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These 5 Penny Stocks Have Upcoming Milestones; How Will The Market React?

This year was one to watch biotech penny stocks as a whole. We saw some of the most aggressive breakouts ever from many of these names. If you take a look at our article about penny stocks that crushed it in 2019, you’ll easily see what I’m talking about. One of the biggest, from Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM Stock Report), saw its stock trading at just $2.81 in January this week it hit highs of $109.94. Yes, you read that correctly, the “cheap stock” at the start of the year managed to run more than $107.

But obviously, not all penny stocks can make a $107 move, let alone a $1 move. In that regard, however, you may not need penny stocks to move that much in order to realize gains. Let’s take the example of AXSM’s 3,800% move. The stock had to climb $107 in order to achieve that mark.

But if you had a micro-cap stock trading around $0.02, it would “only” need to move up about $0.74 to realize a similar result. What I’m getting at is the fact that it’s all situational and simply based on math. We aren’t here for math class though; we’re here to make money with penny stocks.

How To Make Money With Penny Stocks

Is a 38x move great? It most definitely is, but so is a 20% move or even a 5-10% move. The name of the game is profiting, protecting against loss and learning how to do that time and time again. So what are some things you can do to help play the trend? One of the best ways is to read penny stock news.

how to trade penny stocks and make money

When I referenced the biotech sector above, it was for a reason. These companies typically foreshadow potential milestones. Sometimes the companies announce future dates of data presentations, trial results, etc. well in advance. We aren’t talking about days in advance but months at some points.

As we head into a new year, this train of thought hasn’t changed. Now it’s time to look for penny stocks that could report milestones in the coming month of January. Keep in mind that results may be far different from what speculative momentum may develop before it. Leading up to these kinds of updates, the markets can trend in one direction or another.

Then, when the company officially reports the results, that trend can dramatically shift based on a good or bad report. In any case, just keep this in mind if these kinds of penny stocks are what you’re looking for.

Penny Stocks To Watch In January: Acasti Pharma (ACST)

This was a company we’ve frequently reported on since early July of 2019. Acasti Pharma (ACST Stock Report) focuses on R&D and the commercialization of its drug candidate, CaPre®. The drug is an omega-3 concentrate that is used to treat hypertriglyceridemia. Shares of ACST stock have been climbing for most o the year, starting from around $0.83. It’s climbed as high as $3.08 in December.

So what’s to watch with this biotech company? In January, Acasti will report topline results of a TRILOGY 1 pivotal Phase 3 trial. Though no formal date in January was announced, the company said it’s also on track to implement a Trilogy 2 Study, expecting its last patient to complete the final visit “in early January 2020.”

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Furthermore, it expects topline Trilogy 2 results to also be reported in January but toward the end. However, it’s important to note that these results were originally postponed and rescheduled for January. Will that be the case again or will Acasti finally report this important data?

penny stocks to watch january ACST

Penny Stocks To Watch In January: Cyclerion Therapeutics (CYCN)

The next company on this list of penny stocks, Cyclerion Therapeutics (CYCN Stock Report) is on the chopping block in January. Remember when I said these companies can announce milestone dates months in advance? On October 30 Cyclerion announced that its Phase 2 results in diabetic nephropathy didn’t meet the primary endpoint.

Obviously, shares plummeted. But what was also reported was positive trends on primary and secondary endpoints showed a profile that could warrant further investigation. Let’s explain why that may be something to note.

Late in December, the company reported that it will present updates at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on January 15. In that presentation, management will discuss the company’s pipeline programs. Could this give more insight to the previously reported “positive trends?” As we discussed in this article, Cyclerion had also seen strong insider buying in December. You can check out Cyclerion’s here.

penny stocks to watch january CYCN

Penny Stocks To Watch In January: VBI Vaccines (VBIV)

One of the other popular names on this list of penny stocks, VBI Vaccines (VBIV Stock Report) has rallied strongly during Q4 of 2019. After hitting 52-week lows of $0.4655 in late September, VBIV stock scrambled to highs of $1.44 this week. The company has continued development on its pipeline including its Sci-B-Vac® treatment for hepatitis, as well as VBI-1901 for certain cancers.

What is something to watch for in January? In an early November press release, VBI gave a corporate update. This included progress reports on its combination collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline for VBI-1901. It also reported that the Sci-B-Vac® pivotal Phase 3 CONSTANT study data is expected in “early January 2020.”

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The company previously reported positive top-line data from a PROTECT Phase 3 study of Sci-B-Vac® in June. But, since this was only a statement made “expecting to report data,” nothing is set in stone. Keep that in mind if you’re looking further into VBIV stock.

penny stocks to watch january VBIV

Penny Stocks To Watch In January: KKemPharm (KMPH)

KemPharm (KMPH Stock Report) is another company that made a mid-third quarter update that gave some insight to future milestones. In November, the company gave its quarterly results as well as a corporate update. The company’s drug candidates, KP415 and KP484 are used to treat ADHD and have attracted the attention of Gurnet Point Capital.

Through entry into a licensing agreement, KemPharm hopes to first, finalize a New Drug Application for KP415. In that November update, Travis Mickle, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of KemPharm, said the goal is to file “in January 2020, or sooner if possible. However, the decision of when to file belongs to GPC.” 

Analysts at H.C. Wainwright carry a “Buy” rating on the stock with a $2.50 price target. Though the trend for 2019 hasn’t been great, recent upward momentum has attracted a bit of attention. It may have also been triggered by insider buying as well. In late November and just recently this week, management purchased shares of KPMH stock.

Obviously, insider support can be looked upon highly but it’s still yet to be seen as to when the company will officially file its New Drug Application. In any case, it may be something to keep in mind heading into the new year.

penny stocks to watch january KMPH

Penny Stocks To Watch In January: Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (ONCY)

If you’re a frequent reader of articles, you’re no stranger to Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (ONCY Stock Report). This was a company we started reporting on at the end of October and it’s become an impressive penny stock to watch. Earlier in December, the company reported the acceptance of an abstract which highlighted new biomarker data from a randomized study NCI 8601. This abstract goes over sensitivity data stemming from pelareorep in pancreatic adenocarcinoma treatment.

Why could this be important for January? Well, as you could see on any stock chart, shares of ONCY stock have soared this quarter. The stock has gone from $0.35 to highs of $4.60 in after-hours trading on Monday. That 1,214% rally didn’t just “come out of nowhere.” Oncolytics has continued to report positive news over the last few months.

Back to the January event: the company will present data of its study NCI 8601 on January 24 at the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium. Since there’ve also been positive results from other treatment combinations with its proteasome inhibitor, it could be something to note in the coming month.

In its December 9 update, Dr. Rita Laeufle, Chief Medical Officer at Oncolytics Biotech said, “The combination of carfilzomib and pelareorep promotes expansion of killer T cells in patients on an ongoing phase 1b study and how it may lead to tumor response when pelareorep is combined with proteasome inhibitors. We are confident that pelareorep could add significant clinical value to the treatment of multiple myeloma patients with the combination of these agents. Our first data in patients from an ongoing study has been very encouraging and further data will be presented at subsequent clinical conferences.”

penny stocks to watch january ONCY

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