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Our Penny Stock Alert For April Just Reached A New Milestone

Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been taking special notice of our very first stock alert of the year, IMC International Mining (IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX). On April 1st, we released our full report and starting April 2nd, we watched as gold prices started to take off. This also triggered an early move for gold stocks as well. Obviously, this was a great way to start things off but what has happened since, especially with the company, is something that cannot be ignored.

First, IMC International completed a long-awaited, multi-million dollar acquisition of Thane Mineral and its Cathedral Property. This opened up a major opportunity for the company to stake its claim in a mining region quickly becoming known for significant gold discovery. Shortly thereafter, the company began its geothermal program and has now submitted samples for lab testing.

Why is this important?

It’s got everything to do with the location. Thane’s property is located in the Quesnel Terrane between two already established mines that have produced a significant amount of gold and other metals. But the fact that Thane’s property is untouched gives IMC International Mining (IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX) a true, first-mover advantage to literally strike gold first.

As Chairman Greg Hawkins explained on a conference call, the eyeballs are there (in Quesnel) and now they just need to show what’s hiding in the ground. Right now the mining industry is red-hot with strategic deals. In the same area as Cathedral, the Mt. Milligan property is now part of a huge deal with one of the leading streaming companies in the industry, Royal Gold (RGLD). Between Royal Gold and Centerra, which owns the Mt Milligan property, the companies have established a sizable deal.

Rider:  It is noted that the results of nearby or adjacent properties are not necessarily indicative of the potential of the Cathedral property and should not be understood or interpreted to mean that similar results will be obtained from the Cathedral property.

Top Penny Stocks To Watch: IMC International Mining

While the market waits for results, IMC International Mining (IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX) has wasted no time preparing for the next phases. It’s positioned itself to secure millions in cash to conduct its exploration programs. Where some updates on financing may see some negative sentiment, this latest news did the opposite.

Combined with the major progress already being made, IMC International stock reached AND CLOSED at record highs on Thursday. In Canada, IMCX Hit $0.90 marking a run of 89% since our alert was released. IMIMF in the US closed at $0.65, up from $0.36 when it was first alerted; up 80.5% so far.

top penny stocks to trade IMCX IMIMF IMC International Mining

But again, our goal is to give you much more than “an alert”. We aim to deliver in-depth coverage of companies deemed worthy of a “Penny Stocks Alert”. And while we continue to report on many penny stocks each day, IMC International has taken a key focus and for very good reason as we’ve obviously seen from the last 2 weeks! Gold continues to shine and momentum continues to build in the market.

Could this be a “right place, right time” scenario? You be the judge

But what we can say is the following:

  1. The global economic situation is supportive of a bullish gold market & gold prices are soaring
  2. During times of gold rallies, gold penny stocks tend to outperform the rest of the sector
  3. IMC International Mining (IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX) has just completed its multi-million dollar Thane Minerals acquisition
  4. IMC International Mining (IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX) is now awaiting results from over 460 samples submitted for lab testing
  5. Incoming Chairman, Greg Hawkins doesn’t put his stamp of approval on just any property. Not only does he have decades of experience, but he has also built companies that were part of at least 4 major mining company acquisitions that were collectively worth more than $2 billion in deal size.

We were asked for a stock alert and so far IMC International continues to reach new milestones. What’s next?

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