting its milestones and key initiatives at the end of the year.

Tim Young, CEO of SunHydrogen, Inc., said, “Well-funded and with strategic partners in place, we are laser-focused on completing the Gen 1 program and continuing to leverage our technology as a proof of concept, while adding the necessary resources and partners to advance the Gen 2 program and establish a commercial partnership. As hydrogen fuel – and more specifically green hydrogen – continues to garner attention from customers and investors alike, we anticipate 2021 being an impactful year for SunHydrogen.”

Clearly, though, there is dilution risk to consider. This week alone, there were two things filed that traders should take notice of. The first being an 8K showing that between December 18, 2020, and January 21, 2021, holders of the convertible notes converted partial principal and interest into 135,299,308 shares of the company’s common stock. Furthermore, an S3 was filed to register up to $100 million in stock.

green energy penny stocks to buy sell SunHydrogen HYSR stock chart

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp.

Another one of the OTC penny stocks that have rallied strongly in 2021 is Solar Integrated Roofing. The company specializes in commercial and residential solar power and roofing system installation, mainly in the SoCal market. The company also offers battery backup and electric vehicle charging stations. With a broad reach across different green energy verticles, it’s no wonder why mounting attention has grown with Solar Integrated.

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Similar to SunHydrogen, Solar Integrated has been climbing for months. It was actually trading around a penny earlier in 2020. Since then, however, shares of SDIC stock have climbed as high as $0.748. It experienced the same mid-January pullback other green energy stocks did, but the last few days have seen a bit of a recovery. Friday, in fact, was one of the stronger bullish days this stock has seen in weeks. The green energy penny stock bounced over 27% from its previous close after news came out early on Friday morning.

Speculation has been building around its pending Enerev acquisition. Enrev is a solar energy system installer that Solar Integrated aims to integrate to expand its customer base.

green energy penny stocks to buy sell Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. SIRC stock chart

American Battery Metals Corporation

One of the OTC penny stocks we’ve discussed in more detail recently is American Battery Metals. Since mid-December, ABML stock has climbed from under $0.40 to nearly $5, thanks to speculation on the EV space. There haven’t actually been many new headlines, but there is plenty to look at for potential catalysts. One of these is the company’s expansion plans. There’s a proposed name change in the works to American Battery Technology Company in line with this.

This week the company announced that it was selected for a $4.5 million grant by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office. This is part of the Department’s efforts to reduce American dependence on imported critical materials.

“We are grateful to have been selected for this award from the Department of Energy. We are fortunate to work with forward-thinking, collaborative partners – including the United States government – as we seek to create a self-sustaining and closed-loop economy for the domestic production of critical and strategic battery metals that will fuel the clean energy revolution.”

American Battery Technology Company CEO Doug Cole

Like SunHydrogen, however, it’s important to be aware of potential dilution risk. This week the company filed an S3 registration for up to $250 million in stock.

green energy penny stocks to buy sell American Battery Metals Corporation ABML stock chart

Where Do You Stand On Green Energy Penny Stocks?

As I said above, other writers and I have covered green energy penny stocks for months. The fact that so many have gone on to rally so big suggests the market is bullish on the space. But is it too bullish right now? Whether or not that is the case appears to come second to the overall outlook on the “potential” over the next few years.

The Biden administration aims to create 10 million clean energy jobs. The plan will include investing $400 billion over ten years. So with an obvious message to the market, it makes sense that traders and investors are looking for energy penny stocks to buy right now.

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