list of coronavirus penny stocks to trade

3 Penny Stocks To Watch This Week

Penny stocks and blue-chips are both experiencing big bouts of volatility this week. This was partially due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. But we’ve also got to take into consideration the current state of the economy. Not only are more states implementing stay at home orders, but many have also begun shutting down businesses.

But in light of this, there are a number of new opportunities to pay attention to in the market. Many of these have to do with vaccines and treatment of the virus while others are more indirect side-effects of what has transpired. If you search for coronavirus penny stocks, you are bound to find companies specializing in anything from medical devices to food delivery and many things in between.

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Penny Stocks To Watch This Week

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of moving parts and it’s important as a trader to pay attention to key drivers both fundamental and speculative. Consider the economy and how a slowdown may influence different industries. Think about the stimulus and what that could mean for the value of precious metals.

Also, think about bare necessities and what it will mean for people living the “stay at home” life for multiple weeks. Is your head spinning yet? My point is this, just because people are out of work, doesn’t mean that big money can’t be made elsewhere. If the last few days are any indication, penny stocks could be a big source of those returns.

Athersys Inc.

penny stocks to buy athersys inc. (ATHX)

Athersys Inc. (ATHX) has been on the list of penny stocks to watch for a few weeks now and for good reason. Back on March 9th was when it first caught our attention (see: Best Penny Stocks To Buy Before The Second Quarter). At the time it was trading around $1.40 and since then the penny stock has climbed to highs of $4.38. The company had a treatment in its pipeline for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. This can be triggered by pneumonia, sepsis, or trauma. Since COVID-19 is an upper respiratory virus, it makes sense as to why Athersys has gotten more attention this week.

As you might have seen, things have evolved since then. “After undergoing multiple reviews, we are pleased to announce that MultiStem® was designated as a “Highly Relevant” therapeutic for COVID-19 by BARDA.

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We now are working to expedite the further advancement of the program, which has also shown relevance to certain other areas of interest for Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority,” said Dr. Gil Van Bokkelen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Athersys, in a recent PR.

Dynatronics Corporation

Dynatronics Corporation (DYNT)

Another one of the penny stocks to watch this week could be Dynatronics Corporation (DYNT). Shares have been decaying in price for a few weeks now. But on April 1 DYNT stock woke up, seemingly out of nowhere, late in the afternoon. As I said above, it’s important to pay attention to everything, both fundamentally and speculatively. Right now headlines point to a global shortage of facemasks for medical professionals and average Joes alike. Similar to other speculative coronavirus penny stocks, Dynatronics hasn’t escaped the draw.

The company manufactures medical products. Of note is the company’s portfolio of sanitizers. Some people on social media sites were citing it as a “facemask” company. But if you actually search for the product on the company’s website, the only mask you’ll find is a CPR mask. Needless to say, with the expectation of a wider spread for infection, it’s likely one of the companies that would be positioned to benefit. The question now is will Dynatronics Corporation come out to address this topic directly?

For the most part, the market has been speculating on the unknown when it comes to this company. As far as actual updates, the most recent few have simply targeted new C-level management and quarterly earnings. So will DYNT stock eventually see a fundamental story build or will this simply be a speculation-only trade?

Nabriva Therapeutics

Finally, Nabriva Therapeutics (NBRV) shot up at the end of the April 1 session. You won’t find many headlines in the “usual places” and you won’t see new disclosure statements in the filings. But if you think outside the box and remember one of our articles from Monday, Twitter might be your next spot to look. If you go to the company’s Twitter page, you’ll see what some of the commotion might have been about. Earlier today Nabriva tweeted that it’s “pursuing opportunities with the US gov & our partner in China to provide potential treatment options for #coronavirus patients w/suspected/confirmed community-acquired #BacterialPneumonia.”

Nabriva (NBRV)

Since the FDA released the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program, it seems like it’s open-season for vaccine companies. Nabriva’s main focus is on research and development of novel anti-infective agents to treat serious infections. Reports from Bloomberg suggest that once coronavirus reaches the lungs, patients have an increased risk of developing dangerous, secondary co-infections.

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As a result, these infections are a serious threat to COVID-19 patients and can cause critical damage to the lungs. Nabriva aims to address this aspect of coronavirus. So, based on the recent Tweet, it’s somewhat of a waiting game to see what, if anything, is released by the company as a follow-up to this statement.

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