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These Penny Stocks Are Expecting To Release New Data This Week

If there’s one thing investing in penny stocks has taught us, it’s to look for potential catalysts anywhere you can find them. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, to be honest. But proper research is a skill to learn. It can be just as important as knowing how to trade penny stocks, in general.

I’m sure you’ve been in situations where you find a penny stock making a big move but there was no news. What did you do in this instance? Did you buy the penny stock simply based on FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), or did you dig deeper? Smart investors will hold back emotion in favor or information. Determining why a stock – specifically a penny stock – is moving becomes very important in a high-volatility environment.

You’ve likely heard of pump and dump schemes when it comes to cheap stocks. This is a very real thing. It’s important to know if a stock is moving because of hype alone or if there’s a real fundamental catalyst in play. Now, I will say this: not all stock awareness is bad. Small-cap and micro-cap companies need to get their name out into the public somehow. That’s especially true when the CNBCs of the world are only focused on the mega-cap stocks.

Advertising costs money. So I’m not knocking true, public-company marketing. But what I am saying is that there are others who may have ulterior motives. In that case, it’s good to understand the full scope of a company and its particular market. It can help determine why its stock may be on the move.

How To Find Penny Stocks To Trade

how to trade penny stocks and make money

When there are no updates in the newsfeed of a company, that doesn’t automatically make it a “pump.” Sometimes companies will simply release a filing to get an update out. These filings can reveal vital details about the fundamentals or even future prospects of a public company. Filings may also be disclosed by large shareholders or new, institutional size holders of a company’s common stock.

On top of this, it’s important to keep in mind previous announcements too. In this regard, the companies we’re looking at today are all biotech penny stocks that have previously announced important dates that they would release information this month.

Sometimes these announcements are made weeks or even months in advance without any further update before the actual event. Also, when it comes to biotech or even tech penny stocks, be aware of any pending patents or trademark processes. The trademark and patent office will release this information in real-time. Usually, a company will announce the formal granted patent/trademark within the week to follow. But if you can catch it right when it’s granted, you’ll likely be among the “chosen few” at the beginning of a bullish wave.

The bottom line is that to be the best at researching penny stocks to buy, it’s important to turn over every rock and look behind every curtain to find as much concrete information as possible. Let’s take a look at 4 penny stocks expecting to deliver updates soon.

Penny Stocks To Watch: TrovaGene, Inc.

Shares of TrovaGene, Inc. (TROV – Free Report) have been quietly climbing since the beginning of the year. In fact, last week the biotech penny stock reached new 2020 highs of $2.03 ahead of a big poster presentation over the weekend. Earlier this month TrovaGene reported that it would be giving a presentation at the American Society for Clinical Oncology 2020 Gastrointestinal Cancer Symposium on January 25.

Since this is one a weekend, the results of the presentation won’t likely be in market discussions until Sunday/Monday morning. Assuming they showed favorable efficacy data from its Phase 1b/2 study of its Onvansertib treatment, TROV could be a penny stock to watch at the start of the week. Below is a screenshot of the actual poster that was presented. You can click the image to open it in a new window and see the full-size version:

penny stocks to watch TrovaGene (TROV)

But there could be more to keep in mind when it comes to this company. In a few weeks, TrovaGene will also deliver Phase 2 efficacy data on its prostate cancer treatment and the Genitourinary Cancers Symposium. The date of the presentation is on February 13th. This information was revealed in a January 13th 8-K filing in case you were looking to find out more.

Penny Stocks To Watch: miRagen Therapeutics, Inc.

top penny stocks to trade Miragen (MGEN)

Next, miRagen Therapeutics, Inc. (MGEN – Free Report) has data to deliver this week. Before we discuss that, miRagen is one of the new penny stocks we’ve discussed recently on the site. In our article from last week, we cited how presentations that include key data can become catalysts for certain companies.

As far as miRagen is concerned, the company is set to report safety and efficacy date from its Phase 1 trial of cobomarsen. This is the company’s cancer treatment. On January 31 and February 1 the company will deliver its trial results at the T-Cell Lymphoma Forum. In addition, miRagen also has another event to attend later in February. The company will participate in the World Congress of Cutaneous Lymphomas, which takes place from February 12-14.

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In addition, miRagen has two other clinical-stage product candidates as well. These include remlarsen and MRG-110. Both of these other two candidates treat pathological fibrosis.

Penny Stocks To Watch: KemPharm

penny stocks to watch KemPharm (KMPH)

Next, KemPharm (KMPH – Free Report) comes onto this list of penny stocks after looking back at a November 14 press release. In its announcement discussing Q3 results, the company also discussed a few other topics.

One of these topics was the fact that KemPharm plans to finalize a New Drug Application for its KP415, “with the goal of filing in January 2020.” This is one of the company’s ADHD treatment candidates.

There are a few riders attached to this “goal.” The main one has to do with the company’s collaboration & licensing partner, Gurnet Point Capital. Essentially, the final decision will be up to GPC. Regardless, it is the final week of January as it stands right now. KMPH stock hasn’t performed well over the last few weeks. However, should it come through with an update to the timing of this proposed NDA filing, it would help give some clarity to the market at the very least.

Penny Stocks To Watch: Aquestive Therapeutics Inc.

penny stocks to watch Aquestive Therapeutics Inc. (AQST)

Finally, Aquestive Therapeutics Inc. (AQST – Free Report) has an upcoming event that could pose as a potential catalyst. In its most recent, January 2020 corporate presentation, the company has revealed its first big milestone date for the year. On February 4, the company has a Pre-IND meeting scheduled with the FDA for its AQST-108 treatment. So this will be an important date to keep in mind, should speculation become a factor leading up to it.

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AQST-108 targets anaphylaxis and severe allergic reactions. It is but one of a number of treatments in the company’s pipeline. In Aquestive’s latest 2020 full-year guidance, the company is expecting a strong year. First, it anticipates total revenues of approximately $35 million to $45 million. It also expects non-GAAP adjusted gross margins of approximately 70% to 75% on total revenues.

“We entered 2020 with a strong cash position of approximately $49 million and, with the announcement by Sunovion of a May 2020 PDUFA date for APL-130277, we believe that we have a clear timetable to work toward securing substantial additional non-dilutive capital in mid-2020. We anticipate current capital and revenues from monetization of our rights in APL-130277, subject to approval by the FDA, to fully support our commercial activities, the expected launch of Libervant, the continued development of AQST-108 and the identification, investigation and development of additional product candidates.”

Keith J. Kendall, Chief Executive Officer of Aquestive

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